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Pink, Alicia Keys, One Direction Can Count Celebs Among Their Superfans At The VMAs

“I look forward to that performance that people will be talking about for 10 years,” fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff told VH1’s Kate Spencer last night on the VMA red carpet. “I have a feeling that might be Alicia Keys tonight.”

His feeling may prove true, but not just due to Keys’ soaring vocals during “Girl on Fire.” Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas showed up onstage to deliver a bit of her floor exercise/dance in the middle of the song, definitely demonstrating what a girl on fire looks like.

Gabby Douglas and Alicia Keys perform at the VMAs

Other celebs on the red carpet were likely satisfied with the performances of their faves, too. “One Direction just showed up!” the entire cast of MTV’s Inbetweeners practically squealed like tween girls, before breaking out into the boy band’s “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Besties Rihanna and Katy Perry seemed to be fans of nothing as much as each other all night. Their adorable shared whispers were the best cutaway shots of the show.

And Ne-Yo disclosed his plans for the night: “[I’m a] huge, huge fan of Pink; she never disappoints. I haven’t stalked anybody today, I think she’s going to be my target.”

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Do fun., Walk The Moon, Or RuPaul Want To Be The Subject Of A Taylor Swift Breakup Song?

The VMAs ended last night with Taylor Swift performing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” her latest stinging anthem to relationships gone horribly horribly wrong. It’s not news to say that T-Swizzle has gotten some pretty decent mileage (and record sales) from her heartbreak with high profile dudes like John Mayer, Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner and god knows how many more. It’s gotta be pretty freaky for a guy to get called out in the form of a hit pop track…but then again, it might be kind of cool. Right? Like being part of an irritatingly catchy piece of history. VH1’s very own Kate Spencer was on the VMA red carpet and asked celebs to weigh in on whether or not they’d like to be the subject of a Taylor Swift breakup song!

Drag Race star RuPaul wasn’t too enthused at the idea, saying he’d rather be in “a Taylor Swift make-up song,” and fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff also wasn’t feeling it. “Too stressful. Seems really stressful. I like that song, but I don’t know if I’d want it to be about me.” Dan Reynolds from Las Vegas rockers Imagine Dragons seemed downright terrified at the thought! “I think that that’s every man’s biggest nightmare. Especially now,” he said. “She puts people on blast. She seems like a sweet girl but then she goes hard.”

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Lena Dunham, Fun.’s Jack Antonoff: Cutest Hipster Couple Since Zooey Deschanel And Ben Gibbard?

Lena Dunham and Jack Antonoff

Am I the only one who’s felt there was a huge void in the universe since Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard split up? Now, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and go back to browsing Etsy for hand-embroidered bicycle baskets because Us Weekly reports that Girls writer/creator/star Lena Dunham is dating Fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff. Quirky, multi-talented girl and horned-rim glasses wearing musician? Yes, please!

“They’re trying to keep it a secret,” a source told the magazine. But they’ve already collaborated on a video for the New Yorker and she’s allegedly asked to use a Fun. song on Girls next season.

Another clue to their relationship, Dunham tweeted about Antonoff’s recent interview with MTV News, in which he shared a photo he took of himself and Fiona Apple when he was a kid at the 1997 VMAs. “Best thing that’s happened yet in America,” she wrote. Well, maybe that time Shoshanna smoked crack might have this moment beat. But it’s a close tie.

Crossing fingers for them to appear together at the VMAs tomorrow!

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