Russell And Katy Record Poem Together

Russell Brand and Katy Perry are apparently so loved up that they’ve already started to record together. Yep, the latest it pair have laid down a sexy track already – if you count a taping of a famous “nonsense” English poem together. WTF?

The couple were reportedly at the Sunset sound studios in LA when they began reciting Edward Lear‘s poem “The Owl And The Pussycat” to each other. “It transpired the poem is a private joke between the couple. Russell apparently recited it to Katy during their Thailand holiday and they often use the nicknames Owl and Pussycat. Russell is ‘Owl’ because he’s wise and, well, it’s fairly obvious that Katy’s a sex kitten, isn’t it?” reports the Sun.

We just pray this doesn’t lead to a public release – we have a very low cringe factor when it comes to PDA couple stuff on record. Seriously, “I Got You Babe” brings us out in hives.


Romantic Russell Brand Pledges No More Threesomes

It’s not the most hearts-and-flowers thing you’d expect your new beau to say, but when it comes to legendary shagger Russell Brand, this is about as committed as they come. Speaking at his sell-out stand-up gig in London, Katy Perry‘s new boyfriend Russell said, “I’ve taken a pledge. I can’t break it now. There will be no more threesomes.” So, salacious stories like this one are going  to no longer be a regular read in the British tabloids. Shame.

What’s more, Katy pulled out of an appearance on a British chat show to spend more uh, time, with her boyfriend before she had to fly back to L.A. Russell called UK DJ and presenter Chris Moyles to tell him, “Katy wouldn’t be appearing as they wanted to spend the evening together. Chris was a bit annoyed but thinks Katy is hot as well – and if she was his girlfriend he would probably do the same!”

Aw. They really are love’s young and wildly over-experienced dream. [Photo:  ]


Russell Brand Meets The Parents


Katy Perry and Russell Brand are dating at the speed of light – they may even be giving Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom a run for their money. After showing her love for her man with sexy bootyshorts, Katy has now taken her admitted sex addict boyfriend home to mom and dad! According to Russell, it went off without a hitch!

“I’ve had the privilege of meeting Katy’s family. I always get along with spiritual people. For me the things that happen on a higher level are more important than transient things. When one is in a relationship one respects the restrictions that imposes. That’s the point of being in a relationship. I’ve been really happy in the last couple of months. All I know is that I have met someone who I like and makes me happy. I am very much fulfilled. Having met Katy she has certainly been a catalyst in changing my life but I have been changing my life for myself first and foremost, because it’s a better way for me to be living at this time,” Russell said.

Sure you’re not gonna miss shagging ’round the world Russell? [Source: OK!; Photo: Getty Images]


Russell Brand Unloading His Crib


Could unloading his palatial bachelor pad be the first step towards settling down with girlfriend Katy Perry? Russell Brand has put his London home up for sale. The home is spread over 2000 square feet and five floors and features a yoga room, media room, stunning master bedroom, hot tub in the backyard and a decadent reception room that Russell once said scares him a bit. Russell told The Times, “I am slightly intimidated by that room. I tend not to go in there much. You shouldn’t have a room you’re intimidated by.” Check out our gallery of Russell’s pad.

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Russell and Katy Reunited


Katy Perry has had a busy week hosting the MTV EMAs, but she reunited with lover Russell Brand this weekend to spend some time together in his London neighbourhood. The lookalike pair (tousled brown hair, sunnies, leggy figures, dressing in black…we could go on) spent some downtime at Tinseltown cafe in Hampstead and stepped out from his home loved up to the max.

It may have been a surprise when these two hooked up, but aw, we just can’t get ourselves enough of K-Brand. Hmmm. Rusty? Brerry? Kassell? We’re going to have to work a bit more on this.  [Photo: Splash News Online]


Katy Perry Shows Love On Her Panties


Katy Perry and Russell Brand must be getting serious. Clearly they have taken the next big step in their relationship, as Katy wore her beau’s name plastered across her tooshie when she wore a sexy getup in the colors of his favorite soccer team at the EMAs last night. Russell loved the gesture: “Now MY GIRLFRIEND has worn a West Ham basque while hosting the EMA’s. What a day!” he wrote on Twitter. [Photo: Getty Images]


Katy Perry’s Raunchy EMA Cabaret


Katy Perry paid tribute to the host city of last night’s EMAs – Berlin – by opening the show with a Teutonic raunch-fest of the highest, filthiest order. Dressed in a teeny-tiny basque (complete with heart over her vay-jay-jay), host Katy performed a medley of hits including Lady Gaga‘s “Poker Face”, Beyonce‘s “Halo” and the Kings Of Leon’s “Use Somebody” in a Liza Minnelli in Cabaret style.

Once the impressive chair-humping was over with, Katy decided to remind us all that she is banging Russell Brand. “Last year I popped my MTV cherry, but this time i’m a bit more experienced if you know what I mean,” she not-too-subtly teased.  At least, we think that was what she means… [Photo: Getty Images]

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MTV EMAs: Wentz Punched, Perry Stunning, Hasselhoff Drunk


For a second year in a row little Mrs. Russell Brand (AKA Katy Perry)hosted the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards. Mega stars like Beyonce, the Jonas Brothers, and Shakira attended the show but first rocked the red carpet in style.

Pete Wentz strutted down the carpet with one smokey eye (we’re sure there is a good reason for this…right?!) and David Hasselhoff seemed to have just staggered his way into the event (sporting sequins no less).

Check out these stars and more in our MTV EMAs red carpet gallery below. [Photo: Getty Images]

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Katy Perry, Here Is Your Piece


Katy Perry‘s main man Russell Brand worked it out in London today looking very dirty 80s. Don’t you see why the “Hot & Cold” singer can’t keep her hands off of him? That greasy scruffy hair, the unkempt facial hair, those socks – I mean, wow, really takes your breath away. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Russell Brand Is A One-Man Orgasm Machine

Russell Brand is as well known for his incorrigible womanizing than he is anything else, more or less (what, he’s a comedian and actor, too? No way!) and now he’s given us an insight into why he found it hard to stop banging the laydeez. Until he hooked up with Katy Perry, nary a day went by without spotting Russ heading back to his London love-pad in the company of some barely-attired women, and according to the man himself, he knows he’s good at it.

Why? “A requiem of screams…[the] eye-rolling ecstasy, the bacchanalian loss of self where they’re ready to tear up the trees…they become goddesses with oceanic pleasure that looks like it may never end and could devour us,” he told the Sunday Times Magazine. Rather than doubt this amazing appraisal of his bedroom antics, we’ll kindly assume that Russ is an accurate judge of his own performance. Lucky Ms. Perry.