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The Fab Life Of Atlanta By The Numbers

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Move over Hollywood, Atlanta is officially the A-List town of choice. The city, which is host to a number of TV shows and film productions, also claims everyone from Tyler Perry to NeNe Leakes as its residents. And these stars bring in big money to the city. Just because they aren’t in New York City or Los Angeles doesn’t mean they don’t know how to live the fabulous life. In fact, they reinvented it with their $35M homes (ahem, Perry), $1.8M weddings (we’re looking at you, NeNe) and $500K on a gold chain (oh hey, Lil Jon).

When it comes to Atlanta, it’s all about living large. That’s why VH1’s The Fabulous Life Of… went inside the rich and lavish lifestyles of those who live there.

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Lil Jon And Cisco Adler Praise Sundance For Its Excellent Parties, Frequent Naps

Lil Jon and Cisco Adler seem like the last two people you’d want sitting behind you in a crowded movie theater (or, in front of you or to either side of you or …). Luckily for the attendees of Sundance 2012, they won’t have to worry about any deafening HEEEEEEYs ruining their enjoyment of their Red Hook Summer screening.

“There are a lot of movies,” Lil Jon told VH1 News. “People like us, we never see any damn movies. We’re, like, hung-over and we’re going to get free s–t all day. Can you bleep that out, please? Thank you.” If you’re picturing the extremely likely duo hitting the slopes all day, eating shrimp cocktail and curling up in front of a roaring fire for a little cat nap instead … well, then you’re already pretty familiar with Lil Jon and Cisco Adler. “We shred, then we go to dinner,” the rapper explained. “We take a nap and than we party all night.” Damn, sons. You had us at nap. Like a a great man once say, “OH-KAY!”

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A.I Contestants Old And New, Celebrities, Watch As Scotty McCreery Wins American Idol

Scotty McCreery is the new American Idol! The teenaged country singer beat Lauren Alaina to win the the title which capped off a spectacular show. The two hour Season 10 finale took place at the Nokia Theatre in downtown  Los Angeles and they really packed in as much as they could. Beyonce dazzled on stage, Jennifer Lopez sparkled in a very JLo-esque jumpsuit and old and new American Idol contestants turned up in hordes. Like Sanjaya Malakar — remember him? A lot of this seasons contestants got to sing with their idols like Tony Bennett, Tim McGrawTom JonesJudas Priest …. and Lady Gaga! Jack Black rocking out? Classic!

But more than anything, we were just happy to see some of our contestants and winners of past American Idol’s. Adam Lambert who was so glam it hurt, Allison Iraheta, Jason Castro (with his preggers wife Mandy Mayhall), Kris Allen… the list goes on. We’ve put a gallery of arrivals at the event so you can memory check everyone who came. Congratulations, Scotty! Can you believe he’s just 17? What a massive moment for country music.

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Gary Busey Parties At Apprentice Premiere, Prays For Charlie Sheen

While photos from the Celebrity Apprentice premiere party make clear that Gary Busey still loves to get down, Saturday Night Live was a little offbase when they suggested “” would nod along with Charlie Sheen’s TV interview rants. Busey told People that he’s actually “praying” for his longtime buddy. “Charlie is in a tailspin. Charlie’s got to understand what the truth is. The beautiful thing about the truth is that it requires no questions.”

“I want Charlie to get up out of the mud and reclaim his life and I’m praying for him,” the Celebrity Rehab vet explained. “The advice I have for him is to look at himself and the truth in his heart, because what he’s doing is not true to his heart.” Hopefully Gary can show Charlie that one doesn’t have to give up incoherent interviews—and dancing next to stripper poles with a cigar in your hand—to embrace clean living. “Most people do think I’m difficult. That was 20 years ago. I’m giving with love. I’m really alive with love.” Maybe Gary’s journey will come up on Dr. Drew’s Charlie Sheen: Winning…Or Losing It? special tonight on VH1.

Check out the gallery below for pohots of Busey and fellow contestant Lil Jon at the premiere party. They’re definitely alive with something.

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Lil Jon Is An Award-Winning Winemaker


While Lil Jon may be known for sipping on CRUNK!, he apparently gets more sophisticated behind closed doors. When he’s not rapping about getting wasted, “Little Jonathan” spends his time mulling over grapes at his winery and winning awards for the product. Earlier today he tweeted:


Lil Jon’s 2006 Central Coast Chardonnay took home a Silver Medal at the 2009 Los Angeles International Wines and Spirits Competition. Interested in the prized vino? Buy some at Little Jonathan Winery’s website.

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