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Exclusive: That Time I Talked To Rob Zombie About His “Cool” Friend Kristen Stewart

Here’s one of those short but sweet moments that can only happen here at Comic-Con. I spent yesterday morning and afternoon very frantically covering Breaking Dawn, but I assumed I was done with Twilight for a bit when I rolled into PetCo Park for VH1 Classic’s Dawn of the Con party. Not so! My first interview was with Rob Zombie, and for some reason the first thing we talked about as the cameras started to roll was…Kristen Stewart. Yes, I seem to bring Twilight with me wherever I go!

“She’s cool,” said Mr. Zombie before sharing the details of how they met through her BFF Scout Taylor Compton. “It’s not that great of a story,” said Rob. Aw, I still think it’s cute! Check out the clip above – and follow all our Comic-Con coverage here!

[And yes, I know there are no vampire teeth in the Twilight saga…sometimes nerves can make weird things pop out of my mouth. D’oh!]

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Marilyn Manson’s Karaoke Meltdown Makes Us Ask: Where Goth They Now?

Marilyn Manson seems more likely to summon the hell hound Cerberus from the gates of Hades than sing “Cry Me a River” six times at a Las Vegas karaoke bar, but according to the New York Post, that is where the Antichrist Superstar found himself this past Halloween weekend. Accompanied by his model girlfriend, Lindsay Usich, Manson allegedly “playfuly waved” a knife at his fellow partygoers before yelling, “I am sorry I went nuts, but I’m a rock star!” Finding out how Manson has been keeping himself busy made us wonder how our other favorite goth celebrities are doing. Join us, won’t you, as we journey back to a simpler, more sinister time in a segment we’d like to call “Where Goth They Now?”

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