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Debra Messing, Ice-T, Coco, Sam Ronson Party With Mariska Hargitay For Real-Life Special Victims

Hilary Swank, Mariska Hargitay and Debra Messing at the 5th Annual Joyful Revolution Gala

I’m sure almost every night in New York and Los Angeles, there is a room that contains handfuls of celebrities, bankers and society ladies clinking glasses and pledging thousands to some cause or another. But, though I have been to a whole lot of those kinds of soirees, I feel like the one I went to last night, a benefit for the Joyful Heart Foundation at Cipriani Wall Street in NYC, is a little bit different from the others. I can’t imagine there are many other events where you would see Ice-T and Coco meet wide-eyed teenagers, Debra Messing loudly promising to kiss a stranger, Samantha Ronson teaching a Christie’s auctioneer how to hold a mic, and Hilary Swank dancing in her seat as Harry Connick Jr. improvised lyrics in praise of Mariska Hargitay. (I mean, it’s no Channing Tatum grinding with Elton John, but still.) And in-between it all we are moved to tears by stories of women surviving rape and abuse, and others fighting for a future where “Special Victims Unit” sounds like a quaint relic of the past on par with typewriters and scullery maids.

Variations of this scene have been going down for years, since Law & Order: SVU star Hargitay decided to make it her mission to heal the kind of victims she’d been helping onscreen as Det. Olivia Benson. And I can tell you from experience (and full disclosure, one of my BFFs works for Joyful Heart) that this isn’t some token cause for the actress. She throws herself into it, and brings her very famous friends along with her.
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Double-Trouble Lindsay: Axed From Film, Throws Drink At Ex


“The Other Side” stars Woody Harrelson, Giovanni Ribisi, Dave Matthews and Alanis Morissette — and it almost starred Lindsay Lohan as a grad student working on a deserted island. But as TMZ reported Friday, Lindsay was dumped from the roster because she’s not “bankable” enough. Writer/director David Michaels said, “Our team simply chose to move on from Lindsay and we’ll soon be announcing a replacement.

Considering Lindsay’s a suspect in the theft of a Rolex and allegedly has some hardcore financial problems, Lindsay should seriously be re-examining her priorities, right? Wrong. Because hurling a drink at your ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson is such a step in the right direction.

“Just got a glass thrown at my head. … Hmmm – wonder who did it?” Ronson posted on her Twitter page this weekend during one of her gigs at Trousdale in L.A.

A partying witness confirms, “It was ridiculous. Sam was sitting at a table, and Lindsay came up from behind and tossed an entire drink at her. Sam looked livid but just let it go. Why people even let Lindsay inside their establishments anymore is beyond me.” Well, Lindsay was seen downing drinks at the Chateau Marmont earlier that evening. Perhaps she was drowning her sorrows at the lost opportunity to actually act in a film? [Photo: Getty Images]


Lindsay Lohan’s Assistant: “I Am Trying To Save Her Life”


Father of the Year Michael Lohan released more recorded phone conversations today in his attempt to get his daughter Lindsay Lohan into rehab. This one is between Michael and Lindsay’s assistant Jenni Muro, who expresses concern at Lindsay’s fragile state and “addiction” to Samantha Ronson. “I am trying to save your daughter’s life every day,” Jenni says, before expressing that Lindsay’s priority is “Samantha and Samantha only.” “She is another mess. She is no better than she was two years ago, and she knows that,” Jenni says. Listen to the tape here!


Lindsay Lohan Jealous Of Nicole Richie?


It’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan is a very jealous girlfriend, but one person that really gets her fired up over on-again/off-again girlfriend Samantha Ronson is  Nicole Richie. Samantha and Nicole, along with Nicole’s boyfriend Joel Madden, went out for a night on the town Friday night, partying it up at Hollywood hotspot Playhouse.  “When Lindsay found out that Sam was out with Nicole, she was not happy!”a source reveals.

