by (@hallekiefer)

How Do We Feel About Taylor Swift Being Cast As Joni Mitchell?

Ability to play the acoustic guitar? Check. Long, flowing blond hair? Check. Canadian heritage? No, but we’d buy it, so…check. Heart-breaking tale of adoption that fueled her songwriting for decades? Not so much, but there are enough similarities between the two that we can see why Taylor Swift is rumored for the role of Joni Mitchell in an upcoming biopic.  According to Variety, the Speak Now singer “has been linked to the Mitchell role for several months” in anticipation of the film version of Sheila Weller‘s book Girls Like Us. The movie would also feature singers Carole King and Carly Simon; Midnight In Paris actress Alison Pill is up for the role of King and, if we’re going by name alone, we would secretly love to see Carly Rae Jepson play Simon. What? They have the same bangs too! Oh please, like you wouldn’t see that movie the day it came out.

Of course, Swift was also closely linked to the Les Miserables movie, currently in production and costarring Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman, before she lost the rose of Eponine to British musical theater actress Samantha Barks. Clearly Taylor wasn’t destined to play a tragic waif anyway, but we’re interested to see if she ends up landing Joni. Do you think Taylor can pull it off? After all, she’s young enough to think Counting Crows and Valessa Carlton actually wrote “Big Yellow Taxi,” and that thought alone makes us shudder.

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