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Relive Your Childhood With These Amazing Vintage Teen Magazine Covers

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We may be going back to a time when we wore headgear and had acne, but amidst the pubescent awkward phase of our lives, was the glory of pop princesses like Britney Spears and heartthrobs like NSYNC totally ruling our worlds.

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The 20 Best Photos Of The 20 Best Boy Bands Of The Past 20 Years

Is there anything in the world more beautiful than a boy band? The gel-heavy hairdos. The choreographed moves. The matching outfits (so often suits, so often made of leather). The cuddly, goofy photo ops. Being in a boy band isn’t just a job, it’s an art form. As someone who once cried in the middle of 40,000 screaming girls when Donnie Wahlberg sang “Cover Girl,” seeing them perform live can be a life-changing experience. (NKOTB 4ever.)

Our friends over at MTV are honoring this special species of man music with their Battle of the Boy Bands, and the final round of voting begins today. In honor of the competition we’ve selected the best photos of the best boy bands of the past 20 years for you to swoon/LOL/and get nostalgic over. Be sure to view the pics while listening to our boy band playlist, featuring some of our favorite boy band jams.

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Backstreet Boy, A.J. McLean Is Married!

The teenager within us is having a fit right about now. Our crush from the Backstreet Boys, from way back when, A.J. McLean got married to his very pretty longtime girlfriend Rochelle Kandis on Saturday night. The ceremony took place at the Beverly Hills Hotel and celebrity guests in attendance were his Backstreet bandmates, Kevin RichardsonHowie Dorough and Nick CarterKathy Griffin and New Kids on the Block singer Joey McIntyre. Which is like a late ’80’s-’90’s smorgasbord of boyband goodness. A.J and Rochelle have been engaged for two years, every since the singer proposed at one of his shows. Congratulations, guys!

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Hanson Win This Week’s Hotness!

It was a battle that spanned 61 countries and kept you awake and refreshing at all hours of the day and night. But now, fans of Hanson, NKOTB and Backstreet Boys, your hard work is done. By the time polls closed at 9 a.m. ET, Hanson was clearly the winner of this week’s Hotness. The count was 8,009 to 6,321, and those NKOTBSB loyalists put up a good fight, evening the tally at more than a few moments in the past three days. And we have good news for all of you: There IS enough room in this world for more than one all-grown-up boy band from the ’90s!

And at last, Hansonites, you can ice your mouse-clicking fingers and rest those wrists … right after you watch this online-exclusive video of the guys perform “MMMBop” in the Big Morning Buzz Live studio and flip through a gallery of them singing their thanks to you for proving their everlasting Hotness.

Got a person or group you want to see nominated for our weekly Hotness poll? Tweet it to @TheFABlife with the hashtag #hotness!

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Happy Spirit Day! Our Favorite Celeb Tweets Against LGBT Bullying

Lots of us are wearing purple today, supporting Spirit Day, which started last year in response to the horrifying spate of LGBT teen suicides linked to bullying. But even if the color didn’t fit in your wardrobe, the wonders of social networking have made it possible to turn your profile pic purple, and we think that counts too. Of course, as with any cause, some of our fave celebs are lending their 140 characters to the effort. Here are some of the best so far:

“Glaad Spirit Day! I support LBGT youth against bullies! Put up your forcefields and don’t let anyone take your energy!!” — Adam Lambert

“You all better be wearing your purple skinny jeans tom for #SpiritDay – I know I will @MTVact.” — Vinny Guadagnino

“Tink! …trying to figure out how to make my avi purple….hmnn…” — Jordan Knight
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Hanson Vs. NKOTBSB: Who Is This Week’s Hotness?

There are so many fluorescent colors, baggy sweaters, flannel and wild floral patterns out there these days, sometimes we wonder if we passed out and woke up in a ’90s time-travel movie. Thankfully, it’s just time for all those unflattering fashions to cycle back into the mix. But the die-hard fans of this week’s hotness competitors will tell you that Hanson, New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys never went out of style.

Whether it’s due to nostalgia or a new body of work, Hanson and supergroup NKOTBSB are still drawing flocks of ladies to their shows. (For Hanson’s show at New York’s Best Buy Theater yesterday, following their appearance on Big Morning Buzz Live, there were fans lined up around the block.) What we’re really wondering, however, is which all-grown-up boy band has the fan power and smoldering looks to be This Week’s Hotness?

