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Paul McCartney Is Married!

Congratulations, Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell! The former Beatle and the New York businesswoman got married yesterday afternoon at Old Marylebone Town Hall in London. Paul was obviously in a jovial mood as he left their home for the venue, joking with all the photographers assembled outside, saying, “What’s going on? What are you all doing here?” Paul and Nancy have been dating since 2007 and he popped the question earlier this year in May.

Nancy wore an ivory dress and shoes by Paul’s daughter, fashion designer Stella McCartney, who also made the navy suit her Dad wore on the day. A reception was also held at the new couple’s home at St Johns Woods afterwards. How many famous faces attended? Plenty, as expected. Check out the wedding and reception photographs in the gallery below. All you need is love!

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[Photos: Splash News Online]


Ringo Starr Is A Miserable Twat

There’s an old school of thought about celebs, which says the least talented and Z-list they are, the most diva-ish they behave whereas the real, bona fide superstars are actually pretty nice. And that theory’s been born out by the two remaining Beatles, Ringo “Octopus’s Garden” Starr and Sir Paul “Yesterday and about a million other classic tunes” McCartney. Coming just days after Paul won legions of new fans by appearing in hilarious classic spoof Britain’s Got The Pop Factor with comedian Peter Kay (watch the clip after the jump), Ringo showed a total lack of sense of humour by posting a bizarre clip on his website. In it, he commands his fans not to send him any more fanmail, like, EVER. Because he’s too busy.

“I want to tell you, please, after the 20th of October, do not send fan mail to any address that you have. Nothing will be signed after the 20th of October. If that has the date on the envelope it’s going to be tossed.”

“I’m warning you, with peace and love, but I have too much to do, so no more fan mail, thank you, thank you, and no objects to be signed nothing. Peace and love, peace and love.”

“Peace and love” off yourself, Ringo! If he’s got any fans left after this bizarre tirade, we’ll be stunned.

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