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MIA Gets The Straight-Up Truth From Her Album Producer


Anyone who has ever bopped to MIA’s Paper Planes, knows the singer is capable of true genius. She hasn’t particularly channelled much of those skills into her new album MAYA because it’s getting slammed. “It’s hard to tell whether  /\/\/\Y/\ [that’s how it’s spelled] is half-assed or half-baked. There are certainly a number of good ideas in the mix here, but the execution is lacking” says Pitchfork. Ouch.

She’s also had some pretty ‘frank’ comments from Diplo, who is an incredible DJ and producer who worked on a couple of tracks on MAYA. He’s very forthcoming in his disappointment of the album. He said, “I think she’s a really controversial artist and she’s one of the most important people doing music right now, because people expect a lot. And I think that the record was like—she didn’t care about it. I was in the studio with her, she didn’t write anything. The one good review is that, at least people—she’s on the defensive for the whole record, and that doesn’t sound very authentic.” He went on with the honesty, adding, “Me and Switch tried our best to be quality control of the record and she didn’t want that. She kind of went on her own way. I was like, Look, nobody in your crew—we were the only people she could trust, and our asses were on the line too. We got here because of working with people like her. We care about the way things sound, and when the people that she works with don’t, then it’s f***ed up. She’s got talent in every aspect. She’s got ideas bigger than any artist I’ve ever met and she’s someone to f***in’ make that happen. All she has is a bunch of yes men around her and they kinda suck.”

It really didn’t end then, because he spoke about the possibilities of working with her again stating, “I burned like twenty bridges with her. I build my own bridges, it doesn’t matter. I’m honest. As soon as she comes to terms with what she does then we can work again. One of us has to be like, We f***ed up, and then we can do it again.”

It’s clear that he has much respect for her but is acknowledging that somewhere down the line she screwed it up and something else took over because he capped off his statements with, “She’s amazing and she’ll put another record out that’s going to be f***in’ sick because I think she needs to get grounded at some point.” We agree because at some MIA, you gotta stop railing at everyone from Justin Bieber to Lady Gaga to The New York Times. Just make your music, because if people that close to you are saying you need your feet back on the ground… they’re probably right.

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