Katherine Jackson Loses Guardianship Of MJ’s Kids, For Now

Jackson Family Drama Continues

New info on the Jackson family debacle is coming in fast and furious. Yesterday we sorted through the details of everything we know so far. Today TMZ reports that TJ Jackson was granted temporary guardianship of Michael’s kids, thus suspending Katherine’s guardianship of Blanket, Prince Michael and Paris. Meanwhile, Randy Jackson announced on Good Morning America that Katherine was returning to L.A. after a little R&R in Arizona with her daughter Rebbie. Her return didn’t keep the judge from ruling on the case. Read more…


Jermaine Jackson Loses Driver’s License Over Unpaid Child Support

Jermaine Jackson

If you’re going to name your child Jermajesty, you better damn well provide for him. According to TMZ, Jermaine Jackson had his driver’s license confiscated by LA Country Child Support Services over the $91,000+ in child support he owes ex-wife Alejandra Oaziaza, who was finally booted out of Michael Jackson‘s compound this month by Grandma Katherine (Katherine has offered to put up Oaziaza and her children—two are Jermaine’s, three are Randy’s—in a condo).

Jermaine, claiming he only makes a less-than-Jermajestic $1,100 a month, has asked the court for leniency. But reportedly, MJ’s big bro has failed to provide the court evidence (his taste in red carpet wear can’t help, either). No wonder Jerm’s son Jafaar tried to tase Blanket Jackson. We’re not saying it was a good idea, but if your dad is a dead-beat who named your brother Jermajesty, and three of your half-siblings are also your cousins, you may lash out at any little kazillionaires in the house.

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Jackson Cousin Tries To Shoot Blanket (The Kid) With Stun Gun


Hey, remember that time when you were sipping your coffee, singing along to “Beat it,” and thought to yourself, “I bet all the Jacksons are batsh*t crazy?” Well, you were right, friend. Turns out Michael Jackson and his brothers passed the looniness on to their children, and thus we find ourselves marveling at the latest tale to come out of their “compound:” that Jermaine Jackson‘s 13-year-old son Jafaar bought a stun gun off the internet (that amazing, ever-giving beast) and tried to shoot wee Blanket Jackson with it.

Yes, now would be a good time to channel 2007 and fire up those “Leave Blanket alone!” videos. Children and Family Services are apparently investigating at Katherine Jackson‘s home, where conflicting reports are being leaked to the fine folks (LOL) at TMZ. Some say the gun had been at the house for a few days, while others allege Jafaar had it for just a few minutes before it was removed from his possession.

Either way, kids were playing with a f*cking stun gun. Make that change, Jackson family. Time to start erring on the side of sanity. [Photo: GettyImages]


Jermaine Jackson To Judge Michael-Themed Dance Competition

jermaine jackson

Well, this didn’t take long. Jermaine Jackson will judge a new dance competition show on the BBC named Move Like Michael Jackson, according to a press release from the UK network. Jackson is no stranger to British reality TV, coming in second place on Big Brother UK in 2007 (stateside, he appeared on Season 2 of CMT’s Gone Country). “Michael was a superb dancer who inspired people across the world to master his moves and create their own unique routines,” Jermaine said in a statement. “I’m really excited and delighted to be part of this show and look forward to finding the UK’s most talented and inspiring dancers.”

In other Jermaine-In-The-UK news, big bro accepted a rather phallic Lifetime Achievement Award for Michael at the MOBO (Music Of Black Origin) Awards ceremony in Glasgow yesterday. Check out his flower-print suit (and fellow attendee LaToya Jackson) in the gallery below.

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