Peruse the gallery while humming your fave ’90s hit and vote! Polls close at 9 a.m. ET on Friday.
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NKOTB’s Donnie Wahlberg Helps A Fan Get The Right Kidney

Do not doubt the power of Donnie Wahlberg‘s Twitter! The NKOTB member and Blue Bloods star not only “twugs” far beyond the call of duty, but a recent retweet may have managed to save a fan’s life. “Basically, a few of my Twitter followers retweeted a blog about a fan named Bobbette who was in desperate need of a kidney transplant,” Donnie told the Boston Herald. “So I saw the tweet, read the link and then retweeted and asked for help.” Donnie’s darlings did just that, providing Vanderbilt University with six potential matches. Now Bobbette is scheduled to get The Right Kidney in June! Woah-oh, oh-oh-oh!

Of course, Donnie refused to take too much credit for the medical donor mobilizing, calling it a “team effort.” “It’s a testament to the value of Twitter when used for more than telling people what one is eating for dinner or using it to sell products by tweeting as an #endorser,” he told the Herald. Hard to believe this guy used to be the “bad boy” in the New Kids! Hopefully she’ll be able to catch the New Kids and the Backstreet Boys during their upcoming summer tour.


NKOTB’s Jonathan Knight Confirms He’s Gay, Kind Of Annoyed

Let’s move on, people! New Kid On The Block Jonathan Knight has finally given the public statement about his homosexuality the world has been clamoring for. “I have lived my life very openly and have never hidden the fact that I am gay!” Knight said on NKOTB’s blog. “Apparently the prerequisite to being a gay public figure is to appear on the cover of a magazine with the caption ‘I am gay.’ I apologize for not doing so if this is what was expected!” Knight’s (understandable) annoyance comes from the drama that followed ex-girlfriend Tiffany‘s comments about his lifestyle on Bravo, with fans complaining she “outed” him (Jonathan has tweeted his support of Tiffany—“I know you weren’t being mean and I found it to be funny!”).

“If there ever has been any confusion about my sexuality, then you are someone that doesn’t even know me!” continued Knight. I love living my life being open and honest, but at this time I choose not to discuss my private life any further! My fellow band members don’t discuss their private lives with their loved ones and I don’t feel that just because I am gay, I should have to discuss mine!” Well said, Jonathan! And considering he was the most nondescript New Kid before the revelation (Donnie’s the bad-ass, Jordan’s the falsetto, Joey’s the young one and Danny’s Joe Camel), dude probably has more fans than ever! So let’s leave him alone and not make him write more exclamation points!

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The Winners And Performers At The 2010 American Music Awards


Were there any surprises with the winners at the 2010 American Music Awards? Nope. Justin Bieber made a killing sweeping favorite breakthrough artist, favorite artist of the year and favorite pop/rock artist. Taylor Swift won favorite female country artist. Cue Taylor’s surprise-face now, please. Rihanna got favorite soul/RnB artist, while The Black Eyed Peas got favorite pop/rock group. In other words… Duh.

But AMA fashion didn’t disappoint, and nor did the stage performances. Rihanna started off demure but went totally raunchy with a medley of What’s My Name and Only Girl in the WorldChristina Aguilera dominated the stage in a black basque, black fishnet tights and high heeled black lace up boots channeling her new movie Burlesque. Katy Perry lit up the stage singing Firework and a pregnant Pink shook it to Raise your Glass. That’s just a small fraction because there was so much more. Miley Cyrus, Ke$haUsher, The Biebs, Taylor and (Squee!) our hearts are still palpitating from watching New Kids On The Block and the Backstreet Boys on stage together.

Can’t get enough? Relive the moments with our gallery of performance shots below. [Photo: Getty Images]

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New Kids On The Block. Backstreet Boys. Together.


Time to start squeeing, ladies (and many gents)! Get yourselves (and your libidos) ready for this one. New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys are going on tour – TOGETHER. It’s like our old teenage self is going into hormonal overdrive. Can’t. Breathe.  Apparently, we have to thank Live Nation Entertainment for this boyband extravganza-bonanza, although they’re staying silent on this alleged hormone implosion for now. Yet insiders reckon that this glorious union might make it onstage by March 2011.

A source revealed, “The idea is to recreate the boy band phenomenon. It will be the ultimate ladies’ night out.” What do you mean “recreate” the boy band phenomenon? In our minds, it never went away! How AWESOME was it when the Backstreet Boys sang with the New Kids on “I Want It That Way”?

And there’s even BETTER news. The buzz is that they’re looking for a third boy band to join, and Boyz II Men might just be the ones. Can you handle it? CAN YOU HANDLE IT? Umm, clearly, we can’t.

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