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We Can Name At Least 6 More Rabid Groups To Add To Vulture’s 25 Most Dedicated Fan Bases List

8 More Rabid Fan Bases

Vulture released it’s 25 Most Devoted Fan Bases list today, and you know we immediately clicked through to make sure they had Twihards on there. Of course they did, as well as Mad Men, Harry Potter and a host of other pop culture entities that turn fans into drooling, trembling puddles of love. We couldn’t help but notice that there were some obvious exclusions however, so we went ahead and hyped the fan bases who we think are more than rabid enough to make the list.

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President Obama Remains Neutral On Minaj/Carey American Idol Feud. Just Kidding! He’s Team Mariah

President Obama Weights In On Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj Feud

When it comes to being the leader of the Free World, it would probably behoove you to remain neutral on totally inconsequential pop culture feuds. Unfortunately, common sense behooves you to recognize Mariah Carey as the flawless diva genius she is, which is why we’re assuming President Obama decided to hype her on Michael Yo‘s radio show over Nicki Minaj. “Mariah. She’s actually done some events for us. I’ve gotten to know her and Nick [Cannon]. She’s a wonderful lady,” POTUS said when asked which of the two AI judges he preferred. According to TMZ, he added “Nicki, I don’t know, but I’ve got her on my iPod.” Shouldn’t have done that Mitt Romney shout out, girl!

Despite the explosive antagonism that two divas can bring to a reality competition show, Obama is certain Nicki and Mariah can make peace. “I think that they are going to be able to sort it out,” the President opined. “I am confident.” Says Obama, “I’m all about bringing people together, working for the same cause. I think both outstanding artists are going to be able to make sure that they’re moving forward and not going backwards.” So basically if you continue this feud, ladies, you’re letting down the President. Something to think about when you notice the other one’s dressing room is 4″ inches wider or their mid-morning massage 30 seconds longer.

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Is Justin Bieber Punking Us Or Just Turning Stolen “Footage” Into An Opportunity?

Justin Bieber may have pranked us all with his stolen laptop news

Well, if today’s conspiracy theorists are to be believed, we may have to wait a little longer for that Justin Bieber sex tape/spaghetti-and-milk recipe. Several sites, such as Oh No They Didn’t, are pointing to a number of clues on Twitter and VEVO that seem to indicate that the whole story of Bieber’s stolen laptop and phone — news he broke himself on Twitter earlier this week — is actually all a publicity stunt leading up to the release of his video with Nicki Minaj, “Beauty and a Beat.”

The clues:

  • Again, it was Bieber himself who broke the news of the theft and then complained that there was personal footage on the lost devices.
  • That same night, a Twitter user named @gexwy tweeted at Bieber that he’d accessed his videos.
  • But those videos are just the kind of cute backstage antics that Bieber is always taking part in.
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    NeNe Leakes Thinks Nicki Minaj Lyrics Are Perfect For A Wedding On The New Normal

    On last night’s The New Normal, the story revolved around a pretend wedding for elementary-schoolers Shania and Wilbur, who, after three and half weeks of courtship, felt it was time to put a ring on it. Bryan used this opportunity to live out his dreams of a wedding with David, making it a fabulous event that included lamb sliders and a dress made of leaves. Of course, no wedding is complete without a tearjerking speech. Instead, Rocky, played by NeNe Leakes, read the words of Shania’s favorite poet, Nicki Minaj.

    “You always told me forget the haters, just get my money, just get my weight up,” quoted NeNe, from Nicki’s 2010 song “Right Thru Me.” You can watch the whole moving recitation in the video above. When the show aired, the Real Housewife tweeted “I live 4 Nikki chile.” Now we can only hope for a cameo of NeNe in the next Nicki Minaj video.

    NeNe’s transition from reality star to actress has been quite the seamless one, and on The New Normal, we see her shine bright like the hilarious — and highly quotable — star she was born to be. In case you aren’t onboard with us yet, here are four reasons to watch NeNe as Rocky on The New Normal: Read more…

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    Nicki Minaj And Mariah Carey Should Leave Idol Beef Behind, Here’s 5 Reasons Why

    Top 5 Reasons Why Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj Should BE BFF

    As much fun as it is to see all the mega drama between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey unfurl on the American Idol judges panel, we have to admit that it would actually be more fun to see them join forces. You saw the video of their fight at the North Carolina auditions and while it was vicious, it also fed into this sort of caricature of women in pop music. You know what we’re saying. It’s either besties like Katy Perry and Rihanna or beefing like Nicki and Mariah now are. And the beef is what gets blown up and that’s how divas (and we don’t mean that as a compliment) get made and torn down in this endless cycle of push them up and then yank them down. What’s the point, ladiez? Isn’t this counter-productive and exhausting? It takes energy to yell like that! And besides, let’s just all f—g get along for once. Nicki and Mariah are prime examples of two powerful women who should actually be BFFs. You heard us. Mariah and Nicki should be best pals. Not only did they collaborate on the remix of Mariah’s “Up Out My Face” in 2010, but they also have a lot more in common than people realize. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why.

