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Andrew Garfield, Hugh Jackman, Nick Jonas And Their Merry Band Of Dudes At The Tony Awards

Male celebrities at the 2012 Tony Awards

If you’ve been following our Tony Awards coverage, you’ll notice that it’s been all about the women at the event so far. Well, that stops here, right now. Because while some of the looks the ladies wore were lovely, the men, in their tuxedos and skinny ties far outshone them. The host of the evening, Neil Patrick Harris, was the spiffiest of them all in a charcoal tuxedo jacket and black tie from the Spring 2012 Calvin Klein Collection. Looking super in classic tuxedos were Nick Jonas, Ricky MartinHugh Jackman, David Burtka and James Marsden. This is not to say that the tie brigade was any less. Andrew Garfield, Josh Groban and Matthew Morrison looked pretty hot in their elegant suits. Eschewing any sort of neck piece completely was John Stamos who wore all-black and didn’t end up looking out of place at all. Anyone who has that sort of face will be welcome anywhere, in whatever they choose to wear. The fact that his ensemble was cut impeccably, was an added bonus. Have your fill in the gallery below. They’re all in there!

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Jessica Chastain Vs. Sheryl Crow At The Tony Awards

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Josh Groban Says Emma Stone Is A “Pro” Kisser

In case you were wondering, Emma Stone is an excellent kisser. And tastes like cherries. We have this on good authority: her Crazy Stupid Love costar, Josh Groban. Yes, that Josh Groban. The record-busting classical crossover star has crossed over yet again, this time to comedy. Josh ditched his boy -next-door image to play Emma’s douchey boyfriend, and his first time on the big screen also brought with it his first kiss (on camera, that is). We really hope this was playing during it.

“After one of our scenes, the directors said, ‘This is feeling a little goofy. Let’s try this with a kiss at the end.’ ” the screen newbie told GQ, “And I thought, ‘Holy s—! I’ve never kissed on-camera before. What do I have to do? I didn’t take that class in college.'” But Emma the screen veteran was quick to put him at ease. “Emma’s just this total pro. She pulls out her lip gloss and says, ‘It’s cherry. That cool with you?'” It’s safe to say we’d be fine with that. Sadly, the smooch didn’t make the final cut, but Josh will never forget his celluloid milestone. “That kiss shall forever be my deer in Stand by Me. It’s my moment alone. No one but me will ever be able to treasure it.”

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Make This Happen, Glee! Josh Groban Wants A Matthew Morrison “Hair-Off”

As a preface to this, we’d like to admit that amongst our sizable list of celebrity crushes, one Josh Groban features quite highly. What consolidated this unfortunately unrequited love was Josh’s hilarious rendition of Kanye West tweets. How can you not adore a man who nails a verse of, “Fur pillows are hard to actually sleep on” or “Classical music is tight yo.” We got it bad, guys.

And then Parade comes along, and it gets even better. Josh wants a “hair-off” with Matthew Morrison on Glee. He revealed, “A hair-off between me and Matthew Morrison would be an absolute delight. I think I could take him down!” Did you hear that, Ryan Murphy?  This NEEDS to happen? Seriously though, how awesome would Josh be on the show? Think about it! Gwyneth got nothing on him.

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Kanye West And Rihanna To Perform “All Of The Lights” At NBA All-Star Game

Kanye West was conspicuously absent from the 2011 Grammy Awards ceremony this weekend, most likely because his stunning new album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, won’t be Grammy eligible until next year. Well, the Grammy’s loss is the NBA All-Star Game’s gain, as word has just broken that Yeezy and Rihanna will be performing that album’s masterful centerpiece, “All Of The Lights,” during halftime on Sunday. Rumors of this exciting development broke first on the dirt digging sports blog Deadspin this morning, but our friends over at MTV’s Rap Fix just confirmed that the collaboration will indeed be happening.

In slightly less exciting news, Josh Groban is set to perform the national anthem before the game. Will you be watching?

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25 TV Themes Josh Groban Did Not Sing At The Emmys

Wow, that Josh Groban theme song medley at the Emmys sure was…uh, something. But what’s even more disturbing than watching Josh Groban sing The Jeffersons immediately after imitating Cartman is just how many memorable TV intros were not included in the barrage. So here’s 25 Josh-ignored ditties that came to mind with disturbing speed. Do we really have this many theme songs living in our collective memory vault? Is there anything we can do about it?

  • All In The Family

  • Blossom

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