Rihanna Plans Bachelorette Party For BFF Katy Perry


Last year, Katy Perry denied that she and Rihanna were good pals, saying “We’ve had dinner, and that’s about it,”, but from the looks of the picture above, taken at a Grammys dinner, it seems like they’ve grown closer recently. Turns out, these two became fast best friends last year – so close in fact, that Rihanna has decided she’s going to be in charge of throwing Katy a bachelorette party before her wedding to comedian Russell Brand. Aww, we love celebrity besties.

A source told More! Magazine “[Katy] and Rihanna have become very, very close. So Rihanna has offered to plan a girls’ getaway and also help out with anything else Katy needs for the wedding.” Apparently Katy told Russell “her party is going to be every bit as wild as any party he and his boys will throw.” Fun! When can we expect our invitation? [Photo: Getty Images]


Katy Perry Is The New Madonna


Expect new and different sounds emanating from Katy Perry when she releases her next record this summer. The singer explained that ever since she started dating Russell Brand, she’s felt the need to evolve as an artist, so she plans to write less provocative and cynical music, replacing that with “cute lyrics”.

Perry is sick of her trademark look too, saying “If I had to be the fruity pin-up girl another day, I would jump off the Hollywood sign”. Coincidentally, that’s exactly how we feel! She hasn’t gotten an extreme makeover just yet, though, so we’re interested in seeing just how radical this reinvention will be, especially since she starts a new tour this summer. She said  that she’s following in another successful singer’s footsteps by changing her game plan, explaining “I want to evolve like Madonna.” Will Perry be as successful as Madge? Who knows, they both have the “marrying an English guy” thing down, but Perry has a long road ahead of her (and, if she plans to really commit, an awkward appearance on The Marriage Ref) before we can come to any conclusions.  [Photo: Getty Images]


Katy Perry Is A Prisoner In Her Own Bed


No pun intended (ok, maybe a little) but we’re very hot and cold on Katy Perry. At first we thought her music was kind of shrill and bad, but then she won us over when she was a guest judge on American Idol . When she and Russell Brand started dating, we braced ourselves for obnoxiousness but soon found the pairing kind of sweet. Still, amidst the genuine affection these two seem to share, neither one of them is known for their subtlety, so we weren’t surprised to hear Katy go into too much detail about their sex life.

Perry may as well be training for the sexual Olympics, Russell keeps her just that busy working on her technique. “Can you imagine the kind of responsibility I have with his reputation?” she said, referring to Brand’s previously indiscriminate Benetton heart and c*ck, (John Mayer, take note). “I’m bedridden most of the week,”  Perry explained, not expressing much torment over being held captive by a man she later called “Jim Morrison meets Charles Manson meets Jesus meets a little bit of Elvis Presley.”  We’re not sure if she’s referring to the act of them doing it constantly, or the after effects that require bedrest to recover but either way, our mind’s eye is furiously trying to erase the visuals we’re imagining from both scenarios.

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Russell And Katy Record Poem Together

Russell Brand and Katy Perry are apparently so loved up that they’ve already started to record together. Yep, the latest it pair have laid down a sexy track already – if you count a taping of a famous “nonsense” English poem together. WTF?

The couple were reportedly at the Sunset sound studios in LA when they began reciting Edward Lear‘s poem “The Owl And The Pussycat” to each other. “It transpired the poem is a private joke between the couple. Russell apparently recited it to Katy during their Thailand holiday and they often use the nicknames Owl and Pussycat. Russell is ‘Owl’ because he’s wise and, well, it’s fairly obvious that Katy’s a sex kitten, isn’t it?” reports the Sun.

We just pray this doesn’t lead to a public release – we have a very low cringe factor when it comes to PDA couple stuff on record. Seriously, “I Got You Babe” brings us out in hives.