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Come With Us Behind The Scenes On A Very Special Visit To The Set Of Anderson Live

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On Monday, VH1 staff writer Bobby Finger was invited to attend a taping of CNN’s Anderson Live. This is his story.

After walking through backstage hallways filled with scurrying PA’s, 1/3rd of TLC, and large framed photos of Anderson Cooper interacting with celebrities like Dame Judi Dench and Dame Debra Messing, I had the pleasure of attending the January 14th episode of Anderson Live. The audience seemed to consist primarily of tourists and Chris Colfer – though, in many cases, those two categories overlapped. I, on the other hand, was most excited about seeing how guest host T–Boz and Anderson would interact. They didn’t disappoint me.

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TLC’s T-Boz Files For Bankruptcy Again

Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins of TLC has filed for bankruptcy for the second time this year after being unable to pay her mortgages on her $1.2 million home in Georgia. This isn’t the first or the second time she’s had money woes. TLC filed for bankruptcy back in the mid ’90s. The singer also filed for bankruptcy on February 25 of this year, and the case was closed in September after she “made distribution of all funds paid into the hands of the Trustee.”

T-Boz also states that she is unable to pay her medical bills or car payments. Documents filed last month at the U.S. Bankruptcy Court reveal a very grim situation as she owes people $768,642.99, whereas she’s only worth $1,716,508. Strangely enough, T-Boz is also owed  $250,000 in child support payments. The fact that she hasn’t collected the money is a mystery.

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T-Boz Talks About Her Triumph Over Brain Tumor, Other Health Scares

As if the death of former Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh wasn’t a big enough blow to our ’90s hearts, today we learned that TLC‘s T-Boz has been struggling with a brain tumor. But thankfully, this story does have a happy ending. Although being very open about her decade-long struggle with sickle-cell anemia, the R&B singer appeared on CNN over the weekend to talk for the first time about her neurological health scare. “I started having headaches. They were so frequent; something was wrong,” she told Dr. Sanjay Gupta. And then she got one of the scariest phone calls a person can get. “My doctor called but his voice sounded funny. And I said, ‘You’re going to say something like I have a brain tumor or something right?’ And he got quiet.”

Luckily the tumor proved to be operable, she is now cancer free. The surgery did leave T-Boz suffering from poor balance, but she’s currently in therapy and working on a new music video. Hopefully she’ll be getting back to those fly hip-hop moves soon! She also talked about her triumph over sickle cell anemia, which doctor’s said would end her life before 30. “Doctors, they didn’t give me a happy ending,” says the 39-year old. “‘You won’t live past 30, you’ll be disabled your whole life. You’ll never have kids.’ I was looking around the room like, ‘I don’t know who he’s talking to ’cause that’s not my story.” Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re gonna listen to “Creep” on repeat for the rest of the day. We suggest you do the same.

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2009 Celebrity Apprentice Cast Announced

Donald Trump has corralled another batch of retired athletes, aging singers, aging comedians, hotties and Sandra Bullock‘s husband to take his abuse on the new season of Celebrity Apprentice, starting in March. Check out the gallery to see which stars want to roll with Donnie T this year.

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