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Take That! Robbie Williams Is Getting Married Today


Robbie Williams is getting married today, shattering our teenage dreams. We’re currently going through a memory montage of past hormonal upsurges of him writhing on stage along with the other four members of Take That. Sigh.

We’ll also admit how remiss we’ve been because quite frankly, we didn’t even know he was dating anybody (they’ve been together for FOUR years)? Probably because he was supposed to date this very heartbroken blogger. But it’s true, he’s getting hitched today to an actress called Ayda Field on the Santa Calina island off the coast of California. None of the other members of Take That are coming because the couple only broke the news last week, leaving it too late for them to cancel the family vacations they’d planned.

This is not a hoax either. The singer has already proposed once on a live Aussie radio show, but later said he was just messing around. Considering the island is prepped and ready for the nuptials today, all systems are go. Here’s what Robbie thinks of his bride. In one of the strangest (and cutest) quotes we’ve ever heard, he commented, “I call her my Swiss Army knife because that’s the way I feel about her – she can do anything.”


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Rihanna Wears Gaping, Green One-Piece To German Awards Show, Rocks With Robots


When do we care about Germany’s Echo Awards? When Rihanna shows up wearing a lowwwwww-cut green one-piece suitable for both super-villainy and a night at home with the Golden Girls. Though her performance of “Rude Boy” was pretty awesome—if only because she had to flirt with giant, slow-moving sci-fi robots—Rihanna’s repeated failures to match Lady Gaga in fashion forwardness was underlined by Gaga (who didn’t bother attending) picking up four trophies while Rih-Rih went home with nothing.

Watch Rihanna and the robots shake to “Rude Boy” in the clip below, and soak up our favorite water nymph along with Ke$ha, Sade and Robbie Williams in the red carpet gallery.

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Susan Boyle Comes Home To Intruder After Recording For Charity

Susan Boyle

No good deed goes unpunished. Susan Boyle was returning home last night when she reportedly encountered a young man inside her council house in Blackburn, Scotland.  “The owner was very distressed to find someone had been within her home,” said local police. “And we are keen to speak to anyone who can assist with our investigations.” A 16-year-old was detained in connection with the trespassing, but released without charge. “I’m fine. It’s in the hands of the police now,” she told fans outside her home this morning.

Ironically, Boyle had just flown back from London, where she recorded her vocal for Simon Cowell‘s charity single for Haitian relief, a cover of R.E.M.‘s “Everybody Hurts” (a peculiar choice, considering the song’s subject is teenage depression—is Simon worried Haiti will kill itself?). Among the other stars joining Boyle on the track are Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Bon Jovi, Robbie Williams, Mika, Leona Lewis, Take That and Rod Stewart—whose presence reportedly made Boyle “shy”  at the recording. D’ya still think he’s sexy, Susan?

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Whitney Set To Take Over Jacko Dates

The dates left vacant by Michael Jackson‘s untimely death could be filled by another megastar who’s attempting a comeback — Whitney Houston. The rehabbed diva (plus British pop superstar Robbie Williams) are being lined up as the names to take over the dates next January, February and March which are now lying empty. “Whitney Houston has been on our wish-list for a while – she has the voice and the hits to sell the arena out several times over,” a source says. And, you know, maybe she’ll even sing at her concerts, Britney Spears. Bonus!


The Brits Are Coming!

Hrrrrnk! Tonight sees the “funnest” night ever in British music – The Brit Awards – being broadcast live on UK TV, and live-blogged direct for your amusement in a joint effort by Scandalist and PopSugarUK starting at 2pm EST. What, you don’t know what the Brits are? Shame on you! It’s the Grammys but about as third as long, celebrating the best music of the past year, and legendary for the bad behavior of its attendees.

Back in the 1990s, Robbie Williams challenged Oasis’ Liam Gallagher to a live fight, Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker infamously wiggled his ass onstage at Michael Jackson during the latter’s preposterous “Earth Song,” and only a couple of years ago, presenter Russell Brand raised eyebrows with a few trademark controversial comments (what’s new?) Overseeing proceedings tonight at London’s Earl’s Court are comedy stars James Corden and Mat Horne (hey, they’re big in the UK) with singer Kylie Minogue.

Up for awards or performing live are Kings of Leon, Take That, Coldplay, U2, Duffy, Girls Aloud, Adele, Leona Lewis, The Ting Tings and LOADS more. Plus, Lady Gaga will be closing the show with a duet with the Pet Shop Boys. Woop! See you at 8pm GMT/3pm EST for the unfolding horror/joy. [Photos: WireImage]


Birth Dating: Who’s Older? Robbie Williams Or Freedom Williams?

In the early ’90s, a shirtless Freedom Williams enjoyed international success with U.S. dance masters C&C Music Factory. A shirtless Robbie Williams did likewise with British boy band Take That. While Robbie went on to a successful solo career (stripping well beyond his skivvies in the “Rock DJ” video), Freedom’s stalled quickly, though he continues to perform today. Both artists were born on February 13th. Which one is older?

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Britney Thrashed In UK By Middle-Aged Boy Band

As everyone in the whole world cannot have failed to notice, Britney Spears has an album out! And it’s called Circus! Yes, we’re observant, thank you. But what you in the U.S. may not know is that British band Take That also have an album out this week — and spookily, it’s called The Circus. (For those uninitiated, Take That were a boy band of the early 1990s who had massive success until founder member Robbie Williams discovered drugs and erratic behavior and left the band. He became a huge solo star but is now better known for spotting UFOs from his home in L.A., whereas TT reformed a couple of years ago and the British people clasped them to our collective bosom once more).

Anyhow, some may have naturally assumed that worldwide icon Britney would still soar to number one with her highly-anticipated comeback album. But it’s not looking likely. Especially when news came out that Take That are outselling her at a massive 14-to-1.

Yep, you can wear all the skimpy ringmaster outfits you like Brit, but there’s no competing with our former teenage crushes over here. Sorry. [Photos: AFP, FilmMagic]