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Justin Bieber, Rihanna, 1-D & More Get Inked Up In 2012: The 20 Best & Worst Tattoos Of The Year

We always appreciate celebrities who take to Twitter and Instagram and share their lives with us. And while a lot of what they share is amusing insight into their world, it’s safe to say some of their most entertaining tweets are shots of their ink. Let’s face it, tattoos are fascinating forms of self-expression and it’s always interesting to see what people permanently etch into their skin — especially celebrities.

Lady Gaga, Drake, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Adam Lambert and more got their ink on this year. And despite commending them for braving the needle, some tattoos are just worse than others. We’ve ranked them from our least to most favorite, so browse through our gallery of 20 Instagram shots and Twitpics and tell which is your favorite celeb tattoo of 2012.

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Miley Cyrus Gently Points Out It’s “Pretty Blatant” The Jonas Bros. “Wedding Bells” Is About Her

Miley Cyrus Says Jonas Brother's "Wedding Bells" About Relationship

Here’s a question: if you dated a singer and they later wrote a wistful, romantic song about you, would you be angry? Okay, now what if the song was about what a total douche bag you were? Also, you’re famous too? Makes a huge difference, right? Good thing the Jonas Brothers‘ “Wedding Bells” was an example of the former, or else we doubt Miley Cyrus would be quite so gracious about the fact it concerns her former relationship with Nick Jonas. “I don’t know anyone else who is getting married,” the singer pointed out to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show today, saying it’s “pretty blatant” the tune is about her impending marriage to Liam Hemsworth. Oh man, this is like Taylor Swift and John Mayer all over again. Except fortunately, this time no one has to be John Mayer!

“So, you can’t ever hate on someone for writing about something you’ve been through,” mused an extremely kind Cyrus. “I think that you kind of get a fair warning when you date an artist and someone that’s a writer—when you’re going through things that you’re going to end up hearing about it on the radio.” Personally, we find the idea of artists using their famous relationships for material fascinating. Like, Nick (and Taylor) must have known their exes would at least suspect they were crooning about them. What did they think the reception would be? Did they hope Miley and John would immediately break up with their significant others and come beg for forgiveness? Yikes, now we just bummed ourselves out. We’ll just go ahead and listen to these old Pink songs to cheer ourselves up…oh god, every single one of these are all about Corey Hart!

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The 20 Best Photos Of The 20 Best Boy Bands Of The Past 20 Years

Is there anything in the world more beautiful than a boy band? The gel-heavy hairdos. The choreographed moves. The matching outfits (so often suits, so often made of leather). The cuddly, goofy photo ops. Being in a boy band isn’t just a job, it’s an art form. As someone who once cried in the middle of 40,000 screaming girls when Donnie Wahlberg sang “Cover Girl,” seeing them perform live can be a life-changing experience. (NKOTB 4ever.)

Our friends over at MTV are honoring this special species of man music with their Battle of the Boy Bands, and the final round of voting begins today. In honor of the competition we’ve selected the best photos of the best boy bands of the past 20 years for you to swoon/LOL/and get nostalgic over. Be sure to view the pics while listening to our boy band playlist, featuring some of our favorite boy band jams.

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Style Seen: Nick Jonas Saves The Owls

We’ve been kinda busy here in FABlifeland, what with Breaking Dawn and all. But not as busy as Nick Jonas, that’s certain. (In between prepping for his six months on Broadway in How to Succeed in Business… he just picked up an award for his diabetes advocacy at the Disability Rights Legal Center gala in L.A. last night.) So we have to apologize for taking a minute to notice how much we liked the relaxed-but-slightly-blingy look he sported when he stopped by last week. Now we’ll make up for lost time and take a closer look.
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Olivia Wilde Claims Jonas Brothers Placed A “No Sex Hex” On Her Home

If there’s anything more unbelievable than Olivia Wilde blaming the Jonas Brothers for placing a “no sex hex” on her house, it’s the idea that any supernatural force, no matter how strong, could prevent Olivia Wilde from getting laid. Please. While promoting Cowboys And Aliens on Kimmel last night, the actress was quick to  blame the Jo Bros, former residents of her new L.A. house, for her sexual drought. “We think they placed a no sex hex on the house,” Wilde explained. “We blame the Jonas Brothers for the lack of action happening in our house. We’re like, ‘We know why.’ It’s the No sex hex, Jimmy! Can’t do anything about it.” Olivia’s right, of course; not much you can do about an anti-sex curse. Except, you know, look like Olivia Wilde.

While Olivia’s home might ostensibly be boner-free, her career hopefully won’t be. As the actress told E!, we may be seeing Olivia Wilde as Linda Lovelace, in a biopic of the same famous porn star who Lindsay Lohan, and now Malin Akerman, has been cast to play in a competing film. “It would be a tremendous honor,” Wilde said. “It’s such a cool role. She was a fascinating woman—with where she came from to Deep Throat to then working with Gloria Steinem and Nora Ephron. It’s really fascinating,” We guess those little musical virgins only have so much control over Olivia’s choices! In fact, we’re ready to declare that this house…is clean.


Nick Jonas, 18, Trades Purity Ring In For Aussie Singer Delta Goodrem, 26

Nick Jonas is 18 years old now…and it looks like he knows it. The singer was spotted leaving a movie theater in Hollywood this weekend, with 26-year-old Australian singer Delta Goodrem on his left hand…instead of his purity ring. “I feel so blessed,” Nick tweeted after the spotting. “Had a great weekend.” Goodrem and Jonas have been working together in the studio of late, with Goodrem tweeting a pic of the two with JoBro musician Greg Garbowsky in March. Could these two be mixing business with pleasure?

We’d honestly be a little surprised if this was as naughty as it sounds—not only is Delta eight years older than Nick, she just broke off a three-year engagement with Brian McFadden of the UK group Westlife. As popular with the ladies as Nick has been—and as toned as he’s getting these days—it’s hard to believe a veteran singer in her mid-20’s would rebound with a teenager who, until recently, wore a purity ring (Nick’s protective parents wouldn’t probably be so hot about it, either). But nothing’s wrong with a little publicity, right?

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Joe & Kevin Jonas: Look At These F’ing Hipsters!

Joe Jonas says his solo debut will be full of “electro indie pop rock,” and  he’s dressing the part, rocking a white v-neck, Giants cap, shades and stubble as he walks dog Winston in LA yesterday. But why is Kevin “married and not making a sexy solo debut” Jonas rocking a similarly hipsterfied look? Nice boots, buddy.

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