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Guess The Celebrity Backside?


How apt that it was a full moon yesterday? Perhaps that’s why this celebrity was inspired to get cheeky and show off her own full moon. Dressed in fishnets and fleshy teeny-tiny pants and a leather jacket, this star decided to let it all hang out while hanging out in a gorgeous European city. One question though: Isn’t it supposed to be cold? Find out who the star is after the jump… [Photos: Getty Images]

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Gaga Fashion Goes To Town In Paris


Good news, little (European) monsters. Lady Gaga sent out some very apologetic tweets day before yesterday because her Parisian shows were canned due to the French government banning her tour bus caravan from entering the country. She explained the situation over Twitter, “All 28 of my trucks for the Monsterball were detained by the French government going on over 26 hrs, 2 of my employees were arrested trying to get into Paris so we could perform. I am furious and devastated, its unfair to my fans and to me.” Adding to what was turning out to be a vairy mauvais soujourn was the seriously bad weather seen in the photo Gaga tweeted along with the message, “I love Paris + I love my French fans. I’m sorry little monsters. A photo of storm, I’m stuck on bus.”

Problem solved now. All is well with the Monsterball, as Gaga exulted over Twitter, writing, “Today’s canceled Paris show is rescheduled for Tuesday, 2moro’s show will happen as planned. I promise to give u the nights of ure life. X” Perhaps that’s why she celebrated by leaving her hotel, the Park Hyatt, for Chez Andre looking like a depraved Victorian countess who just had a rendezvous with a debauched Duke who ripped her bodice open in a moment of passion. She seems to inspire that behavior, considering a female fan groped her breast in the resulting frenzy. Check out the gallery of Gaga owning Paris, below. [Photos: Splash News Online]

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Lady Gaga Gets Her Ass Waxed

It’s a good thing Madame Tussaud’s stuck a telephone on top of their latest statue—we might not realize this was supposed to be Lady Gaga otherwise. Though the figure unveiled in London doesn’t really capture Gaga’s facial…shall we say, je nose sais quoi…this muting of her features probably won’t stop fans from hitting “fierce” poses beside her bust. Statues of siren—with varying sizes of schnozz—will also be unveiled in Amsterdam, Berlin, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, New York and Shanghai. See photos in the gallery below.

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Celeb Twitters Resurrected After Billionaire Gives $500,000

Stewart Rahr & Kim Kardashian

Thank you, Stewart Rahr, for giving half a million dollars to Keep A Child Alive. The children thank you, we thank you, and all those celebs who shut down their twitter feeds thinking fans would give enough of a crap to raise $1 million thank you. Yes, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Ryan Seacrest and even little Lenny Kravitz are free to tweet again, now that the billionaire owner of Kinray—known as  “Stewie Rah Rah” for his name-dropping ways—has tossed them a twig off one of the money trees planted outside his $45 million home, taking care of the pesky second half of their goal. Bet the granddaughters of a certain pharmaceutical entrepreneur can expect star-studded birthday parties this year!

“Thank you so much and never stop buying life!” said Kim Kardashian. “So stoked to be back on twitter!” said Ryan Seacrest! “I’m alive!” said Usher, forgetting he already tweeted four times during his account’s “death” (jerk). “Weeee diddddddd itttttt!!!!!” said Keep A Child Alive head Alicia Keys, who might think about going straight to the damn billionaires next time.

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Usher Breaks Twitter Charity “Death” Pact

“It’s truly a battle of Raymond Vs. AIDS,” said Usher about “killing” his Twitter late last month…and it looks like AIDS won! Though the  Twitter “death” fund drive for Keep A Child Alive has made less than half of its million dollar goal, Usher has broken ranks with Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest and all the other stars staying mute for the charity. The singer tweeted yesterday, “Twit fam, I’m whack for being late, I need your help. Twit,Happy Birthday Rico Love!!! He is the man that wrote you ‘There goes my Baby.'” Hey, a good cause is a good cause, but Rico Love only gets one birthday a year!

Usher then went on to thank Atlanta for a great show, incoherently respond to a fan (“I’m listenin’ to you. I would’ve picked you…I didn’t hear you”) and give shout-outs to compatriots Chris Brown, Miguel, Trey Songz (“we shut it down!!!”) and “lil homie Prince JB” (whose mother calls him Justin Bieber). No explanation has been given for his memory lapse, and so far the rest of the celebs appear to be keeping quiet: will they give up too or is Usher that much more of a clueless jackass than his peers?


