by (@missmuttoo)

Courtney Love Disses Fred Durst, Calls Guys With Backwards Baseball Caps Rapists

Courtney Love‘s on quite a streak isn’t she? Twitter’s normally her choice of weapon to tell off ,well, anyone. Off the top of our heads she’s had beef with (drumroll):

1. Courntey Love on Frances Bean: “i dont care really i hate to spund cold but any kid of mine who pulls this s— has lost her position and friends in nyc they will pretend to like her, but ill go teach at bard before she gets in,she was deceptive she lied and shes lying to herself, she sits on her facebook adding yet more books and films and frankly the whole thing disgusts my daihgter is not always honest…” Forget the typo’s… this her daughter she’s talking about. No wonder she went running.

2. Courtney Love on Taylor Momsen: “@taylorxmomson shut the F*CK up you overpriveliged bratty bitch that picked one every freak in high school mention my name again? BAM” Ouch. (Although, she’s spot on with the ‘bratty’. I mean, have you read this girl’s interviews?)

3. Courtney Love on Lily Allen: “…But then again i dont pick fights with insanely deluded irrevelant friendless unatractive children who noone i know even close to likes.” Oh, this one got nasty. Love even posted old and not-too-purty photo’s of Allen.

4. Courtney Love on Billy Corgan: “You remind me of Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane in your spite and jealousy and you just want press. Pathetic…He coughs up this spiritual s— like bile and lives none of it, i really think its truly creepy how jealous and obsessed w FBC he is GROSS.” Corgan, by the way, was pissed because she used songs they collaborated on for her album. We couldn’t stop laughing at the Bette Davis reference. Love digs deep, dude!

5. Courtney Love on Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale Love shot her mouth off saying she and Rossdale were doing-it-in secret for months while he was with Gwen Stefani. They don’t seem to care. But knowing Love, she’s not done talking!

And NOW, the latest recipient of the words of Love is a certain Fred Durst (remember him!) Hole jumped on stage at Edgefest in Dallas, and Love decided to pick on the Limp Bizkit fronter. As far as she’s concerned, he’s responsible for “the worst years in rock history.” Harsh! Some random guy in the audience wearing a baseball hat reminded her of Durst so she started hating on him, too. Because all dudes wearing hats are the same person, right?

She rambled, “I see a guy with a backwards baseball cap. Dude, you! You scare me! You make me feel like you’re going to rape me or something, and all my children! You did it for the nookie, dude in the red baseball hat! Do you know one word to one (Hole) song? That is so lame. I’m so sorry, you’re here for the nookie! I could beat your ass.”

Kinda ironic about the nookie bit, considering Love’s own score card. Courtney. Seriously. Stop. Now. Or at least start using spell check?