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Ex-Pussycat Doll Melody Thornton’s Dress Is Sheer Lunacy

We’ll be totally honest: We really didn’t remember who Melody Thornton was, or that she’d been in the Pussycat Dolls. But now we’ll never forget her, after she stepped out to the Elle Women in Music gala in a barely there sheer dress! Oh yeah, she also ditched the underwear. Well-played, Melody. Well-played indeed. The singer posted a pic of the racy outfit to her Twitter before the big event. She’s definitely not shy! Get a closer look in the gallery below!

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Rock And Roll Hasn’t Died With Nicole Scherzinger…


…It’s just taking a very long nap. In the latest issue of UK Cosmo, the erstwhile Pussycat Dolls front woman Nicole Scherzinger admirably ‘fesses up about the “lot of effort” it takes to maintain her fierce shape (and we like her honesty rather than pretend oh-I-just-run-around-after-my-kids-and-have-a-fast-metabolism shtick that often gets spouted). But poor Nicole, with her unrelenting exercise and healthy lifestyle regime, her idea of vices are pretty lame.

“My weakness is my sweet tooth – I love Haribo sweets. I’ll have an occasional glass of red wine if I eat out, or a glass of rosé with friends. And a vodka, lime and soda is refreshing on a hot day. But my favourite drink in the world is water. Honestly! I swear by it. And if I want to go really crazy, I’ll add a Berocca tablet for a hit of vitamin C!” Yep, that’s a Berocca tablet to let your hair down. Sigh. With this crazy lifestyle. t’s a wonder she and Keith Richard haven’t palled up yet! [Photo: Getty Images]


Report: Pussycat Dolls Split Up


Really? And we thought they were all getting along so well! The UK’s Mirror newspaper is claiming the five piece have called it a day because of….you guessed it…jealousy over Nicole Scherzinger‘s role as the focus of the group. Seems that all those countless reports that the girls wanted to kill her were feeling less than pleased about Nicole being talked about more than the rest of them were on the money, and that they have actually split.

“The girls and I have just finished our huge world tour and are taking a break from the band and doing our own thing. We’re all concentrating on our own projects and deciding what the future will hold,” Kimberly Wyatt said. Um, can’t wait! Hopefully not yet more dissing of Nicole, although we’re not holding our breath. [Photo: WireImage]


Pussycat Doll Still Dating Leo, According To Pussycat Doll

Pussycat Dolls

Our favorite Pussycat Doll, the limelight-loving Kimberly Wyatt, is up to her old tricks again. Always going after the maximum attention – especially since many of the group have complained about Nicole Scherzinger grabbing all the headlines – we applaud her blatant publicity attempts. In London, Kim attended the launch of the MOBO awards, and wore her third outfit of the day to do so – a hideously tacky dress made of metallic strips. Gloriously horrible.

Kimberly also ensured she got a mention by referring to the recent reports that Leonardo Dicaprio hooked up with her bandmate Ashley Roberts - and inferred it was still going on. “I’m so pleased for Ashley,” Kim said to The London Paper. “Leo is the most talented actor in the whole world.” Bingo! We bet Leo’s pleased that his GF’s bandmate has such loose lips. She’s a clever girl. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Pussycat Kim Loves The Paparazzi

It’s so refreshing to see a celebrity who actually enjoys the attention given them by the paps. In these days of Leonardo Dicaprio grumpily refusing to acknowledge his fame (and hey – we’re not supporting the Sienna Miller stalkerazzi, just having the standard snap taken of you when you leave high-profile venues), it’s a funny reminder that you know, most of these people WANT to be famous.

So it’s for this reason we’re really growing to love Kimberley Wyatt. Even though a few weeks ago we only knew her as “that blonde one out of the Pussycat Dolls, no, not Nicole Scherzinger and not the other blonde one,” she has taken to the snappers like a duck to water. Or a fameseeker  to flashbulbs. Check out a selection of her posing up a storm over the last few days outside her London hotel. She even happily autographed a crazy keen fan who then gets her autographs tattooed on, and posed with her for the snappers, too. That’s our girl!

