by (@JordanRuntagh)

Shaq Imitates Beyonce, And Yes – It’s Weird

Do you like Beyonce’s songs, but find yourself unable to fully enjoy them unless they’re being performed by a seven-foot-one power center with a ridiculous free throw percentage? Then today is your lucky day, my crazy friends with weird musical fetishes!

Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neil channeled his alter-ego “Shaqueeta” while driving around the streets of Boston and rocked hard -and we mean HARD- to Beyonce’s “Sweet Dreams.” The Celtics center lip-synced, fist-pumped, shook his bobbed wig and felt up his purple miniskirt clad body while a mysterious friend filmed the escapade.

Is this some kind of elaborate Celtics team hazing ritual? Is it Halloween related? Or is Shaq just letting his inner-diva loose for a night on the town? Tell us what you think – Jay-Z was unavailable for comment.