Danger Says Ray J Got Her Pregnant. What Does VH1 Say?

The National ENQUIRER published a story alleging that Danger was impregnated by Ray on For the Love of Ray J. It’s full of quotes from the reality contestant, but what it’s missing is word from VH1. Though VH1 was contacted for a quote, it wasn’t included in the piece, so our sister blog will share with you VH1’s official take on the story. [Source: The VH1 Blog]

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Ray J To Get His Own Reality Dating Show

“Sexy Can I” singer Ray J and VH1 are teaming up to see if they can find the special lady who can end his wanton ways. Sexy can you? Auditions are already being planned for his 2009 reality dating show, so get your tapes ready! No, not those kinds. [VH1 Blog]

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#84: Whitney Houston: Crack is Whack

We all knew Whitney Houston wanted to dance with somebody, we just had no idea she’d end up waltzing with a crack pipe. The singer had barreled through the ’80s and ’90s racking up #1 hits and the occasional flop (like marrying the dysfunctional Bobby Brown). After selling over nine million copies of The Bodyguard soundtrack and stockpiling six Grammys, she decided to move on to something more, uh, super f*cking illegal.

In early 2000, Whitney was busted lugging weed through a Hawaii airport. As if that wasn’t bad-ass enough, she inspired Lohans everywhere by skipping shows and losing enough weight to scare even Nicole Richie. Chatting with Diane Sawyer in 2002, she admitted to, well, everything. “My business is sex, drugs, rock and roll … I partied a lot.” When asked by Sawyer about her drug of choice — “Is it alcohol? Is it marijuana? Is it cocaine? Is it pills?” — Whitney answered, “It has been at times.” Sawyer: “All?” Houston: “At times.” But even Whitney had her limits: “I make too much money for me to ever smoke crack … crack is whack.” Whack enough to send the fallen songbird to rehab in 2004. She has yet to make a solid comeback — unless having her husband yank a “doody bubble” from her ass counts — but at least she’s made headlines dumping Brown for Ray J., brother of Brandy and on-camera lover of Kim Kardashian.

Whitney’s daughter is possibly continuing the family addiction tradition. Pics of then 13-year-old Bobbi Kristina exhaling what looked like marijuana smoke popped up on the Web in 2007. So much for teaching children well and letting them lead the way.