Lada Gaga Does Not Want You To Know She Once Looked Like A Regular Person

Lady Gaga doesn’t want you to know she was once just a normal, average girl. She wants you to forget she was born of a human mother and father and once had plain brown hair and wore sweatpants and ate Kraft Mac and Cheese. In fact, Gaga is so obsessed with perpetuating her mystical, monster-y image that she has asked all her friends and family to stop releasing photos of her from when she was just Stefani Germanotta.

A source says Gaga is protective of her image, and  that “She hates things from her past being made public. She’s contacted exes, childhood friends and workmates to buy the copyright to any old pictures and footage to make sure that nothing else surfaces.” Unfortunately for Gaga, what she may not realize is that  the crazier she looks now, the MORE she drives up our desire to see photos of her back in the olden days when she dressed in Gap jeans like the rest of us. Call it Inverse Correlation Of The Meat Dress…or something. All we know is that we love a good before and after.

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Gaga For Yoga


No, that’s not a deleted verse from “Bad Romance.” Lady Gaga swung by her old friend Tricia Donegan’s Bikram Yoga Studio in New York City for some spiritual nourishment. Oh, and lots and lots of sweating. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Bikram Yoga is practiced in a room heated to more than 100 degrees! That explains their outfits, skimpy even by Gaga-standards.

Gaga reportedly used to attended Tricia’s classes while a student at NYU, and left her old instructor a note of thanks after her latest visit. “Tricia, Thank you so much for today,” wrote Momma Monster to Momma Yogini, “Lately I’ve been kicking ass in yoga, but I’m excited to embark on an even deeper journey with you. You are such an inspiration. I will be back soon. W more hydration + sleep. Yoga heals me + so do you. Love, Lady Gaga.”

We have to say, we’re impressed with Gaga’s yoga discipline! Bikram Yoga is a particularly intense form of the exercise, with some stricter classes forbidding movement to get a drink of water, or even just to wipe away sweat. But then again, if she can survive those Alexander McQueen heals, she can survive anything.

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Lady Gaga Gets Eight – Yes, Eight – Wax Figures At Madame Tussaud’s

Lady Gaga’s little monsters now have a pretty sizable trump card to pull. Because being a fan of the singer means also being an advocate of all her Gagaisms, right?  While they’re of the “whatever Gaga touches becomes art” side of the debate, the opposition hollers “Nay”! Because there’s a whole section of the planet that doesn’t care much for Gaga’s *ahem*…style? Unfortunately for them, they’re going to find something else to diss because Gaga is now becoming art for real.

Normal celebrities get one statute at Madame Tussauds, and are happy, right? Read this and weep, normal-everyday-star: Gaga’s getting eight wax figures at Madame Tussauds across the globe. So as Bart Simpson would say …eat my shorts.

The pieces are going to be unveiled on December 9, and each of the museums will have a Gaga of their very own to show off. In terms of what they’ll be wearing, they’ve obviously had plenty to choose from. While the final eight are pretty cool, we’re not totally feeling they did Gaga justice. Hello, meat dress? Hello, hair bow? Hello, crazy face masks? Those didn’t make the cut! But here’s the list of which outfits did.

  • Lady in Lace worn at the Brit Awards 2010. Alex Noble lace body stocking, Philip Tracey face mask, Marie Antoinette hairstyle.
  • Telephone worn at Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, 2010. Phillip Tracey telephone hat, black Armani coat, flared pants, crazy heels
  • Harlequin worn at a press conference in Seoul. Black Marjan Pejoski body suit, oversized black neck cuff, straight platinum hair.
  • Kinky Boots worn in London, 2009. Cut-away, black short Bruno Pieters leather body suit, black lace bra, “disc” hat,  thigh high black boots.
  • Mini Mouse worn at BBC Radio 1 studios in London. One-shoulder black latex body suit, long straight hair , “Mini Mouse” hair buns.
  • Hair Hat (as pictured above), worn at the Consumer Electronics Show. Blonde hair hat, black, transparent, net dress.
  • Wired “wing” dress with lightning “eye” worn at Wetten Dass..? in Germany. Short, black,strapless Orschel-Read dress, wired, thigh high patent boots.
  • Big Hair worn outside the Phoenix Hotel in Denmark. Huge purple hair piece over long platinum hair, nude Maison Martin Margiela bodysuit, white blazer, massive platforms.