Gaga Scissorhands Celebrates Grammy Noms With A Trip To Chanel

Lady Gaga

You’d think Lady Gaga would be feeling great these days. After all, she just got six Grammy nominations! She even got an Album Of The Year nod for her Fame Monster EP—most people have to make a whole album to get one. So why did she look so glum at a Chanel boutique in Milan earlier today? Maybe she’s mourning her “dead” Twitter (celebs may have overestimated how much fans would miss their social networking), or just pissed that “Bad Romance” won’t get a shot at Song or Record Of The Year. But hey, if you’re going to mope in public, at least mope in a studded goth-gimp outfit and veil! See more photos of Gaga’s get-up in the gallery below.

[Photo: Splash News Online]

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2011 Grammy Nominations Out, Eminem Leads The Pack


It’s that time of the year already! The 53rd annual Grammy nominations (for 2011) were announced last night and it’s safe to say that Eminem made a clean sweep popping up in 10 categories. Love the Way you Lie is up for Song and Record of the Tear while Recovery has received nominations for Album and Rap Album of the Year. Just for a quick memory jog, remember who was a big winner at last year’s GrammysBeyonce!

Other big nominees this year include Bruno Mars with seven nominations, and Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and Lady Antebellum with six each. John Legend and B.o.B follow closely with five. Katy Perry, who’s performing for VH1 Divas Salute the Troops (Sunday, Dec. 5, at 9/8c), scored four nominations, including one for Album of the Year for Teenage Dream.

What’s your take on the nominees this year? Did anyone get left out? How many categories will Eminem win? Will Cee Lo get Song of the Year for the genius F— You? Will Gaga’s Fame Monster kick out the other monster albums? Will Justin Bieber get Best New Artist (we love Biebs, but our vote goes to Florence and the Machine).

Check out the complete list of nominees after the jump. (Photo: Getty Images)

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Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga And Others End Their (Digital) Lives For Charity


As if Leslie Nielsen’s passing wasn’t sad enough, today we also mourn the digital deaths of Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and a host of other celebs. These A-listers are quitting Twitter and Facebook to raise money and awareness for the Keep A Child Alive charity, which fights AIDS all over the globe. The stars plan to boycott the social networking sites starting on World AIDS day (December 1st), and vow to stay offline until $1 million has been raised for the organization.

This “digital life sacrifice” is the brainchild of none other than Alicia Keys, who serves as the global ambassador for Keep A Child Alive. The first posters for their provocative (and morbid) ad campaign have hit the streets, featuring Kim Kardashian lounging in a coffin. Other artists, including Usher, Swizz Beatz, Ryan Seacrest, Jennifer Hudson and Elijah Wood, have filmed their “last tweet and testament” for promotional clips. Get your favorite celebs back sooner by donating!

[Photo: Keep A Child ]


Top 50 Worst Fashion Disasters Of 2010


As you are perusing the Internet this morning, you are no doubt as hungover as we are from a combination of turkey coma, red wine and whatever the hell that dessert was that Aunt Bertha whipped up for Thanksgiving. And although yesterday was technically the day that we were supposed to give thanks for all that’s good in our world, we here at TheFABLife figured we’d give you something else to give thanks for this holiday weekend. Specifically, the fact that you’re NOT on our list of the Top 50 Worst Fashion Moments of 2010. That is, unless your name just so happens to be Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Ke$ha, Blake Lively, or one of the many other unfortunate souls who were included in this countdown. In which case, better luck next year!

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Lady Gaga Got Anderson Cooper Drunk On The Job

The day before Thanksgiving is traditionally a time to return to your hometown, meet up with your old friends at a local bar, and talk about that time in high school you could have totally made out with this one girl—but you didn’t. So in honor of the day, we bring you a tale of the weirdest pair of drinking buddies in history: Lady Gaga recently got Anderson Cooper drunk on the job at a British pub.

The CNN newscaster was interviewing the pop legend for a segment which will air on 60 Minutes later this week. “We actually ended up that day in a pub in London drinking Jameson, which I don’t really drink,” Anderson told The Insider. “So, she got me to drink like two of them, and by the end I was ready to have the interview be over because I really sort of couldn’t ask anymore questions.” Really Anderson? Just two? We bet even Andy Rooney can beat that! But there is nothing we wouldn’t give to go out drinking with Anderson Cooper. What kind of stories would come out? The terrors of being embedded in Iraq? The horrors of a post-Katrina New Orleans? The nightmare of having two last names and no first name?

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