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Who Should Buy Retweets, Follows And Shout Outs From Soulja Boy Next? How About Everyone?

Soulja Boy, tell ‘em about the fantastic sale going on at Dress Barn! If you’re a person, place or thing that has $10 to spare, we’re excited to inform you that the “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper will hype you on on his music group’s Twitter account. Bossip alerted us to the fact that Soulja Boy’s website is selling everything from retweets and shout-outs for under $5 to a beat or verse for $10,000. You can buy it all right now on PayPal! How much to have Soulja Boy namecheck you in his next leaked dick pic? Too soon?

Considering his personal Twitter profile brags that he “just signed an 8 Million Dollar Endorsement Deal,” we don’t know exactly why Soulja Boy is giving out his Twitter love at such reasonable prices. That being said, there are plenty of people and places we think could use the Soulja Boy boost. Feel free to take our suggestions if you’ve got the $2.99, ya’ll!

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Soulja Boy, Tell ‘Em You’re Sorry About Accidentally Tumbling That Dick Pic

Soulja Boy Posted Penis Photo On Tumblr

Breaking news! There’s been a huge development! What? No, not about the election. There’s an election today? Who has time to worry about the course of American history when Soulja Boy is out there, posting extremely NSFW naked photos to his Tumblr? Perez Hilton snagged the graphic pic this morning before the rapper deleted it and honestly…you do not see a nude pic from that angle every day. That’s all we’ll say about it. We’re not sure exactly how the “Crank That” singer blogged the photo without realizing where he was sending it, but we guess that’s the danger of keeping nude pics on your phone. Click the wrong photo and your dad is getting a lot more than a snapshot of your new gas grill in his Inbox. Just in time to make Thanksgiving super awkward for everyone, Soulja Boy!

That being said, Soulja Boy is a famous person under the age of 40. This was bound to happen at some point. Just like fellow accidental flasher actress Alison Pill, Soulja Boy quickly apologized for putting his wiener in your face, tumbling “I apologize to ever seen that, accident.” Because what else can you really say at that point? Besides “You’re welcome, everyone”? Now get back to the election! It should be 98% politics, 2% celebrities’ penis pics today!

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What The Hell Is Soulja Boy Doing Around All That Weed?

Souja Boy. Surrounded by mountains of pot. Holding up massive bags of pot. Looking very gleeful around all that pot. The magnitude of our WTF is pretty high. A retweet by Snoop Dogg yesterday brought the photograph (see above) to our attention. It read, “#puffpuffpasstuesdays souljaboy smoke us out already” which is perfectly apt because … will you just look at the picture? Fortunately, no cops need to go charging to scene because TMZ explained the situation.  A spokesperson from Soulja’s team was quick to clear up all the smoke (couldn’t resist, sorry) revealing that the artist was at a marijuana dispensary in California earlier this month. The rep made sure to repeat that he didn’t buy any of the weed. It’s owned by one of Soulja’s buddies who invited him to have a look and the rapper just had to take a photograph. He clearly has Snoop’s blessings!

On another unrelated note, we happened to read a comment by a viewer on the story’s page and it needs to win an award. The very sartorially inclined reader wrote, “He must be high to wear a jacket like that.”

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