See what we mean? These are cool looks but definitely not any of the way-out-there stuff that Gaga’s pulled off!

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Lady Gaga Crowned The Queen Of YouTube

Lady Gaga just got promoted. Momma Monster has been crowned the “Queen of the YouTube Generation” by becoming the first person whose channel has broken one billion views. May her reign over keyboard playing cats, adorable finger-biting children and assorted student films be a long and happy one.

“We reached 1 Billion views on youtube little monsters!” the new Queen Gaga tweeted this morning. “If we can stick together we can do anything. I dub you all kings and queens of youtube! Unite!”

The singer’s video for “Bad Romance” was YouTube’s highest viewed video with over 250 million earlier this year. However this July she was knocked off the top spot by Justin Bieber and his video for “Baby”, which is still holding steady at number one with more than 344 million views. The Biebs is currently is the Prince of YouTube with a total of nearly 966 million views. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Bieber could steal Gaga’s crown again as early as November 1st. To which we say: lame. Long live the Queen!

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Lady Gaga Ingests Her Meat Dress, Ditches Bony Look


Do you hear that? It’s our sigh of relief! Less than a year ago, Lady Gaga was having a difficult time keeping her uber skinny and slightly scary thin body conscious on stage. We worried for months that her insanely busy schedule was running our momma monster down and wished she would take the time out to care for her body. We hoped that she’d take a bite or two out of the meat she was busy draping on herself and give her pop star body the protein fuel it desperately needed.

Thankfully she heard our cries of worry! Lady Gaga flaunted a much healthier and more curvaceous physique over the weekend on stage in Norway. She rocked a fuller frame that included plenty of sexy cleavage. Three cheers for real Gaga meat! [Photo: Getty Images, Left: October 2010 Right: May 2010]

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Lady Gaga’s Lacy, Racy Tribute To John Lennon


You would think that Lady Gaga would cover up for John Lennon? Nope… ’cause Lady Gaga don’t cover up for anyone. Cue Gaga on stage with Yoko Ono in a tribute concert to the fallen Beatle. It would’ve been Lennon’s 70th birthday on October 9, so celebrations in LA and Iceland are kicking off.

Gaga clearly put on her Sunday best for yesterday’s musical marathon, which consisted of a spiked headband and a lacy, bedazzled bodysuit with sheer panels that exposed one part of her body (something her previous shaggy cape-onsie hybrid didn’t).  We’re ass-king you to spot what body part she chose to get behind this time.  Those shoes crack us up too, and it’s amazing she didn’t fall flat on her rear.

Multiple tries  are welcome, butt of course you won’t need them. Looks like a full moon was out in L.A.

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Lady Gaga Is Shaggy, Half-Naked And Oddly Fab


What was Lady Gaga thinking about while getting dressed to hang out at The Oak Room last night in New York? How does her mind work? We want to take a peek in her head, for reals. We’re guessing it’s  all one very airy stream of consciousness in there.

I wanna be naked. But it’s kinda cold outside. GLAM. Oh I know, shag. FABULOUS. I’ll get my assistant to raid carpets from an Austin Powers set. FIERCE. I could be Bigfoot. I could be Cousin It. They both got haircuts and turned hipster. AMAZ-O. I sparkle way more than those Twilight vampires. My body is the best. People will drink in the sight of my strips. Sideboob. Flank. Ribcage.  I AM GAGA.

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Jerky Couture: Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress Will Be Dried For Posterity


Probably the biggest talking point of this year’s VMA’s – aside from Kanye West and Taylor Swift‘s non-reunion – was Lady Gaga‘s meat dress. PETA hated it, fans were weirded out by it, and dogs just wanted to sniff it. But the bigger questions on everyone’s mind were “Is it real?” and “What does one do with that after it’s worn?” The answers are “Yes” and “Jerky”.  Gaga’s dress is going the way of Donatella Versace and the creepy Bodies exhibit, it will be dried out and then put on display.