Why is Lilo so jealous of the mother of Harlow and Sparrow? “Nicole has made it very clear to Lindsay and to their mutual friends that she wants a better life for her. Nicole hopes Lindsay will get it together and change her behavior, but until she makes a change, Nicole avoids her. Lindsay takes her hanging out with Nicole personally and as an attack on their on/off relationship.” [Photo: Getty Images]

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Samantha Ronson Goes To 90210


Samantha Ronson is coming to America’s most famous zip code. While not fighting with on-again, off-again girlfriend Lindsay Lohan, Samantha actually had time to tape an episode of the CW’s 90210. Samantha plays herself, and her scenes take place in a club where Pharrell and his group N.E.R.D. also perform. She also reportedly advises the character Navid on matters of the heart. With Sam and Lilo’s constant fighting, perhaps it’s Sam who could use some advice herself! Look out for Samantha’s episode November 3rd! [Source: PITNB; Photo: Getty Images]


Lindsay Lohan: America’s Next Top Mogul?

We thought Lindsay Lohan was doing little more than shopping and chasing around her sometimes girlfriend Samantha Ronson, but apparently she’s been making a serious play in the television and movie space by creating Unforgettable Prods, a new production company. Along with Kristi Kaylor, who also runs her fashion line, Lindsay has been busy developing TV shows, including Faux Real (an Entourage for the fashion world) and That’s What Friends Are For (a reality TV dating game show). Yep, this is definitely why Lindsay has been meeting with Ryan Seacrest. Do we have a new super mogul on the horizon? Move over, Simon Cowell. Or not. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Lindsay Lohan Wears A Bikini, Looks Happy

A lot has been said about Lindsay Lohan‘s imminent and most likely total demise since her split with girlfriend Samantha Ronson. But looking at these pictures of the starlet frolicking around in a tidepool in Maui, we’re not so sure we can write off her off just yet. Sure, her rib cage is protruding in some of the shots. But who doesn’t lose some weight when facing a nasty breakup and career rut?

Lindsay’s doing exactly what any career coach or psychologist would order — take a deep breath, step away from it all, regain your balance and composure, then think about making a personal and professional comeback. We hope Lindsay stays in Hawaii or some other far-away place for a good while. In the meantime, it’s encouraging to see Lindsay’s smile. It looks genuine, right?  [Photo: Splash News Online]

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Samantha Ronson Makeover: Fab Or Fail?

Samantha Ronson morphed from cutesy spawn of British socialites to hard-rocking celebrity DJ who used skinny Lindsay Lohan as a piece of arm candy. Coming from an artistically talented and wealthy family, it was only natural that Samantha would be interested in music. But who knew she would go from pop princess to punk? Before ruling the club scene with her punk-chic aesthetic, Samantha released some sugary rock tracks. In the video for her single “Pull My Hair Out,” she bebops to fluffy lines while dancing with human-sized lollipops and a cat wearing a tiara. Having traded in her pink T-shirts for ripped jeans and long hair for short, the all-new Sam is an international club DJ who rocks a tough celesbian look. She’s often spotted hunkered over with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth and sometimes shouts expletives at the paparazzi while giving them the middle finger. Fab or fail?

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Sam ‘Begs’ Lindsay To Get Help

As Lindsay Lohan continues her meltdown in the wake of her split with Samantha Ronson, the DJ has reached out to her to get help. People reports that the pair are still speaking because of Sam’s concern for Lindsay’s erratic behavior, and that she has “begged her to get help.”

“Lindsay barely sleeps, which explains a lot of her behavior. She’s exhausted. She can’t even sit down for a minute without pacing around the room. It’s really sad,” says a friend. While we applaud Sam trying to do the decent thing and not bail out on Lindsay, we’ve got a feeling that she’s not going to be able to fix Problem Lohan. [Photos: , Splash News Online]


Sam Ronson And Benji Madden Share Their Pain


Benji Madden and Sam Ronson took a coffee trip in L.A., but what were they talking about? Scandalist takes a guess …

Sam Ronson: “Benji, man, I need your advice. Women!”

Benji Madden: “I hear you. It’s tough.”

SR: “I mean, I thought Lindsay had changed. But that spray-tan line did it for me. I just couldn’t feel the same after that.”

BM: “Man, I know. When Paris found a BFF in the US, that was cool. But then she went to Britain to do it, too! It just really took away the magic.”

SR: “But what can I do now? She’s crying to the tabloids and I look cold.”

BM: “Nah, dude, just ride it out. She’ll ruin it for herself soon enough.”

SR: “You’re so wise, Benji.”

BM: “Thanks. I am 30 now. Hey, is this cap on at the right angle?” [Photo: Splash News Online]