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Celebrities Gets Glittery At The 2011 Latin Grammys

The 2011 Latin Grammys were held at the Mandalay Bar Resort and Casino in Las Vegas last night. And it seems that sequins and metallics were the order of the night. Zoe Saldana wore an emerald green column by Elie Saab (à la Gwyneth Paltrow at the Bambi awards, but minus the cleavage). Shakira — who was honored as the Person of the Year — looked ethereal in a gold embroidered gown with a jewel-encrusted bodice, while Sofia Vergara wore a silver strapless gown by Reem Acra. Paulina Rubio wore two outfits and both were heavy on the hardware. She wore a metallic silver gown on the green carpet, and put on a violet (with gold highlights) short, skintight romper to perform in.

The only one who didn’t get the memo was Demi Lovato, but she outshone everyone regardless in a plum gown that plunged down to her navel. It nearly popped our eyeballs. Muy caliente! Also, the color Demi wore matched Wilmer Valderrama’s shirt. Cue eyebrow raising. Our gallery below has all the action, including gentlemen like Marc Anthony, Pitbull, Usher and Taboo.

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Nicki Minaj Tries To Out-Gaga Gaga At AMA Nominee Press Conference

Look, we all know Nicki Minaj would look hot in anything, even a child’s bathing suit top and a coat made out of seaweed. We know this because Minaj actually wore that today as she announced the American Music Awards nominees at a press conference in Los Angeles.

As she presented the names alongside an extremely dapper Pitbull, we had to ask: is Nicki Minaj now just straight-gunning for Lady Gaga‘s title as Princess Lot of Look? Between this and her New-York-Fashion-Week-meets-cat-toy outfit, Nicki has moved away from looking like a Barbie, and started looking like a woman who’s clothes are just dozens of Barbie outfits melted together. So what do you think? Is Nicki moving in on Gaga’s territory, or is this just her looking like a hot mess? And is there a difference, really?


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The 10 Best Dressed Stars At The VMAs: Baby Bumps, Major Minis And Britney

Britney Spears on a Best Dressed List? Who would have thought it possible?! While her shoes weren’t our favorite (accentuate your legs, girl! Skip the bondage braces next time) we’re feeling her LBD and damn, her face! Her hair! She’s glowing — and there’s no baby belly in sight. Also on fire tonight, the very pregnant Beyonce, who stole the show with her glow, her grin and her gorgeous red gown. We’ve got our other faves in the gallery below, including Bey’s Destiny’s Child bestie Kelly Rowland, the classically styled Adele and Taylor Lautner, whose stylist has the casual cool thing down to a science. Well played, kids.

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Pitbull Was Just Trying To Keep Lindsay Lohan “Relevant” With Those Jail Lyrics

See guys, it was all just a misunderstanding: it turns out that Pitbull’s Lindsay Lohan lyrics were actually an homage the actress, not a joke about how’s she’s spent more time behind bars than a parakeet. So if Lindsay could call off her lawsuit, that’d be great. “I was very surprised when I found out about the lawsuit … at first I read it and I thought, ”his has got to be a joke,'” the rapper explained in a video for his official fan site. “For me mentioning it … on the number one record in the world … I thought it would be helping someone’s career and keeping them relevant.” It might have made Lindsay more relevant to give a shout-out to her excellent acting abilities or impressive sobriety, but maybe he was saving that for the next album.

Lindsay Lohan’s Pitbull lawsuit focuses on the rapper’s lyric, “I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan” in the song “Give Me Everything,” which, to be fair, seems more like a factual statement than an insult. The suit also cites the song’s writers Ne-Yo and Afrojack, citing New York civil rights law that prevents people’s names from being exploited for commercial gain. Maybe Pitbull can pen an apology song titled “That Lindsay Lohan Sure Has Had A Legal Trouble A Lot, Am I Right?” just so Lilo can know how relevant he thinks she is.