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AMAs Best Fashions: From Retro Jenny McCarthy To Futuristic Justin Bieber

Because of their convenient timing, the American Music Awards are the perfect opportunity for the country’s biggest music stars to plug their fall releases as awesome gifts for the holidays. And last night, some of those stars were wrapped up as perfect gifts for our eyes. The style theme of the evening swung back and forth from playfully retro — Katy Perry, Karmin‘s Amy Heidemann and Jenny McCarthy — to starship-ready futuristic — Nicki Minaj, Heidi Klum, Justin Bieber (though his leather number was kind of future-by-way-of-Michael-Jackson’s-Captain-Eo).

While we were dazzled by the choices of Nicki (she’s here twice!), Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Katherine Heigl, we also suffered a bit of whiplash from some looks: Jennifer Lopez‘s many costume changes landed her on our best, worst and questionable lists. Justin Bieber and Katy Perry also straddle the best and questionable lists. Stay tuned for more photos and opinions from last night’s show.

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