The Top 10 Hottest Indie Rock Girls At Austin City Limits

TheFABlife has been at 2010’s Austin City Limits all weekend catching as many bands as possible and hanging out at backstage interviews with our colleagues at VH1. We thought about writing a serious review of the music fest, but we aren’t exactly a serious music blog. So we decided to write about something that every living human being with half a pulse cares about. Who’s the hot? Here’s our list, counting down to #1. Lest you think we’re only about objectifying the fairer sex, check back later to see our list of ACL’s Hottest Indie Rock Boys.

10. Kim Schifino of Matt & Kim


Sure, Kim Schifino has a great figure, a larger-than-life smile, bright eyes, and taut arms from years of banging on the drums. But what really makes Kim sexy is that nobody gets a party started like Matt & Kim, because they both put 100 percent into each and every moment of their shows. When Kim’s on stage, she comes across as the happiest girl in the world — and that’s just plain hot. This year at ACL was no exception. [Photos: Lisa Nola for VH1]

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The Most Indie Fashion Show Of All: Rodarte


The guest list at the Rodarte show answered a few lingering questions we’ve had lately, the first being “Where’s Kirsten Dunst hiding these days?”and the second being “Which Fashion Week runway show will draw the coolest crowd ever?” Dunst was there ¬†palling around with her on-screen husband from Marie Antoinette, Jason Schwartzman, while indie music icons Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth sat a few seats away. Rounding out the cool club were Natalie Portman, Chlo√ę Sevigny and a whole mess of unkempt coifs and quirky facial hair throughout the room. [Photos: Getty Images]

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Who’s Older? Kim Gordon Or Jay Leno?

kim gordon & jay leno

In 1982, fashion enthusiast Kim Gordon‘s band Sonic Youth released their first album. Ten years later, automotive enthusiast Jay Leno replaced Johnny Carson as the host of the Tonight Show. Both entertainers were born on April 28th. Which one is older?

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