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Hot In Here: How Stars Escaped The Polar Vortex

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If you live in the USA, you now know what a polar vortex feels like. Congratulations. For those of you who might not have experienced the freezing temperatures and blizzards, there’s no other way to describe it other than “very sucky.” Unfortunately for most, we’re kind of stuck with it, lacking the requisite bank balance and time off work to escape to warmer climates. Not true for celebrities, though. Those cashed-up beauties are jet setting all over the place to avoid the cold and flaunting it on their social media accounts, leaving the rest of us soothingly jealous.

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WTF Were They Thinking? The 12 Worst Dressed Stars At The Met Gala

Here they are — our picks for the absolute ugliest, WTF-iest and just way off outfits at tonight’s Costume Institute Gala. The annual event — held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and hosted by Vogue and Anna Wintour — is arguably one of fashion’s biggest nights, and it always amazes us that so many people get it SO.WRONG. Kirsten Dunst! Riri! These are the gals we look to for inspiration, but their outfits, hair and shoes just blahhhh-ed tonight. Christina Hendricks normally wins every time she walks the carpet, but this outfit looks like something she dug out of a dumpster and smeared on her body. Naomi Campbell should throw her rhinestone-covered Blackberry at herself for this abysmal showing (Do we spy a scrunchie?!), Ashley Olsen‘s arms are sleeved in 100% fail and Freida Pinto is going to have to nail it on every red carpet for the rest of the year to make us forgive and forget this hipster douche tie monstrosity.

Check out our top 12 picks below.

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MTV Europe Music Awards: Photo Highlights

The 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards snoozed up Liverpool tonight, but left behind plenty of photos worth ogling. Scandalist blogger Becky Howard, who watched the show from London, was stunned that host Katy Perry managed to change outfits six times in one night. The singer dressed up like a carnival ride, a football player, a Barack Obama stumper, and even some kind of hermaphrodite.

In other news: Singers Duffy and Estelle looked super hot during the show; celebrity blogger Perez Hilton looked super ridiculous. (Hey, doesn’t he always?) And Beyonce‘s outfit was a bit hard for us to interpret — but we think she was wearing body armor!

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After the jump, Becky Howard comments on all of 2008′s winners.

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