    1. For the love of the color pink: Any two grown women who share such a deep, passionate and unabashed love for the color pink — see the photographs above as proof — should find each other and never let each other go. No, seriously. Those two women take the color and make it fierce. Nicki even has a mixtape called Love Pink and an album called Pink Friday. And yes, that’s the name of Nicki’s fragrance as well. Mariah has fragrances called Luscious Pink and Ultra Pink. Mariah also had a design competition back in  2008 called “Design a Luscious Pink Dress for Mariah Carey!” See what we mean? They need to bond over this shared love.

    2. Favorite food and drink: Nicki’s favorite things in the world to munch on are cranberries. Know what Mariah‘s favorite juice is? Cranberry juice. Which she drank virgin when preggers, but otherwise is known to sport a cranberry-vodka cocktail. Which she and Nicki need to have a couple of, stat.  

    3. They’ve both worked their way up: We would think Mariah and Nicki would have tons to talk about — their waitress roots, for one. They both had to support themselves when they were working their ways up. Nicki waitressed at the Red Lobster, while Mariah waitressed in Manhattan.

    4. Both have family members with histories with drugs: Nicki has spoke of her father’s drug addiction and abuse, saying, “My father was abusive. We were afraid for [my mother's] life because whenever he would have a real bad outburst, he would threaten to kill her. I wanted to kill him. I wished he was dead.” Mariah’s estranged, HIV-positive sister used to have a major drug addiction as well. It’s not been easy for either of them so there should be some sort of mutual respect, right?

    5. For the love of the fans: Both women have armies of hard-core fans. Mariah has her lambs and Nicki has her barbz. Can you imagine what would happen if they women combined their legions? They’d rule the world.

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    Nick Cannon Has Thoughts About The Nicki/Mariah Feud. Oh, And Someone Made A Death Threat?

    Things are getting cray! We thought the video of Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj getting into it behind the scenes at American Idol was absurd, but we’re even more shocked that Nick Cannon would openly talk about the incident with Access Hollywood. He doesn’t say anything mean of course, but still. We have to assume his publicist was having a stroke off-camera. “Of course I’ve heard about it,” Cannon laughed this morning about the drama. “I feel like it’s taking away from the quality of what Idol is all about.” When it comes to placing blame, however, Nick isn’t throwing Minaj or (unsurprisingly) his own spouse under the bus. “I’m kind of disappointed in Fox and everything because they’re taking away from the quality,” Nick opined, even postulating that the show is actively courting drama. “Otherwise, how else would all of that stuff get on TMZ?,” he muses. Well, based on the fight footage, it seems pretty clear who ver was taping the blow-out did so secret. So our guess would be…via a newly unemployed AI staff or crew member?

    As if the tense shouting match wasn’t enough, according to TMZ, Nicki Minaj allegedly made a violent threat toward Mariah during an unrecorded moment. “If I had a gun I would shoot her,” the “Pound The Alarm” singer raged. Well, if that’s true, you certainly don’t see Carey reacting to it in any way. According to AI‘s Nigel Lythgoe, “The statement [that Nicki made a death threat] is absolute rubbish.  It’s absolutely not true in any way, shape or form.” Said Cannon, “My wife is the strongest and the classiest woman I’ve ever met. If you watch the video, she just maintains her composure. I don’t think she’s moved by the theatrics and pageantry of it all.” We don’t think so either! And honestly, does anyone believe this is the first time two famous people got into a screaming fight? For all we know, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler were at each other’s perfumed, scarf-adorned throats every day last season. There was just no leaked video to tip off us normals.

