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Boyfriends, Beware: Cara Delevingne Is Coming for Your Girl

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Aside from being known as the big eye-browed beauty of Victoria’s Secret Angels crew, international supermodel Cara Delevingne is universally loved for her goofy charm. Always taking weird selfies, pulling funny faces, and never taking herself too seriously, Cara is the girl we all want to be BFFs with. Which is probably why it’s so easy for her to steal so many high-profile celebrity girlfriends for herself. Read more…


The 25 Hottest Twitpics And Instagrams Of July 2014

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July is all about trying to cool off in the sizzling summer heat and posing to take the perfect bikini pic. But there are rules to getting the perfect summer gram. You have to master the angles, the right amount of sunlight, the outfit and so much more. No one said it’d be easy but Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez sure make it look that way.

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