by (@hallekiefer)

Former Destiny’s Child Members Gush About Blue Ivy, Beyonce’s Mamahood

At least two former Destiny’s Child members agree: no one expected Beyonce to be the first to have a kid. Not because she wouldn’t be an amazing mom (“She has always had this motherly spirit about her,” LeToya Luckett gushes) or because she’d have any problem finding a great dad (“God made Jay for her,” raves Michelle Williams), but because Beyonce has always been a career woman first and foremost.

“We just never knew that she would be the first to have a baby or the first to get married because we always knew she had a focus that was…not human when it comes to her work,” Williams explained at the Essence Black Women In Music event. Said Luckett of her former band mate, “She’s a planner! Literally, I think she planned her whole life out. ‘At 30, I’m going to have a baby!’ Then at 30, she had a baby. That’s just Bey.” Then Williams imitated Bey doing crunches and breast-feeding at the same time. “We’re gonna do crunches, Boo Boo! Come on!,” Michelle joked. Ugh, why did Destiny’s Child ever break up?

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