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Mark Ronson Delivers Tribute To “Musical Soulmate” Amy Winehouse

In a lot of ways, Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson found themselves by finding each other. The man who produced Amy’s biggest hits referred to the songstress as his “musical soul-mate”. Like Lennon and McCartney, the two were never better than when they were together. Last night, at his first gig since the singer’s passing, Ronson paid tribute to his friend and collaborator by inviting her backing band onstage to perform several numbers. But this was far from a maudlin tribute, as the gang kicked things off with a particularly funky version of “Valerie”, the Zuton’s song Winehouse and Ronson famously covered in 2008.

“It’s been a s–t week and it’s great coming out to play to you guys,” he told those attending the Greenwich Summer Sessions show. “That’s the great thing about music. If you love Amy and her music make sure you clap your hands right now. I went to her service yesterday and a Rabbi said ‘A person’s life is measured in deeds, not years.’ Hers was pretty f—–g special.” He encouraged the crowd to join in and sing the fallen vocalists’ part, before going on to do versions of her other hits “Rehab” and “Back To Black”.

From the stage Ronson shared his final thoughts on his soul sister. “Amy Winehouse was a genius and has made more brilliant music than I’ll ever make.” Check out the touching (and rocking) version of “Valerie” in the video above. We never thought we could be so moved by a song that’s spent the greater part of  three years being blared at an uncomfortable volume out our car windows for everyone to hear. And we bet that’s how Mark (and Amy) would have wanted it.


Older Men And Younger Women: A Timeless Combination

With Linda Bollea breaking Hulk Hogan‘s heart and cavorting with some 19-year-old stud, it’s important for the older men of the world to remember that they too can enjoy the pleasures of young flesh (and without being all Michael Lohan about it). 32-year-old producer Mark Ronson is considerably younger than Bollea, but he and 19-year-old model Daisy Lowe are already talking about marriage after five months of dating—Bollea and her beau will be lucky to last that long. Ronson and Lowe have taken to calling each other “The One,” with Lowe claiming “he is a total lush, my best friend and I can’t face life without him.” It doesn’t get better than a teenager who enjoys your alcoholism, folks. Meanwhile, the blossoming relationship between 44-year-old comedian David Cross and 25-year-old actress Amber Tamblyn reaffirms that, if you’re famous and funny, young women will see past the balding, the greying beard and the crankiness, and let you in their traveling pants. Take heart, aging male hipsters. Take heart. [MyPark/Bauer-Griffin]

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