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Madonna’s Super Bowl Outfits Remind Us Of All That Is Righteous And Important About Pop Culture

All Hail Queen Madonna! How much more appropriate can you get considering her grand entrance at her incredible (seriously, mind-boggling) Super Bowl Halftime show took its cues from another legendary queen. The next photograph shall elaborate.

Walk like an Egyptian, bay-bee! Only Madge could take on the awesomeness that was Elizabeth Taylor‘s unforgetable entrance into Rome in the film Cleopatra. Come to think of it, Madonna’s entire performance reminded of us of all that is pop culture, old and new. Seriously guys, her fashion cues through the whole shebang — with guest spots by LMFAO, Cee-Lo Green, M.I.A and Nicki Minaj — reminded us of a couple things that hold a very high importance in entertainment graph. Don’t believe us? The Liz Taylor connection didn’t do it for you? Fine, then click after the jump. Read more…

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Liza Minnelli Talks “Sex And The City 2″


We can’t wait to bust out a couple of cosmos for this one! Liza Minnelli, who makes an amazing cameo in the highly anticipated Sex and the City 2, thinks that the movie is going to be a “blast.” She’s in good company; also popping into the movie are Penelope Cruz and Miley Cyrus.

Miz Minnelli sparkles in her sing-and-dance role (it’s all in the SATC2 trailer) and reveals this, “[It] was so much fun! It’s a wonderful number. We had a blast..It’s rock and roll. Everything is moving! And I just got a whole new knee, so I can promise you everything is moving!”  Can’t wait to see Liza shake things up!

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Eeek! David Gest, Pete Doherty To Pay Tribute To Jackson


Thought Lady Gaga teaming up with Michael Bolton was weird? Now we’re faced with the unholy alliance of Pete Doherty and David Gest. Liza Minnelli’s ex has forged a semi-successful career in the UK since featuring on I’m A Celebrity..Get Me Out Of Here! a few years back and coming across as fairly normal, and very funny (no joke).

But there’s something very peculiar about the lineup for his forthcoming concert David Gest…My Life! A Musical Concert Extravaganza¸which is pairing the notoriously drug-addled Doherty with soul legends The Temptations, on a bill that features many old soul stars. And there’s more! “In homage to Gest’s best friend from childhood, Michael Jackson, the entire ensemble will join together to sing his 1983 hit song Human Nature,” the press release announces. The concert takes place on October 14 in London, and we know where we’ll be! Yes, that’s at home, hoping we never have to see Pete Doherty slur his way through one of our favorite Jackson songs. [Photos: Getty Images]


Jennifer Lopez Looks Amazing At Surprise 40th, Gets Pissed At Latecomers


Now that’s one hot mama. Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 40th — 40th!! — birthday over the weekend at the Edison Ballroom in NYC.  Husband Marc Anthony threw the multitasking diva and mom of twins a surprise party for her big b-day on Saturday night.

According to reports, Jennifer was touched to tears as Marc sang her a song in Spanish, but she was also upset that so many of the guests showed up late. Attending the “An Evening For Lola” bash was Jennifer’s manager Benny Medina, Ricky Martin, sister Linda, L.A. Reid, Alicia Keys and boyfriend Swizz Beatz (latecomers!), and Liza Minnelli.  Not in attendance were Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, which allegedly upset the birthday girl.

We hardly need to point out that in her goddess-style Grecian gown and flawless makeup, Jennifer looked totally amazing, too. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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