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Rich Cronin, LFO’s Lead Singer, Passes Away


LFO lead singer, Rich Cronin, passed away yesterday at a hospital. He had been battling leukemia for a while, and finally succumbed to a stroke. Rich was only 35 years old. This totally breaks our boy band loving heart. We’re not ashamed to admit to being LFO fans; the three totally cute dudes popped up in the late 90’s and their ridiculously catchy tune Summer Girls had us dancing at house parties all year. What would our teens have been without them? Our condolences to Rich’s family and friends.

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LFO’s Singer Accuses Jennifer Love Hewitt Of Being A Cheatin’ Freak

As usual, we were tuned into the Howard Stern Show this morning, where the gang had former LFO singer Rich Cronin spilling the dirt on his romance with former flame Jennifer Love Hewitt. He may have written one of the worst songs known to mankind (“Summer Girls,” obvs), but he managed to charm us with his Boston accent and underdog attitude. Here’s just some of the juicy deets Howard was able to squeeze out of the former boy-bander – which we must point out – may not be true. The newly single Jenn-Love deserves a say!

  • Love supposedly made Rich wear two condoms when they had sex.
  • The actress apparently dragged her man to Cartier, where she purchased an “infinity ring” for the singer and declared that she wanted to one day marry him.
  • While appearing on VH1’s Mission: Man Band, Rich met 98 Degrees member Jeff Timmons, who revealed that Hewitt had supposedly given him the same ring while they were dating.
  • Cronin alleges that Hewitt cheated on him with actor Patrick Wilson, who she fell for after seeing him perform on Broadway. She eventually dumped him.
  • His pet name for her vagina was “missy.” Ew.

Cronin – who beat leukemia in 2005 – is in the process of launching a comeback, after he and the rest of LFO were screwed out of most of their earnings by creepy boy band manager Lou Perlman. You can check out his new video for the single “Story Of My Life” above. Did Love make a mistake by dumping this dude?