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Former Destiny’s Child Members Gush About Blue Ivy, Beyonce’s Mamahood

At least two former Destiny’s Child members agree: no one expected Beyonce to be the first to have a kid. Not because she wouldn’t be an amazing mom (“She has always had this motherly spirit about her,” LeToya Luckett gushes) or because she’d have any problem finding a great dad (“God made Jay for her,” raves Michelle Williams), but because Beyonce has always been a career woman first and foremost.

“We just never knew that she would be the first to have a baby or the first to get married because we always knew she had a focus that was…not human when it comes to her work,” Williams explained at the Essence Black Women In Music event. Said Luckett of her former band mate, “She’s a planner! Literally, I think she planned her whole life out. ‘At 30, I’m going to have a baby!’ Then at 30, she had a baby. That’s just Bey.” Then Williams imitated Bey doing crunches and breast-feeding at the same time. “We’re gonna do crunches, Boo Boo! Come on!,” Michelle joked. Ugh, why did Destiny’s Child ever break up?

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5 Reasons To Watch The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Tonight

First of all, you shouldn’t actually be reading this. You should be over at right now, watching our own Mark Graham, Best Week Ever’s Michelle Collins and a slew of bloggerati in our red-carpet live stream. But if you aren’t yet convince that you should watch the CCMAs on VH1 at 8 p.m. ET, here is why we’re watching (other than the fact that, well, they pay us to):

1. It’s how you’ll win the office Oscar pool. Seriously, the Broadcast Critics Association have the best record in predicting the nominees AND the major category winners.

2. You will get to see George Clooney talking about meaningful things when presenting Sean Penn with an award for doing meaningful things (actually called the Joel Siegel Award). No man can move me to care about important things like Clooney. Also Leonardo DiCaprio, Bob Dylan and Olivia Harrison will be presenting an award to Martin Scorcese. And we expect big things from the other presenters: Vin Diesel, Kirsten Dunst, Donald Glover, Dustin Hoffman, Mindy Kaling, Ben Kingsley, Diane Kruger, Melissa McCarthy, Elizabeth Olsen, Patton Oswalt, Paul Rudd, Maya Rudolph, Jason Segel and Owen Wilson.

3. We want to see more from Cocoa Rodriguez, the horse from War Horse. Or, maybe just more of hosts Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer dressed as Charlie Rose.

4. We’ve been promised an entire audience made up of puppets.

5. Of course, it’s another chance to see what stars like Tilda Swinton, Michelle Williams, the ladies from The Help and Bridesmaids and other standouts of the season will wear. Stay tuned right here on TheFABlife for a red carpet gallery!

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Are Beyonce And Kelly Feuding Over Daddy Knowles?

Beyonce & Kelly Rowland

The women of Destiny’s Child are headed to court over a copyright infringement case—someone actually wants credit for “Cater 2 U”—and the drama may be tearing longtime friends Beyonce and Kelly Rowland apart. According to the New York Daily News, Rowland is outraged the group may have to pay for former manager Matthew Knowles‘ alleged overstating of his daughter’s part in the songwriting credits. “Matthew has a long history of trying to get songwriters to add Beyonce’s name to songs she didn’t compose, just so she gets publishing royalties,” says their source. “That information eventually became widely known, and now anyone who wants to accuse Kelly or Destiny’s Child of stealing material has ammunition to file a lawsuit. Kelly is livid.”

“Things have gotten tense since Kelly griped that Matthew is the cause of this lawsuit,” says the insider. It’s not hard to believe since Rowland dropped the elder Knowles as her manager earlier this year, and hasn’t been seen in public with Beyonce since Kelly’s birthday party in February. Michelle Williams may have said the group might reunite in August, but that’s starting to sound like wishful thinking.

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Destiny’s Child To Get Back Together


Destiny’s Child are on the road back to the charts, according to Michelle Williams. The superstar trio, which included Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland, are going to be working on the future of the chart-topping global supergroup, despite having successful solo careers.

“It definitely will happen. We’re sisters, we love each other and we want to work on the future of Destiny’s Child,” Michelle said.

Huh. We love the girls, but didn’t they split up about five minutes ago? Hint: you have to be missed long enough to make a successful comeback. Give it a few more years and a few more ’90s revivals and we’ll be begging for it. Just not yet. [Photo: FilmMagic]


Ne-Yo Kicks Out Clubbers


Do not touch Ne-Yo‘s hat. We repeat, do NOT touch the hat. The star took things very seriously when out clubbing in London on Tuesday night, and got two fools who tried to take his trademark headgear thrown out of the West End spot.

“Two guys thought it would be hilarious to try to get Ne-Yo’s hat. But when they tried, security stepped in and they were quickly dispatched from the club,” says an onlooker.

Thankfully, the drama calmed down and Ne-Yo was able to continue partying with his coterie of former Destiny’s Child singer Michelle Williams — currently appearing in Chicago in the West End — and David Hasselhoff. The Hoff was in good form, spending the second night in a row at the club (obviously only drinking fizzy pop) and on the arm of a very young-looking brunette. [Photo: FilmMagic]