According to the dress’ designer Franc Ferdinand “The dress will go through a process where it becomes a sort of ‘jerky’ and will be archived.” The dehydration process will render it unwearable in the future, this dress was for one night only. Ferdinand also said he doesn’t plan on using flesh for fashion again, saying “There’s not going to be meat dresses in the future. This was made for a specific purpose. It’s what it is.” We look to the designers of Project Runway now in their unconventional materials challenge to take over if we ever want to see a skirt-steak skirt again.

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Lady Gaga Says Her New Album Is Her Greatest Work Yet, Also That She Is “Super Human”

It’s pretty safe to say that anyone not living under a rock has found themselves humming a Lady Gaga song at some point over the past two years (for us, we can never seem to get the Ra-ra-ra-ma-ma part of “Bad Romance” out of our brains). So it’s a pretty bold statement for Lady Gaga to claim that her latest album, Born This Way, is her greatest work yet, but Gaga says it is so.

In an interview with RWD Magazine, Gaga explains “The album is my absolute greatest work I’ve ever done and I’m so excited about it. The message, the melodies, the direction, the meaning, what it will mean to my fans and what it will mean in my own life – it’s utter liberation.” She’s not known for making timid statements, we just hope the work lives up to that. She’s also not timid about her stature with her fans, saying “My fans have related to me as a human being and as a non-human being – as a super-human person that I truly am.”

Oh, and her fans aren’t just limited to the high school dorks and geeks she loves, her biggest fan appears to be none other than Beyoncé. At one point, Gaga says Beyoncé asked her “‘Where the f**k do you get these ideas from?’ And I was like: ‘I don’t know Bee, it was just the way I was born’.” No wait, here’s what she actually said:

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PETA Doesn’t Like Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress, Lady Gaga Doesn’t Really Care

By now, everyone is pretty aware of Lady Gaga‘s meat dress at the VMAs, right? It’s kinda hard to walk around looking like a giant steak and have people ignore you. The Franc Fernandez designed “dress” shocked, amazed, delighted, and as expected, ticked off quite a few people. A few probably thought it was a really great idea in case Gaga felt like having a bit of a snack. Peel off a strip and throw it on the BBQ!

But there’s a whole other side who now have beef (sorry, we had to do it) with everyone’s fave provocateur. Who expected PETA to get their non-meat pants into a twist? We did! And their statement didn’t disappoint, coming straight from the Prez of PETA, Ingrid E. Newkirk who elucidated with, “Lately, Lady Gaga has been having a hard time keeping her act ‘over the top’. Wearing a dress made out cuts of dead cows is offensive enough to bring comment, but someone should whisper in her ear that there are more people who are upset by butchery than who are impressed by it.”

Point made. But then she got to the meaty part (apologies again, we can’t help ourselves) saying, “Meat is the decomposing flesh of a tormented animal who didn’t want to die, and after a few hours under the TV lights, it would smell like the rotting flesh it is and likely be crawling in maggots — not too attractive, really.” Eww. Ewww. EWWW.

(Hi PETA, this is Ambika Muttoo from the FabLife. I’ve been vegetarian for a very long time (no seafood even, I promise) and I actually found that statement more gross than its subject. Actually… I didn’t find the dress gross at all because there’s this little thing called “free will” that you really can’t mess with. Thanks y’all! Big fan.)

So, with all the “decomposing” going on, Gaga sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to clear the air saying, “Well, it is certainly no disrespect to anyone that is vegan or vegetarian. As you know, I am the most judgment free human being on the earth…” We pause for a little giggle at that statement. Then she explained her meat dress, adding, “However, it has many interpretations, but for me this evening, if we don’t stand up for what we believe in and if we don’t fight for our rights, pretty soon we’re going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones. And, I am not a piece of meat.”