She’s OK, But…Kristin Chenoweth Inducted Into Long List of Celebs Injured On Stage or On Set

Shwew! Kristin Chenoweth is alright everybody! After a pretty nasty lighting equipment accident she was rushed to the hospital but she was released this afternoon. Prior to her release, she was seen rocking a blue hospital gown and a neck brace which we’re sure she made look absolutely beautiful!

Kristin isn’t the only celeb to have gotten some serious bumps and bruises on set. Here’s a list of a bunch of other celebrities who know how K.Chenoweth feels (and hopefully this makes her feel a little bit better!):

When Angelina Jolie was performing a stunt for her movie, Salt, she bumped her head pretty bad and started to bleed. She was rushed to the hospital but, don’t fret, Angelina was totally fine.

Robert Pattinson was on the set of New Moon when a massive gust of wind knocked over a metal sign and banged him in the back of the head. He was disoriented afterwards and took the rest of the day off. He came back to the set the next day but sporting quite the shiner!

Shania Twain took a tumble at the 2011 CMT Awards. Not only did she  immediately laugh it off, only hours later she posted a video of it!

Jon Bon Jovi tore his calf muscle near the end of a concert of his in New Jersey. He finished the concert with a performance of “Livin’ on a Prayer” and was then seen limping off stage.

In November 2009, Justin Bieber took a fall on stage at London’s Wembley Arena and was quickly rushed to the hospital – but he had to finish his set, of course!  Later on Twitter he said that he felt his “ankle roll in a very bad way.” Ouch, Biebs!

Drake tore his ACL, LCL, and MCL during the America’s Most Wanted Tour in 2009, after injuring his knee not once but twice!

The list could go on but this is really just bumming us out. To all of the celebs out there, please be careful, you’ve really scared us. And to Kristen, from all of us here at VH1, we wish you the best with your recovery!


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Shania Twain Falls At The CMT Awards

Last night’s CMT Awards were a pretty loose, easygoing affair, a good thing considering how often non-country stars like Justin Bieber, Ludcaris and Sheryl Crow (who accidentally flashed her panties while singing with host Kid Rock) appeared on stage. Despite the interlopers, pop-country titans were able to maintain their authority, either by winning big awards (like Taylor Swift and the recently married Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton did) or by falling on their ass while walking to the camera, like Shania Twain did in the above clip.

Not only did Shania immediately laugh off the tumble, she posted a video about it only hours later! Check it out after the jump, and check out the pop-country fashion on hand in the gallery below.

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Shania Twain Receives Her Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Shania Twain received her Hollywood Walk of Fame star yesterday and it was about time! We’re happy for her because she’s been through a pretty rough patch with her divorce from Robert “Mutt” Lange, who was having an affair with her now-ex best friend! Thankfully that period is over and now, Shania has her star, a memoir, a documentary and a hot French husband Frederic Thiébaud, who just happened to be the husband of the cheating’ ex-BFF! Things have definitely looked up since then!

Shania looked absolutely lovely while telling the assembled gathering, “I mean, why is a girl from Timmins, Ontario, standing here, getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? I really don’t know…it’s a small miracle, to be honest, that I am here today.” And we don’t know why she was around for all of this, but it’s pretty cool that Bo Derek showed up as well. Looking good, ladies!

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Shania Twain Has Panic Attack While Confronting Husband’s Mistress

You’re still the one…who had an emotional breakdown after accosting her man’s mistress. Prior to Shania Twain’s divorce, the singer reveals that she confronted her best friend Marie-Anne Thiébaud about rumors that she sleeping with Twain’s then-husband Mutt Lange. “I had a total panic attack,” Twain now tells People. “I just told her that she was a bad person – that’s all I could get out! When I left her, I thought [to myself], ‘You’re such a wimp, you coward!’ That was my big moment, and I blew it!” We completely understand Twain’s regret. On the other had, if she’d handled it the way we would have handled it, all the other customers at Applebee’s would have had their dinners ruined. So it’s really a coin-toss.

