Ron Wood Arrested For Assaulting 20-Year-Old Girlfriend

Ron Wood & Ekaterina Ivanova

Rolling Stone Ron Wood was arrested outside his home in Esher, England last night for allegedly assaulting Ekaterina Ivanova, his 20-year-old girlfriend. A rep for the Stones confirmed the arrest, but would not discuss the charges. His arrest comes only a month after the finalization of the guitarist’s divorce from Jo Wood, his wife of 24 years. The pair split last year after Wood followed a stint in rehab by hooking up with the then-teenaged barmaid (he’s been back since). The rocker is out on bail until “further inquiries” are made into the incident, with a court date set later this month.

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Rod Stewart Shares TMI About Baby-Making


What is it with this aging baby-boomer rock stars and not being able to keep it in their trousers? Not only have we been subjected to the hideous sight of now-divorced Ronnie Wood stepping out with his infant girlfriend, Rod Stewart keeps letting us know that he’s still at it.

We already know that Rod has promised his wife Penny Lancaster one more baby (bringing his tally up to eight), but really, do we need you to explain, “Yes, we’re trying – we actually tried last night!” live on British TV ? NO WE DO NOT. Ew and ew again. [Photo: FilmMagic]


Rolling Stone Ronnie Gets Divorced

Ronnie Wood is now free to marry as many teenage Russian cocktail waitresses as he likes! The Rolling Stone has been divorced by his long-suffering wife Jo, after running off with Ekaterina Ivanova last summer.

Since then, Jo’s developed a new lease of life, becoming a regular on the London party scene and appearing on “Strictly Come Dancing”. Ronnie, meanwhile, has had drunken public rows with his new girlfriend and looked like an old man out walking with his granddaughter. Shiver.


Kim, Leah And Peaches Strip, Show Us Their Assets

Here at Scandalist, we’ve touched on the difficult existence of Rock Daughters. Born into fame, wealth and privilege without having done anything themselves to earn those perks, they embark upon half-assed careers, turn up at parties, date boys just like daddy and generally show us all that it’s not particularly helpful for your personal well-being to have an aging rock star as a father. We do feel for them, but mostly, they irritate the hell out of us, especially when they take their kit off on the cover of a magazine for no good reason at all.

Kimberly Stewart, Leah Wood and ARRGGGH Peaches flipping Geldof have now bared all on the front of British society mag Tatler because … well, we don’t actually know. Perhaps to demonstrate they have inherited some attention-seeking talent from their fathers Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood and Bob Geldof? Perhaps because they know without their famous DNA they’d never get within a hair’s breadth of a mag cover and are taking advantage of a lovely airbrushing opportunity? Whatevs. Admire the flashed flesh and then thank your lucky stars you don’t have to do this to feel validated.