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Leo Snuggles With A Pussycat


Publicity-shy Leonardo Dicaprio has been keeping busy while trawling the London party scene and has now apparently hooked up with Ashley Roberts of the Pussycat Dolls. The movie star who shies away every time he sees a camera — but somehow can’t resist popping down to the most celebrity-packed venues around — attended the celebrity-packed Cartier International Polo over the weekend where he got cozy with Ashley. The two then headed down to, yes, the celebrity-packed Whisky Mist in London.

“They were getting on like a house on fire, drinking bottles of champagne and expensive tequila. They were so close at one point she was almost on his knee,” says The Sun.

Expect the shy and retiring Leo to hook up with his new lovely in similarly under-the-radar spots. We can recommend The Ivy, The Groucho Club and Mahiki! [Photo: WireImage]


More Pussycat Dolls Hating On Nicole

We’re pretty weirded out by the Pussycat Dolls these days. Being in the band itself seems a very unhappy place to be, like a crappy office job where everyone’s miserable and hates the boss but is too scared to leave. And we’re starting to feel a bit sorry for singer Nicole Scherzinger, as one by one her fellow Dolls line up to complain about how she’s the focus — and they’re not happy about it. This week, it’s the turn of Kimberley Wyatt.

“It’s true, there has always been a lot of focus on Nicole which has been hard to deal with sometimes … Every video and stage performance that we’ve done, Nicole has been our leader. I wasn’t in videos like I wanted and wasn’t seen in the way I was hoping, which has been the same for all the other girls too,” she says.

Kim even goes on to liken the band to a dish in a restaurant. At least, we think that’s what she’s saying: “I don’t really make any of the decisions, I’m in the group and can voice my opinions to a degree but at the end of the day it is a business and there are a lot of chefs in the kitchen that run the Pussycat Dolls.” Oooh. Sounds “fun.” Remind us not to become international pop stars anytime soon.


Pussycats’ Nicole Scherzinger Disses Britney Spears


The Pussycat Dolls are so the queens of the passive-agressive zingers. The simmering on-stage feud between singers Nicole Scherzinger and Melody Thornton has been noted for a while , and now Nicole has indirectly dissed Britney Spears. The Dolls supported Britney on her U.S. Circus tour, but unlike Brit-Brit, Nicole would like, never even think of lip-syncing, ever.

“I never have and I never will. I grew up singing and this is what I do. I would be a horrible lip-syncher. I would only ever sing live — that’s why people come and see the show. It’s not the easiest thing in the world to sing and dance at the same time, which is why I’m grateful to be able to do both,” she said.

Do we need to translate that for you? Thought not. [Photo: Splash News Online]


Pussycats Never Met Britney


You might be supporting Britney Spears on the biggest tour going, but don’t expect you’re going to meet her, y’all. Bizarrely, the Pussycat Dolls — despite opening for Brit Brit on loads of dates across the US — never crossed paths with Britney at all.

“We have busy schedules and she does too. We go on stage at different times in different cities at different times so it’s understandable,” says eternal diplomat Nicole Scherzinger. Shame. We entertained improbable ideas of all the girls sharing Mickey D’s and sleepover movies backstage. Never mind. [Photo: WireImage]


The Pussycat Dolls Bring Their Bikinis To Hawaii

nicole scherzinger

The Pussycat Dolls may be going through a lot of drama right now, but that doesn’t mean they can’t put their issues aside and play in the Hawaii surf together. The girls put on their bikinis and hit the beach before ending their tour in Honolulu Saturday night.

But ill their first ever show in Hawaii be their last show together? “Nicole [Scherzinger]’s always had extra things going on as opposed to the rest of us, but we have aspirations as well,” Doll Melody Thornton said last week. “It’s definitely a huge misconception that we are just chilling and happy to just be members of the group.” Better enjoy these candids while you can, fans!

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