Iggy And Abba Storm The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Iggy Pop, Billie Joe & Abba

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame got a whole more rockin’ this year…and a whole lot less. While punk godfathers and long-time shut-outs Iggy Pop & The Stooges finally gained entry at last night’s induction ceremony (“Roll over, Woodstock. We won.” If you say so, naked guy), so did ABBA—undeniably a pop monolith, but not exactly “rock.” “I’m very angry that Madonna got in before us,” kidded Anni-Frid Lyngstad, acknowledging the 2008 inductee who coincidentally had the Stooges perform in her honor at that year’s ceremony. ABBA chose Faith Hill as their surrogate. Again: not rock.

See these inductees and more in the gallery below.

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[Photos: Getty Images]