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Who’s Your Daddy? 10 Insane Celeb Paternity Scandals

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Male celebrities live the life. Fawning fans, crazy cash, management teams that jump at their every whim. And if they’re particularly hot (even if they’re not), there’s always a slew of eager-and-willing women at their disposal. Which, it seems, can get them into eighteen years of trouble, if they’re not careful. Trouble in the form of a baby with their eyes and haircolor (or in the case of Mick and Steven, lush, puffy, rockstar lips).

Yep, paternity scandals go hand-in-hand with celebrity. Who can forget the two that emerged over the holidays? Dwyane Wade proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Gabrielle Union — and two minutes later a baby was born, to a woman who wasn’t her. Meanwhile, Ludacris’ “friend,” Tamika Fuller, sued him over child support for their newborn daughter, which came as a shock to his common law wife.

Will these guys every learn to keep it in their pants? No. Which is always entertaining for us. Here, check out ten  insane celebrity paternity scandals!

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Steve Martin Becomes A First-Time Father At Age 67, Joins Our List Of The 12 Oldest Celebrity Dads

Steve Martin becomes a dad at 77

Whoa daddy! It’s a happy time for Steve Martin, as the comedy god has recently become a father for the first time…at the age of 67! His wife Anne Stringfield apparently gave birth way back in December, and the pair have managed to keep their bundle a secret til now.

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Mariah Carey Is #1 On Our Top 10 Fantasy American Idol Judges List! So Please Let This Happen!

Having Mariah Carey as a judge on American Idol is one of our sweet, sweet fantasies, babies, especially if she opens each episode flying over the audience in a sleigh, singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” And since she’s Mariah Carey and can do whatever she wants…why wouldn’t she? No, seriously. Why wouldn’t she? Hopefully we won’t have to wait very long to find out when her sleigh takes off, as Mimi is allegedly in negotiations to join the show. “She’s in play,” a source tells People. “They are in serious talks.” Uh, the talks involve Mariah Carey potentially crushing people’s dreams on TV, so you had better believe they are serious. 

Seeing as how Steven Tyler and (as of this morning) Jennifer Lopez have left the show, and Randy Jackson has yet to be confirmed for another season, American Idol has an opportunity to totally reboot its judging panel. Or they can keep it completely the same. We don’t care as long as they put Mariah Carey on our TV screens every week. That being said, we do have plenty of other ideas for possible judge candidates. That way, if for some bizarre, tragic reason Mimi doesn’t sign on to the show (everyone, shut up! Of course she will!), at least we’ll have some consolation prizes:

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Mick Jagger, David Bowie Love Story Reminds Us How Conservative We’ve Gotten Since The ’70s

Mick Jagger and David Bowie

We’ve kind of heard forever that rock gods David Bowie and Mick Jagger were a little more than friends and duet partners back in the day. I mean, “Dancing in the Street” was an abomination to music, but those two had chemistry in that video. So, we weren’t exactly shocked to read the excerpt of Christopher Anderson’s Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger in the New York Daily News yesterday that spills details about their mutual admiration. The two became friends at the height of the androgenous glam rock era (circa 1973), when Bowie performed as Ziggy Stardust. The book quotes several of their friends, as well as Bowie’s then-wife Angie Bowie, as having witnessed their closeness. Angie says she walked in on them hanging out naked in bed together. Bowie backup singer Ava Cherry reportedly told a friend that she’d even been in bed with Mick and David while they had sex with each other. Still, we were kind of more surprised to read about Mick’s crush on Angelina Jolie than any of this.

What is interesting is to speculate how we’d react if any of today’s big artists displayed similar proclivities. We’re all cool with Lady Gaga saying she’s bisexual, but what if we heard that she was getting it on regularly with a married or engaged peer — say, Pink or Britney? Gasp! And think about how much whispering there was last week when rumors were flying that Katie Holmes walked in on Tom Cruise and David Beckham. If this were the ’70s, maybe we’d be saying, “Duh. Why wouldn’t two such hot beings want to enjoy each other’s company?” This is a weird thing to be nostalgic about, we know. But still fun! And now, torture yourselves with this video:
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New Tell-All Book Reveals Surprising, Alleged Angelina Jolie Romance Victim … Mick Jagger!

New Tell-All BooK: Mick Jagger's Alleged Infatuation With Angelina Jolie

After hearing about this story, Mick Jagger crooning “Angie” in the quintessential Rolling Stones song took on a whole new meaning for us. But that’s the thing about tell-all books right? The information is juicy but it’s also completely alleged. This latest book by Christopher Andersen called MICK: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger is the epitome of that. It drops quite a bombshell about Jagger, stating that he was obsessed with Angelina Jolie for two years! The New York Daily News has excerpts from the book that reveal the extent of his infatuation. The book also states that the actress’ mother, Marcheline Bertrand, felt that Angie and Mick would make a good match even though Ms. Jolie was married to Johnny Lee Miller at the time. Nutso, right?
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When Biggies Date Smalls: Celebrity Couples With Hilarious Height Differences

Remember when Aaliyah sang “Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number”? Well, these celebrity couples of past and present are intent on showing us that the same thing goes for height. From basketball stars towering over their significant others to models and their shorter male counterparts, these couples prove that size does not matter. Although some have moved on while others are still going strong, these stars seem to know how to make it work when it comes to a vertical challenge. Here is a list of 25 celebrity couples, ranked in order of their height differential, that leave us scratching our heads, thinking “How do they do that?”

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David Bowie Responsible For World Credit Crisis

And we’re not joking. UK paper The Mirror has led with a serious financial story today laying the blame for the worldwide recession at the door of the Jean Genie/the Thin White Duke/Ziggy Stardust/Jared The Goblin King From Labrynth (delete as to your favorite Bowie phase).  Apparently, David Bowie invented something called “securitisation” back in 1997, where he produced bonds so investors could earn his royalties over the years, in exchange for him having all the cash up front.

“And the banks were catching on to the idea. They thought, ‘We have billions out there in mortgages which are going to pay us back very slowly. Why don’t we sell those and get the money now?’ So the banks started doing what Bowie had done — in a big way,” writes the paper.

Fast forward a decade or so and we’re all in a big pile of economic crap now. Thanks, Dave. Next week we explain why Mick Jagger invented the Internet and why Bono is actually responsible for world poverty. Hey, it could happen… [Photo: Getty Images]


#96: The Myth That Mick Jagger Ate Candy Out Of Marianne Faithful’s Vagina

Nowadays the Rolling Stones look like something out of The Nightmare Before Christmas. In 1967, though, the “Gimme Shelter” rockers were Public Enemy No. One, thanks to their affinity for sex and drugs. It was only a matter of time before the cops came knocking. Following a tip-off from the tabloid press, 20 police officers raided Keith Richards‘ Redlands estate in England. Richards and Mick Jagger were charged with possession of LSD and other narcotics, but the raid became legendary for a candy bar involving singer Marianne Faithful.

Cops on the scene swore they interrupted Jagger eating a Mars Bar wedged into his girlfriend’s holiest of holies before hauling him away for possession. “A cop’s idea of what people do on acid!” sniffed Faithfull, denying all in her autobiography. Even so, the story remains one of rock’s most celebrated myths. — Charles Bottomley