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Naomi! Kate! Cindy! The Sultriest Supermodels To Ever Sex-Up Music Videos

Kate Moss Cindy Crawford Naomi Campbell

Okay, so we’re reading VJ: The Unplugged Adventures of MTV’s First Wave, and feeling nostalgic for our fave music videos. And generally, they’re ones starring sexed-up, luscious-limbed, pouty-lipped models (no, not Supahead-esque vixens. We’re talking supermodels). Whether it’s because the artist was dating the model, or simply because she captures the taste of the time, catwalk queens and videos do go hand-in-hand, no? From Wicked Game to Freedom, we rank the top ten sexiest videos starring fierce fashion goddesses!

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The Olympics Closing Ceremony: Who We Were Most Excited To See

Spice Girls Performing At The Olympics Closing Ceremony

SPICE UP YOUR LIFE! Sorry, guys. We really did get excited seeing the Spice Girls reunited while performing at the amazing spectacle that was the Olympics Closing Ceremony yesterday (or this morning, depends on what part of the world you’re in.) Especially went whizzing around in those cool, lit-up minis! And they weren’t the only ones we squeed at. The whole playlist of sorts had moments we were giddy about. How about Take That? We used to swoon over them back in the day, and seeing them together brought back all those memories. We only wish that Robbie Williams had joined them, but we’ll take what we can get. We got One Direction for the swooning-in-this-day-and-age, so we’re all good!  George Michael busting out moves was awesome — did you sing Freedom out aloud too? And how about them supermodels, huh? All in glittering gold gowns. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Stella Tennant, Karen Elson and the rest of the finest of the Brit fashion crop did make a huge impression.

We have to say that Fatboy Slim busting out Rockerfella Skank was a massive moment for us too. Acid house at the Olympics? Yes, please! And while we’re at it — what did you think of Russell Brand‘s performance? We love him, so we were more than happy to see him up there. More than anything, his inclusion showed just how much thought the organizers put into this ceremony. They tried to be together everything quintessentially British — fashion, comedians, music, dancing — and we think they totally succeeded. Look through our gallery to have a look at who else we were excited to see, and let us know if you agree!

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George Michael May Spend Christmas In Vienna Hospital

Since being hospitalized in Vienna for pneumonia two weeks ago, George Michael‘s health is “improving steadily,” doctors at the AKH hospital said last week. But it sounds like the 48-year-old’s illness was so severe (and pneumonia can be fatal) that doctors want to keep him there longer for testing.

“I spend every day at his side,” boyfriend Fadi Fawaz told reporters. “He’s on the mend but it looks like he’s here for Christmas.”

Michael fell ill while on his European Symphonica tour and has since had to cancel the 14 remaining dates.

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George Michael Ill, Hospitalized In Vienna

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George Michael Ill, Hospitalized In Vienna

George Michael is in hospital in Vienna, as of yesterday, as he has pneumonia and “he is currently receiving treatment”, his rep, Connie Filippello confirms in a statement. The singer is reportedly at Vienna’s AKH hospital. Unfortunately, he had a number of performances in Strasbourg, France, and Cardiff, Wales, which have now been postponed, and will be rescheduled. Things went from bad to worse for Michael at the start of the week when he had to cancel a performance in Vienna just two hours before he was going to perform. We wish him all the luck with his recovery.


Dolly Parton Really Wants To Sing For Kate & William

Prince William & Kate Middleton somehow forgot to invite Dolly Parton to their upcoming wedding, but that’s not going to stop the country singer from trying to get on the list. She told the UK show Lorraine that she’d be honored to sing “I Will Always Love You” with Elton John…not that anyone’s suggested she should. “Wouldn’t that be great? Nobody’s asked me about that but I might offer it. [A duet] with Whitney Houston, I would do anything. Elton John could play for me  and I could sing the song, he could sing a duet with me. I’m sure he was probably invited, I wasn’t invited.” You and 99.9999% of the people who’d like to be there, Dolly.

Some entertainers aren’t waiting to be asked for their contribution, though. George Michael has tweeted that he’s sending Kate & William an undisclosed ’70s cover as a gift. “We have a mutual friend who i think will make sure it gets to them. That and the toaster….” While he’s only revealed the song’s decade of origin and the first word of the title (“You”), George plans to release the song to the world on Friday. Here’s hoping he skips the T-Pain autotuning he smeared all over his recent New Order cover.

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George Michael Arrested (Again) After Car Wreck (Again)


Police in London arrested George Michael early this morning after his car whammed (sorry) into a storefront. Michael was taken into police custody after being found “unfit to drive” and though he was tested for drugs, a breathalyzer was not administered. He was released on bail and a hearing is set for August 13.

This is the singer’s seventh stop by police for a traffic violation. SEVENTH. And just when we started to ask ourselves why England hasn’t revoked his license, it turns out they have. Michael only just got his driving privileges back in May following a two year suspension after a bust for driving while smoking marijuana. Maybe it’s time we make this suspension permanent, clearly the guy is a menace on the road.

Michael released the following statement after the accident “I want to apologize to my fans for screwing up again, and to promise them I’ll sort myself out. And to say sorry to everybody else, just for boring them.” We’re not bored, George, just afraid to drive in London.

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George Michael Totals Car In Highway Smash


Remind us never to get into a car with George Michael. The British singer has been arrested while driving once again – although this time he claims he was “stone cold sober.”  The singer crashed his $100k car into the back of a lorry in Berkshire, England, over the weekend, but is playing down the incident, after he was released by police without charge.

“He looked totally dazed and even tried to climb into the cab of my lorry. He kept saying he was worried he would go to jail,” says Laurie Rowe, the driver of the lorry (truck).  George has released a statement dismissing his claims as an “insurance fight,” but after previous disastrous occurrences involving drugs and sleeping behind the wheel of his car, and the state of his car after the crash, we’ll run in the other direction if we see him on the road in London anytime soon. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Five Music Videos For The Sexiest Man Alive (And The Women Who Love Him)

As you well know by now, Australian buck Hugh Jackman was named People magazine’s coveted Sexiest Man Alive. Whether you agree with the magazine’s assessment for the number one spot, it’s undeniable that there are some foxy men on the remainder of that list. So as you curl up this weekend to check out the nominees and the also-rans, be sure to listen to our perfect soundtrack for gawking — by the sexy, for the sexy.

Justin Timberlake — “Sexyback”

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George Michael Busted For Still Being A Crackhead

What has happened to the man we wanted to make out with back in 1988? George Michael was arrested this weekend in a public bathroom (again?!) for possession of crack cocaine and weed. You may recall that George’s been busted by the cops before – once in 2006 for drug possession, and in 1998 for participating in a lewd act in an LA bathroom. He was released with “a caution,” which seems like a really nice punishment for something kinda serious, right? The “Faith” singer later released a statement to his fans, saying: “I want to apologise to my fans for screwing up again, and to promise them I’ll sort myself out. And to say sorry to everybody else, just for boring them.”

Oh don’t be silly George, we could never be bored by your antics. Remember: you won’t let us down, and we won’t give you up. Promise! [Photo: GettyImages]