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Nicole Richie And Joel Madden’s Awesome Wedding

They did it! Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are married! And because they’re one of the most awesome couples ever (seriously, we love them), the wedding had to be a bonanza. Like pachyderm-sized: TMZ has a video of a spiffed-up elephant entering Lionel Richie’s premises in Beverly Hills, where the wedding was taking place.

And because Nicole and Joel are such rockstars, not just anybody could officiate this union. The pair actually got Rev. Run to marry them. A source, who was apparently a guest at the wedding, revealed that Joel and Nicole look up to Rev. Run. “They both appreciate his family values and he is an inspiration for both. They both also respect his faith, too.”

Ummm, so we appreciate his family values, too. Could we get him to our wedding? Come on, Rev! Say you do! Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Madden-Richie!

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Nicole Richie And Joel Madden Are Finally Getting Married

After four years and two children together, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are finally getting married. RadarOnline reports that the date has been set to early December and that the couple are planning to say I do at Lionel Richie’s house in Beverly Hills.

A source, apparently ,closely involved revealed, “Christmas has always been about family and faith for Nicole and Joel, so there is not better time of the year for them to wed.” Details that have surfaced suggest that the maid of honor and best man will be Masha Gordon (Nicole’s best friend; boo for Paris Hilton), and Joel’s twin brother, Benji Madden, respectively. The couple’s daughter, Harlow, is apparently, the flower girl, and 75 guests will reportedly be in attendance. The source added, “Nicole and Joel will spend Christmas with their family after the wedding, before heading off on honeymoon.”

If the report is true, then congratulations, you two! We think they’re the cutest family around and reformed partier Nicole such a cool mom-fashonista-person. Can’t wait to see what designer she’ll rock at the wedding.


Joel Madden Might Be The Most Adorable Person Ever


The Richie-Maddens are one of our favorite celebrity couples. Not only do they have the world’s most precious children but they still seem totally in love. In a recent interview, Joel Madden gushed about his love for his kids and about his status as Nicole’s Life Partner™ and we must say, it is adorable.

The Good Charlotte musician spoke to the L.A. Times and said that his life is going pretty well these days, saying “I think people have an idea of me, but really I’m the best I’ve ever been.” He then added this wedding-vow worthy nugget, “I have two kids that are my life — they’re my entire world. I have an awesome partner who is really supportive. She makes me the best version of myself that I’ve ever been.” We are swooning – he’s romantic, she’s a prankster – why don’t these two have a reality show already?

Joel, who just recorded a new album with Good Charlotte, said that his kids have affected his music, especially daughter Harlow. “My kids make me feel good about myself; I’m not really worried about succeeding or failing. My daughter, she says yea or nay when I record a demo. She gives me the honest reaction.” We assume that’s a Yo Gabba Gabba-style jumping up and down reaction, which we’re picturing right now and, wait – yup, we’re officially ready to bear a child now. [Photo: Getty Images]


Nicole Richie Pranks Fiance Joel, Kim Kardashian

Joel Madden & Nicole Richie

While April Fool’s Day is mostly a day of horror, where friends and family prey on our gullibility and bloggers recoil from the threat of falser-than-usual stories, there thankfully were a few moments of humorous sweetness to be found. Nicole Richie, quite the prankster, hijacked fiance Joel Madden‘s Twitter, sending booty calls to everyone from Ashley Tisdale (“HUBBA HUBBA”) to Dolly Parton (“I’m thirsty, got any milk in those jugs?”) after announcing “I LOVE MAN-BOOBS.” Nicole soon teamed with Khloe Kardashian to give Kim Kardashian the same treatment, pitching woo to Mr. Madden, moaning about her diarrhea and telling Khloe she’s only had a little “si-zzzuurrrrppp.”

Kim was unsurprisingly amused (“That was hands down the funniest April Fools!”), and having yet to remove Nicole’s image from her feed. Mr. Madden sounded a little more sheepish (didn’t help that she ignored Good Charlotte’s birthday!), but judging by the adorable picture of their kids he posted, he’s not holding any grudges. We wouldn’t be surprised if he gets some revenge next year, though.

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Nicole Richie Plans Wedding, Wears Cut-Offs To Fashion Line Launch

It took Nicole Richie and Joel Madden three years (and two children) before they decided to get married, but that doesn’t mean their wedding will be a Hollywood event. “Nicole wants to keep the ceremony to close friends and family. It will be traditional with a simple white dress and very private,” a close source revealed to PopEater. “Both parents want their two beautiful children—daughter Harlow and son Sparrow—to be involved in the service where Nicole’s famous father Lionel Richie will give her away. However, old BFF Paris Hilton will not be a bridesmaid.” That’s what you get for trying to find a new one on TV, Paris.

