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Selena Gomez Conducts New Bazaar Cover Interview … At Hooters


A lot of interesting facts were revealed about Selena Gomez in her new Harper’s Bazaar cover interview. Topping that list is the fact that going to Hooters is a family tradition. But it’s not what you think. “My mom and dad had me when they were young, and when I was seven, my dad would go to Hooters to watch Spurs games, “she explains. “But he started noticing that when I would come, with my little pigtails, all the waitresses would be like, ‘Hey!’ So he ended up half spending time with me but with all those cute girls coming over. And that kind of became our thing.”  That’s … nice?  And then, she discusses her split with Justin Bieber, as expected, and muses about love. “… To me, love is normal. Of course, you see Jay and Beyoncé and you’re like, ‘Oh, my gosh, they’re perfect for each other,’ but at the end of the day their love is just like everybody else’s love. They have problems, I’m sure, and they solve them, like anybody else. So to make it as normal as possible—in such an abnormal lifestyle—was super important to both of us. Which was great … That’s how it should be,” she says. Read more…

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Justin Bieber Goes Shirtless For His Birthday, And Almost Pantless Too


Today marks the hallowed day that Justin Bieber was gifted unto us, 19 years ago. The world must rejoice — as he clearly is. Behold the sculpted and tattooed manscaping that is the Biebs returning to his hotel in London, post his Birmingham gig. Don’t let the shirtlessness fool you — it is freezing right now, across the pond. But reports suggest that he was partying it up with a large group of girls — or as the Daily Mail called them, “a bevy of beauties” — so temperatures were undoubtedly raised. The shirtlessness was also temporary as the singer popped into his hotel to change his clothes so he could usher in 19 with style. Apparently, a circus-themed party is on the cards, where sources say, “Justin wants to celebrate in style and he loves clubbing in London. It’s no accident that there’s a break in his UK tour which coincides with his birthday. He’s been looking for the perfect venue and finally settled on Cirque Du Soir as he loves the kitsch theme. The venue is all ready for him, with clowns, goblins, aerial acts and some fire-eaters.” His reported new flame, Brit model Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke will be the hostess with the mostest. While we’re quite intrigued by all these plans, what we’re the most intrigued by are his pants. How are they staying up? A prayer? Does he not know we can see most of his underpants? Or is that all part of the plan? Now we feel old and weary.

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We Doubt This Justin Bieber-Rihanna Rumor, But Here Are 10 Celebrity Love Triangles We Do Believe

A new rumor says that Selena Gomez is pissed that Justin Bieber cheated on her with Rihanna

This Life & Style headline about Rihanna being the real reason behind Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s breakup made us chuckle … at first. We really have a hard time believing that RiRi and Justin were seeing each other as far back as 2010 — when the Biebs looked practically prepubescent (no offense) — as L&S claims. (It’s much more believable now, though; have you seen these abs?)

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Is This Justin Bieber Fan-Groping Pic For Real?

Justin Bieber looks like he's feeling up a fan in a photo making the rounds today

Sorry, folks, our lawyers won’t let us post the actual photo in question here, but you know how to click links, so hop over to ONTD for a second and come back here to discuss what the heck is going on with Justin Bieber and his roaming hands. Or not. According to Gawker, this photo was originally posted on Bieber’s fan site and was taken at a fan meet and greet. He may have accidentally grabbed her boob as he was going in for a hug, she may have asked him to grab her boob and he obliged, OR he may have taken a cheap feel because he’s Justin Bieber. Or there’s also option 4: This is another faked photo in a grand tradition of faked Bieber photos.

Update: OK, so Jocelynn, the supposed subject of the supposed groping is on Twitter, and told her followers that Bieber never touched her boob, that it just looks like that in the photo.

Still, we maintain that this could all be a big fake. It’s happened before. Last week, a photo of Biebs holding hands with Kylie Jenner was proved to be a doctored old pic of him and Selena Gomez. There was the prank he pulled last year, in advance of his “Beauty and the Beat” video, in which he claimed a laptop had been stolen and released a suspicious nude pic.
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Justin Bieber Cheats While Stoned? Justin Mocks Gym Member? Slow News Days Are The Best Days

Justin Bieber Allegedly Cheated With Nurse, Spit In Radio Host's Water Bottle

Oh Justin Bieber! Not a day goes by where we don’t laugh at the many, many scandals that drop in your lap. Like the one reported by Radar today, in which you allegedly cheated on Selena Gomez with a 22-year-old nursing student named Milyn “Mimi” Jenson after smoking a bunch of pot. According to the site, Bieber retired to the Four Seasons with Jenson and rapper pal Lil Twist on December 21…before his split from Selena was a done deal. “Justin surprised her by saying, ‘I want to know if you taste good.’ He started kissing her cheek and ear and neck and then her whole body,” their source claims, after which they totally did it. While Radar emphasizes the “debauchery-filled” details of the evening, the whole thing sounds pretty normal and lame as infidelities go…provided it’s true, of course. Remember Mariah Yeater, the fan who claimed she was pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby for months? Except no, of course she wasn’t? That’s all we’re saying.

