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The 10 Most Outrageous Outfits From LOGO’s 2013 NewNowNext Awards


They say fashion is a passion and at LOGO’s NewNowNext Awards last night some of those passions got kind of strange and kinky. The stars at last night’s NNN Awards were serving up their most outrageous looks on the purple carpet. The styles were so outrageous that you might not know what to think of them, but don’t worry–we’re about to translate their cutting edge style for you.

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Brights Trend Battle Of The Bodacious Bodies: Jennifer Lopez VS. Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue, Jennifer Lopez: Halcyon Gallery, Birthday Yacht

After we published that mega brights gallery with Beyonce, Willow Smith and gang, we’ve had the on-trend colors of yellow and orange on our minds. It’s a little hard not to, considering we’re seeing them everywhere. A definitive example would be the throw-down that happened last night. Okay, it’s not a throw-down, but we’d like to call it one. Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Lopez both wore bright orange sheaths at different occasions to very diverse ends. Kylie wore a short-sleeved version, as you can see on the right, to the “Warhol-Mauro” private viewing at the Halcyon gallery in Bond street, London, yesterday. She ended up making the outfit look unbelievably elegant with bronze heels, a large white clutch, sexy wavy hair and nude makeup. Five stars to Ms. Minogue for taking such a juicy color and transforming it into one of the most chic ensembles we’ve seen in a while on her. On anyone for a while, for that matter!

On the other corner, we have Jennifer Lopez who celebrated her birthday on something called the “Utopia III” super-yacht that was decked out in preparation of the festivities at Chelsea Pier. J.Lo got decked up, as well, of course. She picked a long-sleeved version of the orange sheath, similar to the one worn by Kylie, and paired it with matching stilettos and a leopard-print clutch. And to make it even sexier, the back was completely bare, as you can see on the extreme right. Muy caliente, Ms. Lopez! So we have one look that was streamlined and as cool as can be, and one that was sizzling! But which orange, bodacious look did you prefer?

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10 Best-Dressed At The Cannes AmfAR “Cinema Against AIDS” Gala, With One Bonus Addition

Best-dressed at Cannes amfAR Cinema Against AIDS gala

We always have such high hopes for the annual amfAR “Cinema Against AIDS” gala that happens at Cannes. It’s normally a fashion extravaganza and there’s always a celebrity or two who ends up surprising us. This year, some of the picks on this list did surprise us. Because our regular sartorial favorites — like Nina Dobrev (who fell short in an electric blue, sequined Elie Saab column) — didn’t make it, and Kim Kardashian did. Still, we have to give props where they’re due and Kim worked it in this mustard Elie Saab and old Hollywood red lips, The color is perfect against her skin tone, the fit is great and even though the girls and the gams are out to play, it’s still all very tastefully done.

The models also really stood out with Doutzen Kroes wearing a futuristic and very flattering white Versace gown with silver detailing. Irina Shayk was sheer elegance in a sweeping, taupe Roberto Cavalli gown with gorgeous emerald jewelry. Also spotted look their very best were Kylie Minogue in tangerine Emilio Pucci and  Rose McGowan who paid homage to her name in a rose-pink Atelier Versace gown with Chopard jewels. Look at the rest of the fabulously dressed stars in our gallery below. We also have one bonus picture for you. She’s not a celebrity, but a celebrity’s fiance but really deserved to be on the best-dressed list as well. Click after the jump to see who she is.

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Adele, Rihanna, Jessie J Get Cheeky At Brit Awards

We have a theory: Adele and the Brit Awards producers must have known that no one would treat “Adele wins” as a big headline-worthy deal this week, after she swept the Grammys last week. So they purposely cut her off during her acceptance speech, and she flipped them the bird. Yep. That worked! The triumphant songstress’ middle finger livened up her otherwise risk-free appearance, but other stars at last night’s show let their gowns (or lack thereof) do the talking. For her performance, Rihanna switched out her breathtaking, beaded gold gown for a sweatshirt and some boxer brief. Jessie J flashed us her underpants through a gauzy, flamenco-style red gown. And Florence Welch looked a bit like wild animals tried to rip her dress off her — but the look kind of worked on the energetic singer. It was a night when risks paid off, after all.

