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The Most Inappropriate Celebrity Relationships

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Celebrities aren’t immune to doing things in relationships that might be a little bit questionable. Sometimes, their relationships are the product of cheating, or sometimes, they have hug age differences, which make said relationships seem rather inappropriate. Now, we’re not about to judge anyone else’s happiness, because when it comes to love, who’s to say what’s right and wrong between consenting adults? Although sometimes in some of these cases “adult” is a term loosely used.

From the infamous Woody Allen/Soon Yi Previn relationship to more palatable love beginning under not-so-palatable circumstances, like Brangelina, these celebrities have relationships that might be considered bothersome by some. From Lorde, a teenager with an adult boyfriend, to the 24 year age gap between heartthrob Aaron Jonnson and his girlfriend Sam Taylor Wood, many of these relationships seem to push the boundaries of propriety. But again — where love is concerned, a generational age gap or a current spouse can seem like the smallest of trivialities. Click through our gallery and let us know in the comments: which of these couples do you think is the most inappropriate?

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From The Craft to Lorde: Babes in the Wickedest Shades of Witch Inspired Lipstick

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If you ever believed that you and your friends could lift the weight of a human body with only a combination of your index and middle fingers, some candles and heavy chanting, then you were probably a big fan of The Craft in the ’90s. That being the case, you definitely remember saving up for deep purple lipstick like Nancy wore in the movie. Yes, The Craft and the popularization of witch culture (eventually bleeding into fashion), saw many a pubescent girl with smudged purple lips that most likely looked more bruised than broodingly occult.

It’s been a while since Nancy and the girls did their magic, but once the spell was cast, there was no turning back. Now, witch inspired lipstick has been the calling card of many a movie star, pop singer and fashionista. Most recently, we saw Lorde clean up at the Grammys while wearing a rich shade of deep plum lipstick, and rocking a decidedly witchy vibe in her monochrome outfits and long black hair.

In celebration of our favorite witches, Lorde’s iconic Grammys wins, and the fact that we just can’t get enough plum shades on our lips, we’re taking a look at some of the best witch inspired lips of the past few years. These are some babes who know how to exfoliate.