by (@unclegrambo)

Seven Fashion Flops At The People’s Choice Awards

pca-worst-2rnrnAs the old saying goes, “Every yin has it’s yang.” Then again, maybe we’re thinking of “Every rose has it’s thorn.” Or even “What goes up, most come down.” Where’s that copy of Bartlett’s when we need it? Regardless! For all of the SQUEEing we did when Robsten (PHOTOS) emerged at last night’s People’s Choice Awards or OOOHing we did while watching last night’s other best dressed stars, we did an equal amount of SHUDDERing when we saw some of our favorite stars, um, well, not necessarily looking their best.rnrnFrom unfortunate spray tan disasters — yo Tiz, shoulda checked yourself before you wrecked yourself — to Leighton Meester’s unusually disheveled appearance, here’s our selection of last night’s seven biggest fashion flops.rnrn

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