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McKayla Maroney Is Finally Impressed At The MTV VMAs

McKayla Maroney Is Impressed With Taylor Swift At The MTV VMAs

The MTV Video Music Awards gave us some pretty epic moments. But out of all the things the show got right, one stands out quite poignantly for us. McKayla Maroney is finally impressed, guys! We knew the Fierce Five were going to make an appearance at the show. McKayla, Gabby Douglas and Kyla Ross even told MTV News how excited they were to present. But this only ended up building apprehension worthy of the Jaws theme song. Would McKayla continue to be unimpressed? Nuh-uh! She is impressed, and has even tweeted that out to the world so everyone knows it, writing, “Had the most amazing time at the VMAs.. That was one of those unforgettable kinda nights.”¬†But before we go any further, can we reiterate how awesome she looked? They all did, landing the entire Fierce Five onto our Best-Dressed list for the night. McKayla also tweeted her appreciation of the show and all the famous faces she met, while she was there. Firstly, there was her encounter with Taylor Swift, as you can see above. McKayla tweeted that picture along with a message that read, “It was so amazing to meet and watch you perform tonight¬†taylorswift13!! you killed it!! love yahh.” See? Another seal of approval! But there’s more. Read more…