Considering her impending nuptials, we should probably give Richie a pass for wearing jean cut-offs to the debut of her Winter Kate line’s Spring 2010 collection at Bloomingdale’s. Even if she can do glamorous, she’ll always be a hippie chick at heart.

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Pop Stars Update “We Are The World” For Haiti

We Are The World

Though noticably short on rock stars (Rob Thomas may pass for Steve Perry, but Joel Madden does not pass for Bruce Springsteen), Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie assembled an impressive array of talent for their 25th anniversary re-recording of “We Are The World” Monday night. Among those appearing on the single to benefit Haitian relief efforts are Akon, Will.I.Am, Beach Boys Brian Wilson and Al Jardine, Tony Bennett, Justin Bieber, Toni Braxton, Miley Cyrus, Celine Dion, Jamie Foxx, Tyrese Gibson, Josh Groban, Heart’s Ann and Nancy Wilson, Keri Hilson, Jennifer Hudson, Enriquie Iglesias, Wyclef Jean, the Jonas Brothers, Kid Cudi, Gladys Knight, LL Cool J, Katharine McPhee, Jason Mraz, Pink, Carlos Santana, Nicole Scherzinger, Snoop Dogg, Jordin Sparks, Barbra Streisand, Usher and Kanye West, who was undoubtedly on his best behavior after that Hope For Haiti snub.

While Lil Wayne has revealed he covered Bob Dylan’s vocal, the full singing order has yet to be revealed (we’re pretty sure Vince Vaughn redid Dan Ackroyd‘s part, though). Check out photos from the recording, which was shot in 3-D for release later this month, in the gallery below.

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Nicole And Joel Have Morphed Into Your Parents


We love Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, so much so that we’ve even tweeted at Nicole when she offers to answer questions from nosy fans. Our love is pure and true. But we couldn’t resist poking fun at the happy couple, who recently hosted a ribbon cutting of a new playground that they sponsored through their foundation (seriously, these two are charitable angels).

In addition to reminding us of one of the creepiest paintings ever, the cutting-edge couple has morphed into some sort of suburban parental nightmare. Joel has completely toned down his tattooed-rocker look, and Nicole somehow forgot that she was the queen of boho chic, and instead dressed for a day of outlet shopping and dinner at Olive Garden. Maybe when you gain kids, you lose your edge?  But while we mock their G-rated look, we love their do-good attitude and practically perfect life. Maybe this is why Lindsay Lohan is so jealous of Nicole?  [Photo: GettyImages/Iconic painting: “American Gothic” by Grant Wood]

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Report: Nicole Proposes To Joel!

Could gorgeous couple Nicole Richie and Joel Madden be about to put a ring on it? Star magazine in the UK is claiming that the cute pair, who recently welcomed the arrival of son Sparrow, could be headed down the aisle after formerly marriage-shy Nicole popped the question. Apparently the death of her former fiancé DJ AM and arrival of their second child made her “re-think her future.”

“She asked Joel to marry her, over dinner at home. He was delighted and said yes straight away,” the mag claims a pal said. According to the mag, we should keep our eyes out for a wedding early next year on Maui at the private gated residence of a record producer friend of the couple. For any everyday parents of two children under two – they also have supercute daughter Harlow, 21 months – the idea of planning a wedding and fitting into a bridal gown would be a pipe dream. But we already know Nicole is not of this earth, so let’s hope it happens!


Nicole Richie Rear-Ended By Paparazzi


A photographer was arrested Monday afternoon for rear-ending Nicole Richie’s car in Beverly Hills. “Ms. Richie was driving with a passenger around 2 p.m. when she was struck by two photographers driving in one vehicle behind her,” said Lt. Tony Lee, a Bevery Hills Police representative. “She complained of pain…[but] no paramedics were called to the scene. She told officers she was going to seek her own medical treatment, so it’s unknown if she’s headed to a hospital or not.” Boyfriend Joel Madden quickly arrived at the scene, though neither he nor their children were in the car at the time of the accident.

“Officers could not verify [the photographer’s] identification,” added Lee. “He’s being physically brought into the station. This will likely be a misdemeanor traffic violation, and the photographer’s vehicle will be towed.” While he couldn’t show ID, the paparazzo has since been identified by his nickname: “Bam Bam.” A little too ironic, don’t you think?

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