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P. Diddy Throws A Massive Yacht Party At Cannes

P.Diddy Boat Party At Cannes

When P. Diddy throws a party, everyone comes. When Diddy throws a party on a boat in Cannes, you’d better believe that they’d come pouring in. He’s like the entertainment ring master and really knows how to make a splash — pun, intended. A clutch of celebrities dropped in for the bash, most of them casually barefoot. High heels and wooden planks don’t go particularly well together. Spotted wearing black were Michelle Rodriguez and Benicio del Toro, the latter of whom kept trying to dodge cameras. Adrien Brody was relaxed in jeans and a jacket, while Kelly Brook made two wardrobe changes — one while arriving, and one while onboard. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Nicky Hilton added starlet glamour, and we’re pretty sure Tara Reid would like to be included in that group. Kim wore a gown that generously showed off her curves, of course. Head on over to the gallery to see the stars in action.

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Diddy’s Personal Credit Card, Passport And Phone Number Jacked And Published!

Diddy is one pissed off hip-hop mogul right now. TMZ reported how someone — who evidently isn’t too fond of Diddy — had the gall to steal and publish his American Express Black Card, his passport and private phone numbers on a website earlier in the week. Because they clearly have a death wish. Diddy’s already on it and has started an investigation to pin down the culprit. Can you imagine the credit on Diddy’s personal card? We’re wondering if the thief decided to have a shopping spree or if he (or she) just put the information out there to get the rapper’s goat. Will they ever be found out? Time will tell!