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8 Mile Turns 10 Years Old Today! Take A Look Back At Our 20 Favorite Rappers Turned Movie Stars

The 20 Greatest Rappers Turned Actors

When we were freshmen in high school ten years ago, Eminem’s portrayal of  struggling rapper Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith (A.K.A. himself) in 8 Mile was an inspiration. The monster hit “Lose Yourself” from the soundtrack became our personal pump up jam to run laps during gym class, and gave us the confidence to take that “one shot” and ask Jenna to the prom, try out for the class play, or pass that chem test! Plus it was also notable for changing the way we thought of the phrase “mom’s spaghetti” forever.

However as we got a little older, we realized the one shot ol’ Marshall Matthers was rapping about was much more serious than our day to day high school drama. It was about reconciling hopes and dreams with growing up and responsibility, all against the bleek Detroit backdrop. By no means a quick flick rushed out to capitalize on his skyrocketing fame, Eminem gave an incredible performance, made all the more amazing considering it was his first movie!

But Eminem is by no means the only rapper who tried his hand at acting. In fact, it seemed like every MC has made the jump to films at one time or another. Some totally killed it and became a successful multi-talented crossover artist, while others…made Soul Plane. So in honor of Em’s epic 8 Mile turning 10 years old today, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of our favorite rappers-turned-movie stars over the years. Enjoy!

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Mos Def Is So Over His Name, It’s Insane

Ugh, we knew we were going to have to cover up this Mos Def tattoo eventually; we just hoped it would be out of sober regret, not because Mos Def changed his stage name to Yasiin. “I’m retiring the Mos Def name after 2011,” the actor/rapper told MTV’s Sucker Free at NYC’s Rock The Bells concert this past weekend. “I’m actually doing it. Yasiin. That’s it.” Well, maybe we can somehow turn the M into a Y…ugh, no, just start over on the other cheek.

While his real name continues to be Dante Terrell Smith, the former Black Star rapper won’t be offended if people slip up and use the wrong moniker from time to time. “Mos Def is a name that I built and cultivated over the years, it’s a name that the streets taught me, a figure of speech that was given to me by the culture and by my environment, and I feel I’ve done quite a bit with that name and it’s time to expand and move on,” he says. “Also, I didn’t want to have to deal with having any moniker or separation between the self that I see and know myself as.” Plus, Mos did say he’s making the change after 2011, which means we can still proudly wear these cut-offs for at least the next 4 months.

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Hottest Muslim Stars

Eid Mubarak! With Eid Ul-Adah behind us and Islamic New Year days away, we put together a list of some of Hollywood’s Hottest Muslim stars. These talented Qur’an toting followers of Allah sing, dance, rap, model, and just are fabulous overall. Check out our list of Hollywood’s Hottest Muslim stars!

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Overheard At The Cadillac Records Premiere: Akon To Act, Mos Def Has Soft Lips

A lot was learned from Monday’s premiere of Cadillac Records — and not just that Beyonce nails her performance as a tormented Etta James. You see, we had a little spy jotting down observations as stars like Jay-Z, Mos-Def, Diddy, Ne-Yo and Adrien Brody walked the red carpet. The juiciest tidbit of the night: Akon is in talks to land a supporting role in Clint Eastwood‘s upcoming movie about Nelson Mandela. Get all of the gossip by checking out our photo gallery below.

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