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    Dramz Alert: Nicki Minaj And Mariah Carey Have It Out On Idol Judges Panel

    Everyone knew this one was coming. Ever since it was confirmed that Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey were going to be on the judges’ panel for American Idol, it was just a matter of time before weaves started flying. Two divas do not a simpatico situation make. There were beef rumors between the two right from the beginning, so we’ll say this bust-up between them has arrived right on schedule. Only, we’ve got drama that is beyond! Yesterday, auditions were being taped in North Carolina and what started off as a difference of opinion over a contestant between Minaj and Carey quickly blew up, and TMZ got the video of the major fight that ensued, which you can see above. Nicki basically lost it and not only told the producers, “I told them, I’m not f—ing putting up with Her F—ing Highness over there” but then proceeded very ominously to threaten to “knock” Miss Mariah out, as sources report. Poor Keith Urban and Randy Jackson, who tried to chime in with “settle down, settle down” look like they went to get the hell out. We wish we could hear what Mariah’s saying in the video, but she isn’t screaming and cussing like Nicki is. She looks quite, erm, exasperated. That’s the polite term, right? Nicki even says, “I’m not gonna sit here every f—ing minute to have you come down and harass me every minute every day.” Geez. Auditions were shut down for the day so the two could get some space. But what’s going to happen when they have to get back in their chairs? It’s not going to pretty this season, at all. And you thought Paula and Simon were bad!

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    Let’s Play Celebrity Manicure! We Give You The Nail Art, You Guess The Star It Belongs To!

    Guess The Celebrity Manicure

    It was so much fun showing you Katy Perry‘s Top 20 Nail-Art Designs last week. We were inspired to do another round as we’re not quite done showing you fabulous tip tricks, so to speak! We know you’ve marvelled at some pretty awesome nail-art along with us over the years. Celebrities do tend to go all out with their manis before big events, just like La Perry. So here’s a fun little game we’ve put together for you. It’ll only work if you don’t cheat by clicking ahead. We’ve got pictures of some incredible nail-art but you’ll only find out which star the design belongs to by clicking on the next picture. See what we mean … you really can’t cheat or else the big reveal will be ruined. We’ve even given you handy little hints to make the guessing easier. Come and play with us! Start by clicking on the first picture in the gallery below. Have fun!

    View Photo Gallery

    [Photos: Twitter/ Getty Images]

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    Nicki Minaj Allegedly Shooting E! “Specials”; We Wonder If Reality TV Is The Right Move For Her?

    Nicki Minaj Reality Show May Be In The Works
    According to Nicki Minaj‘s interview with Perez Hilton this week, she’s “still considering” her reality TV options, but all signs point to some Nicki-based reality programming coming our way soon. Explained Minaj,“I will say that I find the more people see, is the more they understand, and then it’s the more they like you. When you pull them in your world, they see you as a real person. I’m not running away from it anymore.” Good to hear, because according to Deadline, Nicki is already shooting for E! “The plan is to do specials with her, not a whole series,” a source claims, reporting that the “Pound The Alarm” star will be making three specials to air this fall. Honestly, we’re torn about the whole idea. On one hand…of course. These specials will obviously be a delight. On the other hand, we’re sort of reluctant to let our bubblegum hip-hop realness get in our reality TV, and vice versa. At least without a lot of contemplation first.

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    Nicki Minaj Launches Fragrance Looking Like … A Saucy Sailor?

    Nicki Minaj Launches Pink Friday In New York

    Nicki Minaj made a splash in New York yesterday when she launched her fragrance “Pink Friday” with appearances on The View and a visit to Macy’s on Herald Square. With a name like that, it wouldn’t have been hard to guess what color she’d wear to all the promotions, right? Exactamundo — pink. The fragrance is supposedly, “a blend of sweet florals, vanilla and musk” but get this — the bottle basically looks like a bust of Nicki. It’s been created to look like her, as you can see in both pictures above. So, in other words, the bottle is terrifying because it’s like that moment when the Terminator grows out of molten metal to look like a human being. Love Nicki … but imagine waking up in the middle of the night and having that bottle staring right at you?  The bottle also comes with a custom gold ‘Nicki Minaj‘ nameplate necklace, which is supposed to make up for the scary Nicki-bottle. Nicki seems to thinks so, telling MTV News that, “My fans are going to spaz out when they see this.”

    We’re also a bit confused as to what she was trying to achieve here with the wardrobe. Because the top half is all pink with kaleidoscopic swirls and vintage Barbz, but then she goes and puts on a pink Captain’s hat and tight, nautical-striped pants and goes and proceeds to salute everyone, as you can see below. Saucy sailor? Can we call her Cap’n from now on? And if we did, would she give us those blue suede ankle boots? Nicki also explained the genesis of the fragrance saying, “I’ve been thinking about [a fragrance] for like, the last two years actually; I knew I was going to call it Pink Friday. I didn’t know I would have a pink wig on the bottle until I met with the fragrance company and they asked me what I wanted my bottle to look like and I said — is there any way we can put a pink wig on it? They said, ‘You know what? Let’s try,’ and they came back with sketches and I was floored that they actually nailed it, I couldn’t stop looking at the sketches.” And we can’t stop looking at the bottle, so mission accomplished!

    Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday perfume launch

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