Of course the singer got the last laugh; Shania Twain’s new husband Frederic Thiébaud is her friend’s ex-husband. Man! She feels like a winner. Of course now that Shania Twain’s memoir and OWN’s Shania Twain documentary Why Not? are out, her ex-friend is going to wish Shania threw a brick through her windshield instead.

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The Mounties Rock The Juno Awards In Canada

Oh, Canada. We love you so much. We love you for all the HGTV shows you’ve exported to us, and for your delicious poutine, and for Alex Trebek. We also love that your Royal Mounted Police officers show up to award shows like this weekend’s Juno Awards to pose with all the biggest names in Canadian music. Seriously, every Canadian musician you’ve ever heard of was there, and they were too nice not to pose with the Mounties. Drake? Yup. Neil Young? You bet. Shania Twain and Sarah MacLachlan? Dur.

Check out the entire list of musicians who posed on the Canadian Carpet with the Mounties, we dare you to name one musician from the Great White North who wasn’t there. (God, now we need to go to Epcot just to watch the Canada movie in Circle-Vision 360 to get this out of our system.)

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American Idol: Talk Dirty To Me

What were the odds that Shania Twain night would provide some of the best performances of the season on American Idol, and one of the least thrilling Crystal Bowersox performances? That’s not to say the Crystal was bad, just that everyone else was finally up to her level, so we’re actually a little worried for her this week.

Considering we’re really only familiar with the “Man, I Feel Like A Woman”/”That Don’t Impress Me Much” portion of the Shania songbook, we didn’t really she actually has written some tolerable songs as well, which Big Mike, Casey James and Aaron Kelly all nailed. Lee DeWyze turned in a really nice performance of “Still the One” too, it was just the girls’ performances that left us colder than the rest; Crystal went too country with “No One Needs To Know” and Siobhan Magnus was a punk-country-high-note hybrid for “Any Man Of Mine”.

It’s getting down to the portion of the show where we’re really going to be sad to see these final contestants get kicked off. However, we can’t be too sentimental about the episode – there was a lot of dirty talk going on. Sorry to work blue here, but we found enough sexytime talk to compile into a montage. Who says this show is only about the singing?


Flashback Lunch: Grammy Awards Fashion…From Ten Years Ago

Oh, 1999. Napster would launch in June, gradually putting an end to those halycon days of albums selling tens of millions of copies, but no one could have guessed that during the 41st Annual Grammy Awards in Februrary. All the big stars were there: Missy, Madonna, J. Lo, J. Lo. Hew., Shania, Erykah and even Natalie. What…don’t you remember Natalie Imbruglia? What about Lauryn Hill? She was the big winner that night for The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, and she still hasn’t released a studio follow-up to the album. Maybe next year!

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Shania Twain’s Love Quadrangle

Normally one of the most private stars around, Shania Twain caused a bit of commotion yesterday at JFK Airport when she hopped off a plane from Switzerland with a hunky companion. The twist? Her new tall, dark and handsome is apparently the husband of the woman who split her marriage apart. Follow that?

Back in May, the country mega-star separated from her husband of 14 years, Robert “Mutt” Lange, who described their falling out as “just a growing apart, that’s all.” But word later leaked that the private pair apparently called it quits over Mutt’s wandering eye, which allegedly landed on none other than the couple’s trusted secretary and manager of their Swiss mansion, Marie-Anne Thiébaud, who later denied the affair.

Her husband, businessman Frederic Thiébaud, has been identified as Shania’s traveling companion. Graeme Massie of Splash News was at JFK when the pair emerged together off a flight from Geneva. “They were walking side by side,” he told Scandalist. “But as soon as they saw photographers they looked at each other and laughed, and he dropped back.”

He also revealed that Shania and Frederic “stood apart” while waiting for their limo, then “looked relaxed” once inside the ride. Could it be because Shania’s finally gettin’ some love from a pure-breed stud and not a Mutt?

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