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Happy Birthday Kat Von D! Check Out Her 15 Most Famous Celebrity Tattoo Clients

Kat Von D's celebrity tattoo clients

If they gave Oscars for tattoo artists, Kat Von D would be Meryl Streep. The LA Ink star has tatted up some of the biggest names in the biz, from Miley Cyrus to Lady Gaga and even Beyonce! Sure she sometimes has questionable taste in men (*cough* Jessie James *cough*) but her ink art eye has always been flawless.

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It’s been a roller-coaster ride of a year for Kat. She started dated famed DJ Deadmau5, even giving him a star tattoo under his eye to go with her very own trademark. They split in November, but then he proposed in December…over Twitter. Huh. Nothing says “I love you” like social media! But she accepted, so we guess it’s all good.

Today the tattooist turns 31 years old, so to celebrate we’ve decided to take a look at 15 of her most famous celebrity clients. You’ll be amazed who has gone under Kat’s skilled hands!

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Sex In The Recording Studio? Lady Gaga Sure Knows How To Make A Record!

Lady Gaga had sex in the recording studio

All sorts of interesting (read: juicy) details about Lady Gaga’s private life have been coming out in the past few days, and we lawsuits to thank for it. Last week we discovered that Mother Monster requires a mannequin with “puffy pink pubic hair” in her dressing room in order to feel truly at home, and now a court document reveals yet another quirk: She would have sex with her boyfriend on the recording studio floor.

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Oh Look! It’s Madonna-Gaga! Or Magaga? Gadonna?

Madonna Posts Photo On Instagram, Looks Like Lady Gaga

Now that the Grammys are done, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on one of our favorite stars who didn’t show up for the mega show. And we missed her amazo brand of crazy so very much. Lady Gaga — it ain’t a party without you. So, in nostalgia of Gaga Grammy moments past, we picked through her instagram page and brought out a very recent pared down version of the singer — seen on the left — drinking what we hope is a really stiff martini. Compared to the one on the right, pulled out of our archive of her all dolled up drinking a dainty cup of tea. Just lovely. Except, as you’ve probably guessed by now (or not) — That ain’t Gaga on the left. It’s Madonna. Yes, we know. It’s like all their feuding made them morph into the same person, right? We don’t know whether it’s the angle, or the way her bangs are cut, but we really do think Madge is a shoe-in for Mother Monster, without the makeup and all the other frills, of course. The picture was posted on Madonna’s instagram page and was cheerfully captioned, “cheers motherf—s! I’m on instagram.” This is really, really, pushing it. But perhaps the “cheers motherf—s” is aimed at a certain Academy for totally snubbing her album MDNA? Wishful thinking on our part.

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The 32 Most Outrageous Outfits In Grammy History

32 Most Outrageous Grammy Outfits In History

Thanks to the rise of ultra snarky shows like Fashion Police, Hollywood’s A-List movie stars work their hardest during the 3-month slog that is Awards Season to stay out of the crosshairs of Joan Rivers and her band of catty cronies. Thankfully, our favorite musicians like Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj and Cee-Lo Green have no such qualms about making a genuine fashion statement on Grammy night.

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Lady Gaga’s Request For “A Mannequin With Puffy Pink Pubic Hair” Joins Our List Of The 20 Craziest Celebrity Backstage Demands

Lady Gaga makes crazy demands on her tour rider

It’s no surprise that you can get away with some pretty insane things when you’re famous. That’s half the fun, right!? Celebrities have been putting outrageously specific and expensive demands in their contracts since Van Halen pulled their infamous “No Brown M&Ms” stunt back in the early 80s. We’d thought we had heard ‘em all, but Lady Gaga’s request for a “a mannequin with puffy pink pubic hair” in her dressing room caught us a little off guard!

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Katy Perry’s Mustachioed Game Show Host On Ellen Joins Our Top 10 Female Celebs In Drag

We are dying at what an adorable little fancy man Katy Perry makes in drag. The singer stopped by Ellen today to celebrate Ellen DeGeneres‘ 55th birthday (did Ellen make some kind of deal with an evil wizard to look that good?), and to channel her inner dude in an amazing three-piece suit, toupee and mustache. We could honestly watch Katy dance her silly gentleman dance all day, but we had to take a break to round up the other female celebs from Lady Gaga to Gwyneth Paltrow to Amanda Bynes who look amazing in drag. And by “amazing,” we mean “like Daniel Radcliffe with a weird, sparse goatee.” Seriously, take a look.

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Lady Gaga Rips Her Latex Pants Onstage, Flashes Butt During Performance

Lady Gaga suffers wardrobe malfunction on stage

It’s so hard to tell these days if a celebrity’s “wardrobe malfunction” is legit, or if it’s just a quick and easy way to steal some headlines space. Lady Gaga is a particularly suspicious case when you consider both her media savvy and her willingness to flash the flesh on occasion. So we’ll leave it to you, dear readers, to decided whether Momma Monster’s latex Versace pants split was planned or an unfortunate accident during her Born This Way Ball’s stop in Vancouver over the weekend. Although we’re not totally sure, those pants do look pretty damn tight. So maybe they really did give way over the course of her onstage gymnastics during her performance of “Heavy Metal Lover.” Poor Gaga! Although she’s definitely shown off much much more in regular every-day wear, so she’s probably not losing too much beauty rest over it. Get a closer look in the gallery below!

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