Check out the looks that wowed us, and a few that we’d like to splash with some of Coldplay’s Day-Glo paint, just to liven things up a bit.

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Olivier Martinez’s Life-Long Search For The Perfect Woman Is Over; Halle Wins

Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry might be headed down the aisle soon if rumors are true, but Halle certainly isn’t Olivier’s first stunningly gorgeous lady friend. Or his first Academy Award-winning lovah. Angelina Jolie, Mira Sorvino and Kylie Minogue are just a few of the beautiful, talented, internationally known women Olivier has wooed in his lifetime. Ex Minogue even tweeted, “Congrats to Olivier Martinez and Halle Berry!! #wedding” today, rather than, say, “Burn in hell, Olivier #forever,” which seems like a great sign.

Now, we know we’re not genetically perfect or have Oscars lining or trophy case or anything, but if our ex had even so much as held hands Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, we’d have to hang up our dating pants right then and there. But this is Halle Berry, people! Not even starring in Catwoman can break her stride. Not even Catwoman.

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Who Wore It Better: Kylie Or Pippa?

We don’t particularly see their styles as similar, especially their red-carpet looks. One’s a global pop star, the other is a newly minted pseudo-celebrity whose rear captured the attention of the planet. So who knew their off-duty styles would clash? Pippa Middleton and Kylie Minogue wore almost exactly the same jacket within a week of each other in London! It’s quite the cute coat too and we love the trim. The only difference is that Kylie’s seems to be a dull gold piping while Pippa’s is white. But what we’d like to ask you is — who looks better?

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Cover Your Ears! Paris Hilton Records Another Album


Why must Paris Hilton persist with this singing business? Why must she perversely enjoy making our ears bleed? We hate to admit it, but we totally heard every single song on her debut album,  Paris. And God help us, but the mere mention of her cover Do Ya Think I’m Sexy brings back awful memories of the auto-tuned track stuck in a loop in our heads.

You would think the nightmare would not, and could not possibly repeat itself. Think again, people, think again. Because Paris, she of the lofty musical ambitions, has some new inspiration: pocket-Venus Kylie Minogue. Cue Jaws theme song. Hilton trilled, “I’ve always loved Kylie Minogue. She’s one of my favorite artists. I’ve been really inspired by her. I wanted my music to kind of emulate her. I love her sound and I love the way she is.” And then she revealed to sounds of shattering glass worldwide, “I’ve finished recording my record. It’s like dance or club music. The album’s going to be out in a few months.” We suggest running for cover!

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Kristen Stewart Goes Skimpy At Elle Style Awards

Kristen Stewart

Tacking the word “awkward” to any sentence about Kristen Stewart almost feels redundant by now, but the Twilight star looked less than confident in her art deco mini-dress at last night’s Elle Style Awards in London. Maybe she knew (seemingly)  confessed boyfriend Robert Pattinson was bawling and boozing at home, wishing that the fear of a Twi-Hard uprising didn’t keep him from shouting his love from the rooftops and guarding her on the carpet, not unlike how Edward protects Bella in the Pacific Northwest. Hey, it’s a possibility.

Also attending were stars like Kylie Minogue, Claire Danes, Carey Mulligan, Colin Firth, Agyness Deyn, Leona Lewis and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. See what they wore in the gallery below.

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Kylie’s Frumpy New ‘Do


It’s been said that there are three stages to a movie actress’s career: babe, District Attorney and Driving Miss Daisy. And although Kylie Minogue hasn’t done much film acting (we don’t really count Street Fighter and The Delinquents, sorry) the singer has slipped neatly into her second stage with this new haircut. We’re not really loving the boofy sensible ‘do, but it’s sometimes hard to remember that Kylie is actually 41. Welcome to District Attorney land, Ms Minogue! [Photo: Splash News Online]