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Grammy Nominations Concert Winners: Nicki Minaj’s Shoes, Melle Mel’s Arms, Zombies

While Kanye West, Adele, the Foo Fighters and Bruno Mars are surely celebrating the many nods they received at last night’s Grammy nominations special, the winners of the evening were definitely zombies, who got a big nod from Lady Gaga during her performance. Other groups who will benefit from the evening: podiatrists (because we want Nicki Minaj’s and Taraji P. Henson’s shoes now) and gyms (because between Melle Mel’s arms and Grace Potter‘s legs, we are all feeling a little inadequate this morning). Losers: the color pink, because Katy Perry’s abuse of this monochromatic thing is making us weary of it; jeans — well, just Jason Aldean’s sad, holey, unhemmed pair; and the cows who gave their lives to Reid Perry’s pants. For a full account of the Grammy nominations, head over to VH1 Tuner.

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