Glastonbury Stars Party, Pay Tribute To Jacko

Amid all the mourning and controversy surrounding Michael Jackson‘s untimely death, the Glastonbury festival rocked on, celebrating his life with a series of impromptu tributes. The annual music and mayhem four days — which featured headline acts from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, The Ting Tings and the Black Eyed Peas among hundreds of others — also attracted the usual celebrity suspects. Freebie-loving Peaches Geldof sported her latest look (stolen from Madonna around 1985) and Lily Allen still hasn’t taken off that peroxide wig (and it’s starting to look a little ragged now). Thank heavens for Lady Gaga and her reliably insane on-stage outfit and blistering set. In these sad times, who’d have thunk that the Haus of Gaga would provide us with a source of comfort? [Photos: , Getty Images Entertainment]

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The Brit Awards: Live Blog!

England’s “Grammys” is a huge deal in UK music — and our UK contributor, Becky Howard, is teaming up with PopSugarUK to live blog the show, which features performances by Kings of Leon, Take That, Coldplay, U2, Duffy, Girls Aloud, Adele, Leona Lewis, The Ting Tings and others. Plus, Lady Gaga will be closing the show with a duet with the Pet Shop Boys. Participate in our live blog now and check out PopSugarUK’s Brit Awards coverage.


EMAs: Jared Leto Is Not The New David Letterman

We’re now starting to feel pretty sorry for Jared Leto. While Katy Perry gets to wear lots of mental outfits (like a merry-go-round dress and a giant apple) and stand up on the main stage introducing acts, he’s lumbered with the more tricky job of actually trying to fill air time with scintillating conversation.

Hot on the heels of his thrilling “Are you from Louisiana?” conversation with Kid Rock, Jared has now just presented a cringingly bad segment where he interviewed the Ting Tings mixing a drink. “You wouldn’t happen to be a witch would you? A good witch, like the Wizard of Oz?” he asked singer Katie White, who looked pretty non-plussed. At which point Grace Jones suddenly turns up in a silver bowler hat and terrifies the crap out of Mr Leto, purring: “You’re not sweating at all, you look very sexy.”

He then did a sit down with British band Take That — who Jared had clearly never heard of before –– and asked them how many tons of potatoes got eaten backstage. We bet he wishes My So-Called Life never got cancelled now.

After the jump, check out who’s winning what. — By Becky Howard (in London)

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