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Sacha Baron Cohen “Murders” A Bikini-Clad Elisabetta Canalis To Promote The Dictator At Cannes

Sacha Baron Cohen stages Elisabetta Canalis's murder at Cannes

We all raised our eyebrows when we learned that Elisabetta Canalis went from dating Hollywood king George Clooney to…Steve-O. We won’t flat-out say “downgrade,” but one of those guys just hosted the president and the other got famous by shooting bottle-rockets out of his a–. Just sayin’. And now it looks like Elisabetta is continuing her questionable dating record with Admiral General Aladeen. The Italian supermodel was seen getting cozy with the brutal dictator on-board his fabulous luxury yacht off the coast of Cannes today. Paparazzo snapped photos of the pair slathering each other in tanning oil and sipping champagne, but then something must have gone horribly wrong as the pair began to fight on the deck. Aladeen’s  gun-wielding henchmen escorted her away, and moments later they threw a suspiciously body-sized bag over the side of the boat!

Before you call the police, we have it on good authority that the whole incident is just another one of  Sacha Baron Cohen’s publicity stunt to launch his latest movie The Dictator, which opens wide today. Sexy, subversive and wildly offensive? Yeah, that sounds like something the Borat star would be mixed up in. So it’s all a joke! Right guys? Right..? Hey Clooney, do you think you could give her a call and check in. We just want to double check. Thanks. Check out the whole incident below and judge for yourself!

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