Nicki Minaj In Talks To Join Britney Spears Tour

Enrique Iglesias didn’t want to play second banana to Britney Spears, but Nicki Minaj is young enough to see things in a different light. The rapper confirmed she might be replacing the “I Like It” singer on Britney’s upcoming tour. “We’re talking,” she said. “I would love to, but I don’t know yet. I can neither confirm or deny the rumors!” It’d be a great fit for both stars, giving Nicki a chance to play for big, pop audiences and Britney a boost of  youthful energy—something you couldn’t say about Enrique. Heck, if Britney didn’t bring it each night she could wind up getting upstaged by Nicki.

Minaj was out and about in NY last night, promoting Casio’s new camera Tryx in Times Square before performing at the Best Buy theater with The Roots. See photos from the bash in the gallery below.


Nicki Minaj Goes Green-Haired To Raise Money For The Environment In NY

If Nicki Minaj has mood-hair, she was showing her true colors when performing at The Green Auction: A Bid To Save Earth at Christie’s last night in NY. But despite her massive half-green hair, Nicki wasn’t tweeting about the ecology last night. “Dear Barbz, who knew wen I gave anna wintour a s/o in “muny” she’d b calling me 2 perform @ a vogue charity event. Lmao.” Hmm, whether the green stood for trees or money, we’re sure the charity was grateful for her appearance. See more photos of Nicki and other auction attendees in the gallery below.

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Nicki Minaj In Talks To Judge On Simon Cowell’s X-Factor

Apparently judging singing competitions is no longer just for washed-up pop stars, singers at the top of their game are getting in on the action too. First the new NBC show The Voice nabbed Cee-Lo, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton to judge, and now Simon Cowell is in talks with Nicki Minaj to judge his U.S. version of The X Factor.

A source told Page Six, “Simon thinks Nicki is fantastic. She’s sassy, she looks great and she has bags of personality. Nicki has a large following and she fits well with the ethos of the show, which plans to usher in a new generation of musical talent. X Factor is aiming for a younger audience.” Former Def Jam music chairman L.A. Reid is the only other confirmed judge so far. The show will air on Fox this fall. We’d tune in just to see her look change from week to week.

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Is Nicki Minaj Pregnant?

Well  this is crazy. Media Take Out is reporting that Nicki Minaj is pregnant. The website, which does not have the most credible sources (although occasionally they get things right, like when they were the first to report that Alicia Keys gave birth), claims to have an insider at Young Money Entertainment who says that Minaj asked for a reduced schedule recently because she’s pregnant with Safaree‘s child. The source says Lil’ Wayne is furious with Nicki over the news.

It should also be noted that MTO reported that Minaj was pregnant back in 2009, too, and clearly that didn’t pan out. That’s the thing about pregnancy rumors—all you need is a little bit of time to figure out if they’re true or not.

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Lil’ Kim’s Black Friday Album Cover Features A Beheaded Nicki Minaj

Ok, now we’re starting to worry that Lil’ Kim really needs some anger management. Her mixtape, Black Friday, was released on February 14th and along with the title diss track aimed at Nicki Minaj, the cover art features Kim and a beheaded Minaj in a pool of blood. Tell us how you really feel, Kim, seriously.

The “feud” between the two musicians has gone on since November, stemming from Minaj calling Kim a “has-been.” She has since praised Kim, to no avail, since Kim has used every opportunity since then to put Minaj down. Hell hath no fury like a rapper scorned, we guess. The outrageous cover must have worked in her favor though because the mixtape apparently sold 113,000 copies and made over $1 million on Monday. This proves one of two things: either Lil’ Kim is NOT a has-been, or Nicki Minaj is a great marketing tool.

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Glee Star Kevin McHale Sings Along To Nicki Minaj, Hopes He And Rihanna “Can Put A Leash On It”

You know the old saying, “If you like it, then you should put a ring on it”? Well, hate to inform you but that’s so last decade, y’all. When VH1′s own Janell Snowden caught up with Glee stars Kevin McHale and Matthew Morrison on the red carpet of the Grammys last night, we got the firsthand scoop that something a little more kinky has emerged on the scene in 2011.