Over on TMZ, the Justin Bieber gossip gets significantly less sexy. According to Nortth Carolina radio host Colette Harrington, Bieber and his posse mocked her in the Ritz-Carlton gym, telling her to “shut the f— up” when she counted reps out loud and, even worse, spat blue Gatorade into her water bottle. “I did not look at my water bottle before taking a drink,” Harrington confirmed in case you were wondering, but plans to sell the bottle to benefit her local Ronald McDonald House. Of course, Harrington never actually saw Justin Bieber spit into her water bottle or knew for certain who he or his friends were talking to; Justin’s rep has since denied the allegations. On the other hand…you just know someone is going to buy that disgusting backwash-filled water bottle. Ronald McDonald House: 1. Justin Bieber: 0.

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Is Selena Gomez Singing “Cry Me A River” For Justin Bieber?

Woah! Is this a reference to ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber? Selena Gomez has us all in a loop! She performed “Cry Me a River” — which is like the poster song for breakups — at a UNICEF Benefit Concert at the Best Buy theater in New York and looked lovely, we might add. But before singing the song, she told the audience, “I’ve been through a lot the past few months. It’s been weird and sad and cool.” And then right before she started she added, “This song definitely speaks to me.”  Was that a subliminal message about the Biebs? The thing is, for such a poignant song to sing, she looked totally happy afterwards. Flowers and her hair, et al. We’d like you to take a look at this and tell us what you think. Is this just one of those songs that you sing when you’re making a statement — it was done acoustically. Or was this a message specifically about Bieber? Vote and let us know.

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Justin Bieber’s Assault Lawsuit Way Less Hilarious Than All Those Other Lawsuits Against Him

Justin Bieber sued for allegedly assaulting body guard

Between getting accused of stealing a credit card to purchase a penis pump, allegedly deafening a woman with an aluminum gondola (no, we will not let that go) and fathering a stranger’s fictitious baby, Justin Bieber has been on the receiving end of some pretty hysterical lawsuits this year. The new lawsuit claiming he assaulted one of his former bodyguards, however? Significantly less so. According to TMZ, Moshe Benabou has allegedly accused the “Beauty And A Beat” singer of assault and battery after Justin allegedly “punched him in the chest multiple times during a disagreement about how to handle a member of Bieber’s entourage.” Interestingly, this is the same security guard who brawled with a paparazzo in February of last year; he was let go in October 2012. Man, things get really intense when you hang with Bieber. We thought the worst you’d have to worry about would be all the horrible beef jerky and Mountain Dew farts.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time the Biebs has been accused of Hulking out on someone. As you might recall, he got sued by a paparazzo back in May; Justin allegedly got physical after the photographer pursued him and Selena Gomez through Calabasas, California. Benabou is also seeking $420,000 worth of unpaid overtime, but sources claim he is merely “disgruntled employee looking for money.” Ah, but can’t it be both? It’s probably both. Or just one. We don’t want to argue about it! Justin’s tiny fists would shatter us like glass!

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Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Break Up Again, Maybe This List Of Their 6 Cutest Moments Will Reunite Them

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break up a second time

We know one guy who hasn’t had a very happy New Year so far: Justin Bieber. The Biebs reportedly split from his long time girlfriend Selena Gomez. If you’re getting deja vu, it’s not just you. The two broke up back in November following his alleged dalliance with Victoria’s Secret Angel Barbara Palvin. They got back together soon after because (let’s face it) who could stay mad at that Bieber face? But sources are now saying that this time the bust-up is for real.

Apparently it all went down on December 30th, when the couple were vacationing in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico for the New Years holiday.”They had another huge fight, and Selena won’t forgive him,” an insider close to the pair told Us Weekly. In fact, she stormed out of the villa and flew back home to Los Angeles, leaving poor Biebs without a New Years kiss! We have a feeling that he found someone happy to help out. However, a friend insists that he’s understandably blue about his single status. “He’s been really down about the breakup,” they say, even citing it as the reason for his recent “acting out,” which we take to mean “smoking the reefer.”

Awww, poor guy. He’s a wreck without ya, Selena! Give him another shot. We’ve assembled a list of your five cutest moments to try and reignite the spark!

6. He Bought An Entire Flower Shop For Her

He apparently had multiple trucks deliver the entire contents of the store in order to “fill her house with flowers.” Let’s hope she doesn’t have an allergy.

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