In case you missed his outfit last night, McHale — who you’ll know as the wheelchair-bound Artie Abrams on America’s hottest TV show — was wearing a holster-ish accessory over his shoulders. “It’s a little S&M meets James Bond,” he explained to Janell. “I’m promoting Rihanna’s new single ["S&M"]. I just need to see her and tell her we can put a leash on it.” Hi-yo!

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Nicki Minaj At The Grammys: Bride Of Felinestein

Nicki Minaj didn’t let down any of her Barbz or Barbies tonight when she arrived at the 2011 Grammy Awards in a leopard bodysuit, complete with matching leopard pantaloons and a knockoff Bride of Blackenstein wig. We’d normally place an outfit as absurd and unflattering as this at the top of our worst dressed list, but something about Minaj makes her exempt. We credit her complete self-aware wackiness and redeemingly hysterical facial expressions. Take a closer look below and leave your thoughts in the comments. Was her outfit endearingly wacky or just whack? [Photos: Getty Images]

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Video: Taylor Swift Adorably Raps To A Nicki Minaj Song

Last month, Nicki Minaj discussed how her dream collaborator would be Taylor Swift, and it looks like the feeling of love is mutual. In a radio interview earlier this week, Taylor requested that the DJ play Minaj’s “Super Bass,” and mentioned that she’s listened to the song so much that she can perform the entire rap for her friends. Which of course, you can’t mention without actually following through on. Watch as “T-Swizzle” adorably rhymes to “Her Minajesty’s” music and then gets completely embarrassed about it.


Lil’ Kim Really Wants To Keep This Beef With Nicki Minaj Alive

Last November, Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj were engaged in a little war of words. Maybe you’ll recall that Lil’ Kim’s song “Black Friday,” released the day after Thanksgiving, basically tore Minaj a new one, with lyrics calling Minaj a “Lil’ Kim Clone” among other things, and mocked her album “Pink Friday.” Kim’s diss track was a response to Minaj calling Kim a “has been” on the song “Roman’s Revenge” earlier in the year.

It seemed like in 2011, everything was copacetic and the beef had blown over, but Lil’ Kim has struck back yet again with a mixtape also called Black Friday, which will release on February 14. Kim tweeted yesterday “Black Friday the mixtape – 2/14/11- WHO THE F— WANT WAR? #ItsBlackFridayHoe LEGOOOO!!!!!” Not so subtle, that one. Minaj has yet to respond to the Tweet but she maintains that she’s got nothing but love for Kim. Love, not war, ladies! The album comes out on Valentine’s Day, can’t we all just share some UR SWEET and BE MINE candy hearts and get along?

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Nicki Minaj To Young Fans: “I Don’t Want You Saying The Bad Words”

Anyone who’s seen Nicki Minaj‘s Twitter knows she loves her little Barbies, but the Pink Friday pop star is concerned with just how little her fans are getting. “Being honest, if I had a daughter I wouldn’t want her listening to a Nicki Minaj CD until she was a certain age,” she told The Sun during Nicki’s wild week in the UK. Even when I meet my fans and they tell me they are 12, I cringe a little. I always say, ‘Listen. I don’t want you saying the bad words, put school first’.”

Not that Nicki’s a “do as I say, not as I do” type. “I am like their bigger sister. I’m not like their mum. I have to give them the good with the bad. If I censor them completely and say ‘don’t don’t don’t don’t don’t’ then that’s what they are going to ‘do do do do do’. You have to tell kids this is the real world but they don’t have to go down this road. Just pay attention and do your best.” Nice to see a pop star owning their role model status.

Check the gallery below to see photos of Nicki rocking leggings and gold boots in Paris this week. Is that jacket made of cupcake wrappers or what?

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